10 February 2010

Good Morning Bob! Ep 1 & 2 in Thailand!

Stalking.. ehem Following FTi's Asian Tour..
Here are Good Morning Bob Episodes 1 & 2.

Director: Choi Minhwan
Starring: Song Seunghyun
Set: Thailand Suite (they have my tv!! samsung tv!!)

Episode 1:

Ep 1 review: It is too adorable when someone just points out random things in your place like kitchen, coffee, & toast instead of toaster. At first i was like what the hell are you saying Seunghyun?? Then after a while i figured it was refrigerator..genius. Haha I love it when kpop stars speak engrish it never gets old!

Plus, yes i did squeal like a small fangirl when he shows his ab-less abs haha.
Episode 2 is down below..

Episode 2:


Ep 2 review: On behalf of all the primadonnas in the world, i apologize, I don't know what they're feeding seunghyun.. minhwan is not helping either lol..

Though, this tells you to hold your breaths for the upcoming episode of Star Golden Bell starring MBLAQ & 2AM on March 2nd on kbsWORLD speaking more & more engrish! Sweeet.

Okay yes i lied about the FTI last post thing, don't kill me! These just came out today! xD


  1. im so dizzy~

    haha seunghyun's laugh at hongki's eng, his eng wasnt that good either XDDDD he is such a dork XD join onew! XD

  2. omg seunghyun is such a dork lol.
    i kno wat he was saying at the windows now!
    veranda! haha wat a genius boy he is XD

  3. hhahaa..everybody lah is a dork!

  4. lol i dont have the guts to show Episode 3, then all of u guys will thk he's a freak. lol i got really scared watching ep3 lol


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