08 February 2010

Karaoke Korean, Japan and Chinese Songs with Ultrastar Now!

Wanna be the next generation?

Tired of people saying you sing out of tune when you thought you are the next American Idol? Well, challenge yourself with ultrastar then. It’s pretty much the same as singstar but you don’t have to break your piggy bank to buy any controller game. All you need is your computer or laptop and a microphone (and your own room, so no one can’t bother you XD) then you can sing your heart out loud. Oh don’t be stingy, the microphone will only cost RM15 or below XD

Here, try this ultrastar deluxe. I think this is the newest version. Or you can also download the original ultrastar. (google sendiri XP)

Free download: Ultrastar Deluxe

*UltraStar is a clone of SingStar, a music video game. UltraStar lets one or several players score points by singing along to a song or music video and match the pitch of the original song well.
-Terima kasih pak cik wiki XD

Lepas ni pergi karaoke mesti tak ada orang complain sakit telinga XD semua orang akan terpegun macam ni O_O

Looking for ultrastar song?

Of course you can search for English song. Just google HAHA or I could give you some of the link, maybe next time XD But if you want Korean, Japanese or Chinese song, visit this forum and site.

Forum : Ultrastar Asian Songs
Site : Ultrastar Asian Songs

Khas untuk peminat korea tegar XD

Dont worry, this is totally free. Oh but you have to sign in first. Don’t have the song you are looking for? Just request! No, they don’t bite XD (serius diorang baik sangat2) Make sure you thank them before you download! Well, that’s how they work anyway (you can’t have the song before you say thank you haha).

Plus plus plus! You can also practice your Korean pronounciation. And japan or Chinese too (which I still fail XD) If you have any question, you can pm me or other admin.

DBSK - Mirotic one of the easiest and fun song to sing XD
(except changmin's scream =.=)

Have fun singing! Oh, share your highest score with us. I never pass 10 000 before =.=

Ps : awin, we never pass 8000 together aite? Haha pergi practice lagu2 dalam file2 tahun lepas uh cepat XD


  1. hahhaa..wow!amek gmba yg perfect je! hahahaa..

    eh2..da rr alia..8000+..lgu pe tah arituh..x igt lohh..ok2!!jom karaoke lg!msg me anytime~

    ey!I want to try downloading ultrastar ni lah..duk umh bosan gk..gahahaa

  2. ahaha.. alia.. mistypo.. foum.. ahahaha..XD dah blur pg ni..
    ngantuk sbnanye..

  3. hahaha awin, susah gle uh nak nyanyi pgg mic sambil tekan fn+prnt sc XD

    download la, practice~

    chibi sgl, lenkali btolkan je la sndiri.

  4. isk, sok aku nk pegi beli mic baru ah kt Mines


  5. hhaaaha..alia power en!xpe2..

    da dwld da bnde ni..nk dwld lgu2 je la..hhaahaa..

  6. haha abe lol sudi gak ko komen kat snh XD

    yeah awin, mari memekak!

  7. i have a question!!
    mister download me some yui! orange range, sug, versailles? sum jrock PLEASE!

  8. i dah pegi website ni. tp untuk download tu lama sgt la sebab sekali dgn mp3 n video semua. satu lagu je dah 2,3 jam download. :(

    u tau tak mana nak download dia punye txt je???
    pleaseeeee help :(

  9. alamak nak beli mic die la.. kalau kat mines.. baper hinggit..
    pastu kat bahagian maner lak ekk..
    cek nak gerak esok luser nie...

  10. huhu.. aku mw numpang nanya doong.. koq yg ultrastar asian song nya ndak bisa yaa? ada alternatif lain tidak?

  11. x dapat broo :'(
    pennuh harapan aku nk dnoad ni haa :(

  12. @anon2- ermm..ultrastar asian song?? yang forum punya saya boleh buka..kamu boleh dowld lagu2 di forum juga..

    @jabir - haa?? ape yg xdpt?? dwld ultrstar ke?? kitorang bleh je..hahaha..

  13. the ultrastar asian page is not working, when will be open again??

  14. 2 girl's generation songs

  15. where can i find malay songs? :) nk jugak nyanyi lagu melayu... universal! hehe~

  16. OK.. I got the game.. now, how can I download song? :/ And also.. is it possible to have it on ps3? (:

  17. thanks sbb share ni.. mmg best la!My highest score is 8700!.. haha..

  18. Try lagu SNSD & SUJU SEOUL song.. highest score 9030 :)

  19. How Come my Ultrastar no any KPOP ? How to solve ? Mind to help me ? Thanks :)

  20. Hi! Mind to give us a link to download english song pack?i,ve been trying to find 1 but to no avail...thanx!


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