02 February 2010

FT Island in Singapore 2010!

Well being a #1 Primadonna, this is way overdue. Since most people think they're on hiatus, i'll catch you up on what these boys are up to, which is their Asia Tour 2010.
F-T-I-S-L-A-N-D! Let's go! Now i HAD to do that one of these days don't I? I'll introduce them properly:

(bottom right) Choi Jonghun - Smexy Leader

(bottom left) Lee Hongki
- Playful & Charming

(top left) Lee Jaejin
- Genius Goat

(top right) Song Seunghyun
- 4-D (means really weird)

(middle) Choi Minhwan
- Chicken Baby

FT Island had dropped by Singapore (flew over malaysia) to conduct a fanmeeting with their precious new pri's on January 29-30. It was their 3rd time over there.

The first video is of their Q&A session! Quite quick, Hongki sings his Very Good Words in which he sang in the drama You're So Beautiful (aka the best crying scene ever). Watch the boys talk bits in hillarious engrish, since Seunghyun is probably the only one who can understand haha.


Minhwan is the cutest thing ever, naming his future daughter after himself Minnie & future son Seunghyun! haha. watch seunghyun tell him what to say in english aha.

There was also no lack of energy from the FT Island-ers themselves, who made sure there was not a moment of lull. Of course FT Island performed their songs & FT Triple did their bit as well.

The extremely playful Hongki donned a clown nose and giant glasses during the handshake session *dork*, and guitarist Song Seung Hyun amused everyone with the “Ring Ding Dong” dance at the request of fans.

Fans can only hope they won’t have to wait too long especially with Hongki’s quip, “We hope to see you guys at our next concert”. *cringe, but since I'm legal now, I am SO flying over to Singapore one day =P*

I'll end with with a TOTALLY adorable clip of our goat Jaejinnie.

Aren't they just precious?
Now aren't you happy I waited to post something good on these boys first?   

Cr: CNA + primanoona


  1. OMG WHY YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME???? jaejinnnnnnnnnn aaaaaahhhhh

    lol lol see how he pout? and smile =DDDD when fans came to him? im soooo wanna meet him! he's son nice =DDDDDDDDDDDD

  2. lol i got too excited i spelled so to son HAHAHAH

    forgot to mention, I LOVE HIS HAIR *drooling~

  3. hahaa..jaejin mmg cute!
    congratz alia! hahhaa..

  4. haha. minhwan is so weird, y nak name anak die seunghyun? haha that would be REALLY adorable though xD

  5. lol oh yeah that's his first debut hair! i missed it soo much. really is the best hair he ever had lol.


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