20 February 2010

Just Because I love Variety and Talk Show

Doesn't mean they have to come out all at once. I mean, the english subs one... i'm too tired (just got back from mid) so im gonna list some show that I havent watch yet (which im gonna watch tomorrow XD)

Hi bb [SHINee] - ep5 (bila nak keluar kat kbs?)

U-Kiss Vampire - ep 4 (check chibi's post too)

Win Win [2PM] - 100216 (er bila show nih nak keluar kat kbs gak? Azra, check out the schedule XD)

Idol Maknae Rebellion Olympic - FT Island Jonghoon and Seunghyun, ZE:A Joonyoung leader (i think thats him haha) and Dongjun, MBLAQ Mir and G.O, Mighty Mouth (its the same guy in dream team right? haha)

and dont forget to finish you're beautiful XD (note to myself)

sorry my fellow TAb, im temporary out of idea for real post he he he

1 comment:

  1. is your brain too cramped to rmbr the list? XP

    jk, i dont thik hello baby is coming here cuz kbs1tv variety shows are never put on kbsworld.

    win win is kbs2tv so i thk it'll come soon. but still Sweet Night still took FOREVERR


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