25 February 2010

Kara VS Tiara, who is sexier?

Well it is not really weird that both Kara and Tiara decided to come back at the same time (I don’t think they did that on purpose) but I think it’s really weird that they coming back with the 90% similar image XD

Anyway, following Azra's post regarding Kara’s 3rd mini album + dl and tiara’s breaking heart album + dl + teaser, oh and Chibi's Kara's Teaser + pics, I’m here to proceed with both group new music videos.

Honestly, both mvs disappoint me a little.Since kpop is so damn slow nowadays, I’m expecting more from both of them haha anyway Kara and Tiara are both my top favourite girl groups (LOVE<3 no harm) As much as I love oh and snsd (im not an anti like...) I hope they beat snsd, I want both of them to win too. Which remind me, did Kara ever win music bank before?

Kara –Lupin 

Tiara - I Go Crazy Because of You

I’ll be back with comments for both mvs.

Anyway, which mv do you like better? Oh and don't forget to catch their come back stage live in music bank tomorrow! wee!~


  1. all i know is that kara nailed lupin on M countdown today, it was awesome.

  2. hye anon, did kara make come back on mnet too today? lol I just watch tiara's perf only. thanks for the info. going to search~

  3. (im not an anti like...) like who??? wat ru tryin to say alia!! xP lol.

    my opinion?
    kara = like the song, hate the mv
    t-ara = hate the song, like the mv lol.

    i dint catch music bank the other day!! T.T evn tho i found out cnblue is #3 yet again. snsd retire already!!!

  4. @azra- do I have to repeat who? XD and how come you love t-ara's mv?? dizzy~~

    haha no one catch mb that day XD i went out with my sis lol


  5. same! i went out wit my sister i think.. ouh no! x aku g dating lohhr hahaha


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