03 February 2010

KJE's Chocolate SHINee and f(x)

cred: sbsmusic

Onew and Luna – Beauty and the Beast

I didn’t realize I already had this song in my ultrastar hahahaha awin, jom karaoke! I love this song~ thanks to onew and luna XD I love how onew keep on =DDDD ahh so jealous but it was a beautiful duet. Luna has strong voice. And i just love onew’s haha wait a minute, onew is not a beast lol BEAST should sing this song ahahah wtheck

Amber and key plus shine and f(x) - Where is the love

Im so proud of key :’) Key rapping in English! He is sooo good O_O haha of course amber is good =D I love this, azra don’t be an anti XD

I miss other sm interaction... suju+dbsk =.=


  1. owh..i prasan u de lgu ni..hahaha..ok..anytime~ next week everyday i'm free!! ajk azra gak!

    hahha..beast sing this song??s0 weird and funny of course..hah

    no touchy my key & onewieee


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