05 February 2010

Adorable Jaejinniee!

Now i just came across some serious eye-candy, but with this super kyaa baby goat there was NO WAY i was gonna let this pass unknown. FT Island's MBC DVD Collection recently came out, and all our oppas were interviewed individually. As primanoona is obviously seriously biased over our goat lol, she posted up screencaps of Jaejin's interview.

This is my Jae chibi lol.

These aren't just normal screencaps, these are subbed COMELGLENAKMAMPOS screencaps of jaejin. He's so absolutely humble even after debuting for 3 years, (they debuted b4 snsd) but he still thinks he's not that popular in the band... *okay jaejin is crazy*

I'm surprised this kid knows Victor Wooten, cuz i sure don't. And even though i'm not a big fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers, I'm really happy these FTI boys knows real band music. Jonghun's favorite is MUSE & Wonbin loves John Mayer (please let it be the music & not his badboyness..)


PART 1-4

..haha i couldn't help it, yes you can have him alia

Sexy goat , quote: It's stabbing me.. My hair is stabbing me.."



  1. stay away from my boy XD

    aaaa why dyou have to make me fall in love with him over and over again~


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