11 February 2010

Yes, I Will Marry You Seungho!

Sorry awin, tak reply mesej. Seriously i have no mood uwaaaaaaaaaaaa i failed my jpj test harharhar wtduck harhar (sorry tertiru gaya orang) paling frust sebab nak sampai gila-gila-gila-gila-gila daaaaaaaaaaaaa uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa paboo paboo paboo paboo!!!!!!!!!! =.=

Anyway skip the drama part; this has totally cheers me up! Seungo sings Will You Marry Me – Lee Seunggi. Isnt this awesome, I love Seunggi and I love Seungho more~ ahh, I love this song. Yoboo (Donghae), where are you? Sing this to me now!

Uwaaaaaaaa Seungho, yes i’ll marry you! (I wanna be that kid, she's so adorable~ why did I kept saying adorable since yesterday?) I’ve been so in love with Seungo since I watch the first episode of idol army wayyy last year. It was a BIG mistake that I took joonie and mir instead of him last year XD (this happened with onew-key too =.=) awin kita pilih dorang semata-mata sebab senang nak dikenali, dua2 rambut perang. Now, he’s mine XD I still love mir and joon tho XD yes i’m greedy, awin you can have all BEAST, I take all MBLAQ, deal? hehe

Main reason why I love Seungho, he is a total fail HAHA and he seems hopeless all the time hahahahhaaha I love hopeless guy (wtheck) I started to approve eeteuk since I saw his hopelessness harharhar seriously.

Watch full episode of Idol Army – MBLAQ; ambsubs and mellowgreenleaf

Talk about idol army, this show is the main reason why I started to love 2PM’s boys too. I love this kind of reality show hahahahaha and i’m looking forward to madly in love with Onew again in hello baby, kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!~


  1. fail?? sme cam kwn kte yg sorang lg uh..asl korang fail ni?? cuak plak rse..haihhh..xpe2..leh repeat2!=D

    hahahaa..sdp tol sore seungho!hahaha..

    huh??bia tol??walaupun syg nk mlpeaskan seungho..pasrah je rr..amek la sume mblaq alia..kte amik sume beast! yeah! hahaha

  2. hahaha silly mistake je sanye, boleh pass patot nye uwaaaaaaaaaa geram gle, nak sampai gle222222222222 daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    hahaha seungho is my new lover lol

  3. hehhee..top 5 laa seungho ni?? cngratz2!!hhaha..xde keje~ =p


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