14 February 2010

Happy Lunar New Year!

and Happy Chinese New Year! (1 Malaysia XD)

"saehae bok manhi badeuseyo"
"새해 복 많이 받으세요"
"Please receive many blessings in the new year!"

What do you like the most about celebrating lunar year? 
  • Since i am not Korean and I don't celebrate lunar year, my answer for this is special television programs! YEAH! everyone must has already watched Music Bank Lunar Special? I take it as yes. Awin and I practically screaming and squeaking all the time harhar
  • Another thing I like about Lunar year is hanbok! my eye candy~ (star singing my ear candy lol) yes I love celebrities wearing their own traditional customs *drools* oh awin, it is called HANBOK not HAENGBOK hahahaha
Some of the pictures are not recent pictures XD and I only put one pic for each group.

Which idol group looks the best in hanbok? Lets have a vote XD

*anyone miss jay? XD hahaha Chansung is LOL


Brown Eyed Girls




FT Island
*Told you old pic XD Wonbin and no Seunghyun (is his name correct? lol)

FT Triple
*hahaha because I love Jaejin XD

*I miss those 2 =.=

*just because I love both of kara's pics and I can't choose XD

*where is my baby Seungho? haih

*Onew looks so weird hahaha

*I miss Shinhwa =.=

*hahaha Soyoung very weird

*HAHAHAH Kyujong so weird!!!

Super Junior
*I lost the cuter version uwaaaa

*No Q-ri, dunno why =.=

Wonder Girls

Last but not least

ZE:A (Child of Empire)
*I can only recognize Dojoon XD

well I guess I vote for kara for girl group and zea for boy? hahaha SUPER JUNIOR ftw XD


1 comment:

  1. haha ALL of them look so cute! i want a hanbokkk
    thnx for takin so much time to find all of these! lol


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