02 February 2010

Let's be the master of study together!

I cant believe this, i cant believe this, I CANT BELIEVE THIS! Most of them are younger than me!!! HAHAHAHAHA 3 of them are the 93er babies! Even the 2 main heroes uwaaaaaaaa it feels really weird to be a noona =.= no wonder they look so cute haih

Yoo Seung Ho as Hwang Baek Hyun ( why seungo? haha)
Park Ji Yeon (T-ara) as Na Hyun Jung
Go Ah Sung as Gil Pul Ip
Lee Hyun Woo as Hong Chan Doo
Lee Chan Ho as Oh Bong Goo

Look, its TheAbracadabras noona XD

Did I mention that I love high school drama? Yeah, I love gokusen, gto, and other high school drama XD (uhh do tell me if you have others) and because I love high school drama too much, i end up ditching ysb and watch this instead XD sorry yonghwa, you make me losing my energy that why i cant watch you in one shot lol

Anyway, this story gonna air in kbs around this month. Yippe!~ still, im searching for the eng sub in the internet half crazy XD it’s really challenging cause apparently kbs is tracking down every single videos that has been uploaded =.= after so much hard work, i found the softsubs and the torrent download XD ILOVETORRENT! Cause if my internet disconnected, they’ll still continue the downloading~ not like megaupload or others =.=

Read more for the link =D

Click : eng subs and torrent download or torrent download. Megaupload download.

Or you can wait for mysoju/youtube/dailymotion/koreandrama. If you have patient XD or better yet, watch in television! Don’t follow me, I have no patient :P I still gonna re-wacth in kbs tho XD see how much I love this story?

Anyway, they have cute ost. A lot of idol groups sing the ost for this drama; ft triple, beast, t-max, tiara themselves, 4minute, f(x) and secret. (I still don’t have time to listen to all of em =.=)

Anyway, i leave you with some sneak peak for this drama. (cause i love jaejin, lets hear his voice XD)

FT Triple - Don't You Know (God of Study OST)

Ps: Math is like a game. Why didn’t i think about that before?? =.=
Ps2: I thought 4min’s song was tiara’s HAHAHA
Ps3: I think god or lord of study is too err inappropriate? haha


  1. laaa..ptt rr her0es dia baby face semacam!..cute2!!~
    jiye0n tinggi lak uh! hahaha..

    hehe..eh,thankz for the ost link!!~

  2. haha i was JUST about to set up a link for FT Triple ost song! lol. feb 15th weee.

    i watched Dragon Zakura & i loved it, so i wna see how they do for the korean version!

  3. comel kan dorg, xtaw nak pile mane satu, sorg cute sorg macho sorg lg pun cute hahaha

    jiyeon xde la tggi sgt cm after school haha

    lol kte xpasan un kamo msg nak ost link XD

  4. hahahah i love jaejin more thats why im faster XD aaaaaa

    japanese version? i should watch it after this yeayyy

  5. hehhee...lgu jaejin sdp gk..

    jiyeon tggi la uh..nk sme tggi ngan hyun woo.jiyeon gedik gle dlm cte ni en..ske2!!

    hahaha..nk tgk yg japanese ver nnti!~ yeahh!!


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