30 April 2010

F.Cuz Profile

LeeU's hair!<3

F.Cuz (Korean: 포커즈, pronounced as ‘Focus’), is a South Korean boy band managed by CAN&J’s Entertainment. The group made their debut on 8th January 2010 with their first single, 'Jiggy'. F.Cuz consists of 4 members, Jin On (Leader), Kan, Lee U and Ye Jun.They Cameback on 11th March 2010 with their first album "No One"..Check it out their album HERE.

Still remember 'Jiggy'?? If not, you can play it again and again below..hahaa..Cute~ I still can't forget this song..makes me happy even I don't know what is the meaning of 'Jiggy'..Get get getting Chibi?  hahahaa..especially Yejun sshi in here!! <3


Get get getting Jiggy~

On 21st May 2011, it was abruptly announced by F.CUZ’s agency, Can Entertainment, that member LeeU (Lee Seung Hyun) has been officially withdrawn from the group.

Down below is the official announcement from Can Entertainment.

Hello, this is Can Entertainment.

We’re always thankful for the love and support from fans of F.CUZ, and we sincerely apologize for having to break such bad news to our fans.

The reason why we are posting this is to inform everyone that F.CUZ’s LeeU (Lee Seung Hyun) has been withdrawn from the group. F.CUZ was a unit team that was formed between three members of UNION CAN - Kim Jin Chul (Jinon), Choi Young Hak (Kan), Kim Ye Jun - and a fourth member, Lee Seun Hyun, from Castle J Enterprise.These members went through pain and happiness together as trainees, and finally debuted on February 8th of 2010 under F.CUZ. Not only has F.CUZ been promoting in Korea, but they have travelling back and forth to promote in overseas countries such as Japan and Taiwan. They were always thankful for their fans, and also put in their best of efforts to show a good image.

However, this year, many different opinions were spoken out due to the differences in the direction of the group’s music, compounded with Lee Seung Hyun’s strong hopes into promoting as a solo artist. Consequently, it was decided for the member to be withdrawn from the group.Agency representatives had been searching in the dark for the possibility of promoting as a four-membered unit group; however, a proper scheme was failed to be found. At the end of many careful deliberations, it was decided for Lee Seung Hyun to withdraw from the group. As a way to respect his intentions, our agency representatives decided to announce his official withdrawal.

We would like to give out gratitude and apologies to all the fans who have loved and supported F.CUZ. Please keep supporting the future activities of Lee Seung Hyun and a new F.CUZ.

 Once again, we would like to apologize for having to announce this news, and we will work harder to become a more developed Can Entertainment.

p/s: I was so shocked that F.Cuz'a leader, LeeU has left the group :( He is the lead singer of the group..arghhh.. so sad ;'( I wish him all the best in his solo career soon!!

FT Island Flower Rock PV Released!

Can you believe it?? Just one day, the one day I'm off the computer and Flower Rock comes out! Great timing FTI what happened to May 3rd ey? Anyways I hope you enjoy the 1st PV of FT Island's official debut out of the indie markets in Japan! Flower Rock! I can't wait for the whole album to come out.


This PV is very ironic, has a playful side of it, but that's not what I'm impressed about. Can you comprehend that FT Island can rock! now? Yes! This song totally rocked my sox off! I screamed (as I always do when a new FTI music video comes out) but weirdly I didn't cry! (as I usually do when I see a new FTI music video).

The boys totally changed their sound to a more grungier, more known rock style. And I thought they might of gone soft, pfftt. Jaejin totally rocked the mic! He got me shivering, he finally lived up to Wonbin's (without autotuned) rapping with his natural autotuned voice. These boys make me so proud. Wait up for the full release of their Flower Rock album on May 19th, please be on schedule FTI dunno if I can take anymore suprises! lol.

28 April 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Ya!! Aku guna Broadband! atau dalam BM dia Jalur Lebar! hahaa..Aku selalu juga pergi jalan-jalan road trip sana sini..yang paling disayangi ialah Maxis broadband aku <3 Ke mana-mana pergi mesti bawa laptop..laptop keluarga ok..mana ada laptop sendiri..tak mampu..adehh :(
Kalau ada broadband ini senang sikit..boleh dapat internet..aku ini memang tak boleh kalau satu hari tak buka internet!! Can't live without internet,huh?? Tetapi ada aku pergi mana entah tak ingat loh..aku tak bawa laptop..tak boleh main internet lah..but still can live what!!=p hahaa..

Hhahaa..walaupun internet lembab sikit kalau guna broadband..dan pada waktu hujan,selalu terganggu kan..Jadi, korang kena pandai-pandai lah cari tempat yang baik punya! tetapi asalkan ada internet pun okayh! sabar itu separuh daripada iman~ hehee..

Sebenarnya Streamyx ialah broadband juga tau!! P1 W1MAX ini pun sama!! Tetapi aku guna Streamyx lah..di sini aku nak cakap tentang P1 W1MAX ini..Dia berbeza dengan streamyx..Pada tahun 2010 ini, P1 W1MAX akan menjadi sepenuhnya 4G dan TM yang mengendalikan Streamyx tu akan melancarkan HSBB, iaitu Hish Speed Broadband. P1 W1MAX ini terbahagi kepada dua ,iaitu P1-Wimax Desktop Modem + Wifi dan yang kedua pula adalah P1-Wiggy.. P1 Wiggy adalah yang terbaru aku rasa..ini gamba dia..

Sangat kecil dan lawa!! boleh muat untuk masuk dalam poket ok!! dan boleh dibawa ke mana-mana sahaja..senang untuk korang gi road trip nanti :) P1 Wiggy ini mempunyai kelajuan dalam 10mbps ok..Woww!! Untuk P1 W1MAX, aku sangat kagum dengan perkhidmatan pelanggan diorang. Kalau down atau ada masalah pada network, diorang akan contact kita melalui sms.Boleh juga contact P1 ni melalui Twitter je, di @P1W1MAX.Amacam..dah berminat?? kalau dah berminat, boleh lah beli ye..aku tak tahu pula harga dia berapa..huh..mungkin dalam rm100+ je kot..hahaa..

Eh,kejap!! cakap pasal P1 W1MAX ini, aku teringat iklan yang paling popular kat Malaysia ini..Jadi sebutan ramai..hahaa..=p

FT Island's Flower Rock Teaser!

cute dog, but why is Jaejin standing so far away from it..?

As FT Island's major japanese debut is coming to a close I can almost taste the Flower Rock. Okay, that may not have sounded as sane as I wanted to but let's just say I'm super duper incredibly out of my mind excited after watching Flower Rock PV teaser!

I'm so happy the boys are churning out a more Rock sound than soft-rock ballad this time round. (I was jealous that only CN Blue got to do indie). But with the help of FTi's new major label Warner Music Japan, I hope they can kickstart the excitement back into Primadonnas and other fans that have been missing the boys so. *feels my sadness cloud disappearing*

Flower Rock PV teaser:

The full pv is set to drop on May 3rd! Ah! So close! I can't stop singing the teaser parts, even though its just 3 lines, I can safely guess the song is made up of english & japanese lyrics. The Full Single is to drop on May 19th. Oh, May is coming real fast isn't it? I don't even remember what I did in April at all, maybe because of all the canceled Music Banks..

26 April 2010

T-Max Profile!

Almost Paradise!!~

T-MAX is made from ‘Triple, Trinity’ and such which contains 3 meaning in the word’s first alphabet T. And will present the energy and talent till MAX form phrase ’3 perfect group and their dominance ‘ that’s forms the team.

To be able to present R&B, Rock’s charming singing by Shin Min Chul, possessing the special neutral vocal from Park Yun Hwa and have Kim Jun’s outstanding deep voice rapping. These three have made up the T-MAX group. It was borned and achieved after they have been trained for almost 3 years.They have often been called the “Korean w-inds”. (comparing them to the Japanese pop group w-inds.), due to their trio nature and musical style, which many note, has a certain Japanese flavour.

To date they have released 5 singles, and have contributed to the Boys Over Flowers and God of Study OSTs. Singles include: Blooming (July 2007), Lion Heart (November 2007), Run to You (December 2008), Single Collection (July 2009), Love Parade (September 2009).

T-max is currently working on their first full-length album, in which they are planning to release some time in 2010.Woww!!Can't wait for T-Max's comeback~ I really love T-Max's songs especially OSTs..and also Kim Jun's solo-Jun Be Ok..Hehe :)

T-Max welcomes two new members, Park Hanbi and Joo ChanYang!! Park Yunhwa is left for military service and decided to quit from T-Max..too sad..I didn't have the chance to know him better..huh..Well, according to the news, Park Hanbi is very talented and has a powerful vocal!! Joo ChanYang is known to have great vocal skills but because of his appearance, he was not successful during auditions. With that, a few months ahead his singer debut, he has undergone training and lost 15kg, transforming into a chic image.Awww!!

View post about their 1st full-length album titled Born To The Max in 2010 HERE okayh..Enjoy ^_^

Here's the Blooming MV released in 2007:-


Haaaa..The song is beautiful!! Love it~ Yunhwa has a cute voice!!Haa..I'm gonna miss his voice :(
Minchul with his great vocal!! Kim Jun ahh.. looking HOT here!! I really like him in BOF..go F4!!<3

[Photos] with Park Yunhwa


Shin Min Chul [신민철]
Date of birth: February 5, 1980
Height/weight: 178 cm / 63 kg
Bloodtype: O
School: Otorohanga College, New Zealand
Hobby: Taking weird pictures, Watching movies
Specialty: Making accessories, Reforming clothes, Surfing

Kim Joon/Kim Hyung Joon [김형준]
Date of birth: February 3, 1984
Height/weight: 183 cm / 65 kg
Bloodtype: O
School: Hangook University for foreigners, chemistry major
Hobby: Playing on-line games, basketball
Specialty: Snowboarding
History: +appearance on M.Net KKot Mi Nam Teuk Gong Dae [꽃미남 특공대] +appearance on MBC [PD수첩] +Co-starring as F4′s Song Woo Bin(송우빈) in 꽃보다 남자(Boys Over Flower), the korean version of Hana Yori Dango.

[New Member]
Park Han Bi (박한비)

-3 June 1990
-2nd year college student studying theater and video at MyeongJi Specialty School.
-Park HanBi has been training to be a singer for 3 years at a entertainment company and he recently passed the audition to be part of T-Max.

[New Member]
Joo Chan Yang

The reason why the loss of 15kg for Joo ChanYang has gained much interests is due to ‘Superstar K’ winner Seo InKook. Seo InKook was recently known to have also lost 15kg for his new album. And Joo ChanYang and Seo Inkook were both strong opponents during ‘SuperStar K’.

Joo ChanYang is known to have great capabilities after training for about 7 years since he was in middle school 3rd year. He has also participated in the chorus recording for hits by idols like 2PM, 2AM and TaeGoon.

This is how he looked like back then...

[Former Member]
Park Yoon Hwa [박윤화]
Date of birth: January 31, 1985
Height/weight: 175 cm / 52 kg
Bloodtype: AB
School: Suwon University of Science
Hobby: Playing computer games, collecting accessories
Specialty: Computer programming, graphic design
History:Park Yunhwa was known for participating in “Battle Shinhwa”, a show that centered around popular idol band Shinhwa searching and selecting members to create a new boyband.
Recently, Yunhwa was featured in “Mak Ban Shi” or “Maknae Rebellion” a show designed to bring popular idol group maknaes (ie. youngest member) out in the light.

-Random Facts-

+was an uhljjang.
+is always hungry.
+eats every 2 hours.
+is always tired.

+is different.
+loves to be on camera.
+talks a lot.
+has a unique fashion sense.
+has a finger puppet monkey named everererererere. (eh-ve-reh-reh-reh.....)
+first started leaving comments to t-max fans' posts at the fan cafe.
+likes to leave comments on other members' journal entries, often threatening them and revealing secrets.

+is surprisingly quiet off-camera.
+bit shin yuhsa's everererererere.
+is at times even more.. different than minchul.
+can be found leaving weird comments to his fans' posts.

Park Yunhwa leaving T-Max's article.(Finally,I found the article,azra!!)

Park Yoon-hwa of the group T-MAX personally left a message on the group's official fan cafe site yesterday afternoon, April 5th. After first debuting in 2007 with the single "Blooming", Park has announced his departure from the group that has released hit songs such as "I Love You" ("널 사랑해''), "Why'd You Do That?" ("왜 그랬어"), and "Paradise".

On his posting, Park wrote, "I won't be able to take part in T-MAX's albums. It's not so much of a personal issue...Rather, as you all know, I simply have to answer to the call of my country. I have some personal things I need to attend to which has forced me to say good-bye a bit earlier than expected."

He added, "I'm sorry that I'm leaving despite having worked so hard to prepare for this and before showing you all that I feel I'm capable of. I put a lot of thought into this decision so I ask for your understanding. Although I will not longer be a part of the group, I do ask for your love and support for them. I do hope to return and surprise everyone as a better artist onstage one day. Thank you so much for all of your love and support!"

A T-MAX representative said that due to Park having to serve his mandatory military call, he decided that leaving the group was the best decision for both sides. T-MAX plans on recruiting an additional member to the remaining trio (Kim Joon, Shin Min-chul, and Park Han-bi) to continue their activities. Their newest album is slated for release this May.


As of January 4th, 2012,

It has been reported by T-MAX and their company Planet 905 Company, that T-Max will disband as a group to pursue individual careers. Shin Minchul and Joo Chanyang will carry on the path as singers, whereas Kim Joon, Park Hanbi, and Yunhwa will pursue acting careers.

CEO Yoon Jung Soo expressed, “They’re a group like real brothers to me and I truly did all I could for them so I wanted to take in whatever decision they chose. I told them that they could return as T-Max whenever they wanted to.”

Awh, its so sad when another well-known groups disbands, but fans will always be there to support these talented individuals. We hope that each member will find their niche in the industry and prosper! Good luck guys!

Cred:tmaxlove.wordpress, last.fm, omonatheydidnt@livejournal, KBS World, hypnoticasia.com

25 April 2010

2PM It's Skin CF

Some of you might already watch this, but whatever I just need to post this. (2PM! I can’t get over their comeback performances at m!coutdown yet :P) This is 2PM’s new cf called It’s Skin. This is actually a sun block, and they even get their group name on that thing ddfjbak I want one! Anyhow, I’m glad they got more cf from time to time.

cred: bealoveskpop

Taecyon ageyo lol Why would he covered up his body when the fact that he always shows his body LOL

Wooyoung is a perv LOL LOL Chansung is a lucky magnae haha

Nickhun part is so LOL
“Isnt that 2pm?”
“So pretty”
“You try it too”
“It stick to your body so easily” Then, Nickhun covering his body too hahaha I swear whoever direct this cf has a perv mind LOL

Jun brothers part. Junho is imitating rain’s song. Anyone knows what the title of the song? Junsu, no one bring their sun block everywhere they go... or do they? Lol You still adorable XD

“It’s skin~ hahahhaha” .... HAHAHAHHA

Check out their filming too...

B2ST/BEAST-Self-Made Mystery MV Released! [Funny =D]

Spazzing about BEAST again~ hehe..

Uhh..gamba lme..miss Hyunseung's mushroom hair :)

Hhahaa..Yeah! BEAST is the BEST yo!! The boys have transformed into directors for their self-made music video for their hit song Mystery. Because many fans had wished for a music video of Mystery, finally they made a comic version of music video during MTV B2ST ALMIGHTY Episode 3!! Haa..I haven't watched it because no english subtitles yet..kindda interesting this show..since MTV B2ST Documentary Season 1 was great and funny..you can watch all the episodes of Season 1 with english subtitles at B2STLYSUBS's Channel..


I can't stop smiling and laughing watching this MV..really funny!! hahaha..

On the 3rd episode of B2ST Almighty, BEAST decided to make their fans’ wishes come true as they had wished for a music video for Mystery. BEAST is singing about the type of curry that their old girlfriend had liked in this hilarious video.

There’s even a Bollywood concept in the middle of it which will probably crack up most of you guys. Dongwoon gets dressed up in traditional Indian clothing and does the head spinning Mystery dance. He gets more extra here at last!! Dongwoon you are the most handsome magnae!! hahahaa...Yoseob plays the girl in this music video..aha..seriously guys, Yoseob is soo cute and pretty <3

The others,okayh..Junhyung wrote the script, Hyunseung directed proceedings, Doojoon was the cameraman and Kikwang took care of the lights.But Doojoon is not here because he is the cameraman right..oh, poor leader!! Nevermind, you still the best leader to me and the best cameraman based on this awesome self-made MV!!

And it just gets better as SNSD and KARA appear as guest stars!

I love this MV !! The best MV for ever!!The head spinning is the most memorable to me.. You guys did a great job!! hihihi..so Beast!!~


24 April 2010

Gil Hak Mi Profile + Super Soul Album [Tracklist]

*Requested by Azra

Name: Gil Hak Mi (길학미)
Born: 1989
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Blood type: A

Oh,her D.O.B I can't found..mianhae~ Only the year she was born :)

By the way,길학미 (Gil Hak Mi) was the second runner-up of Superstar K, a Korean talent show much like American Idol. Right off the bat, she was compared to one of today’s fiercest ladies in the K-pop realm, CL of 2NE1, for having a similar stage presence, not to mention her notable rapping skills (muka pon cam nak sme je,maybe her eyes =p). After her TV debut, she signed a contract with Bobby Kim’s company, Oscar Entertainment and has been preparing for her official debut ever since. At the beginning of 2010, she went to New York in order to work on her album and also to learn more about fashion.

She’s remained on the down low since her exit from the show, but she has now resurfaced with a debut album (which has a total of 6 tracks) and a brand new MV for her first single, 'Super Soul'. 'Super Soul' dropped on the 25th and Gil Hak Mi will probably start her promotional activities pretty soon.

You better watch her MV..really nice! Here’s her MV for her title song, 'Super Soul'.


See?? Though the song is cooL..First time I heard it I'm totally into it..yeah...it has a different tone from other kpop songs..kindda addictive actually..hahahaa..Okayh~I'm loving this album! 'Dream' is my favourite!! hehee <3

Read more to get the tracklist and to see her photos!

23 April 2010

2PM Comeback Stage@M!Countdown

Aww!! My Khun<3

After the Without U's teaser,then the MV revealed, finally..2PM is comeback on stage!!~

Hrmm..since Music Bank is not aired today..I spend my time today watching M!Countdown on Youtube..hahaha..So boring at home..huh..Luckily, 2PM's new song has giving me the energy to spazz about them!! hahaaha..lol.. Check it out their live comeback performance~ Enjoy ^_^

cred: thehekmo

Don't Stop Can't Stop so HOT and powerful!!~ with the fighting..Yessss!! 2pm is back and no one can stop them!! I just love this two songs!! 2PM is rockss!! Wait, I don't know what happen to Khun's hair when perform Without U..Oh,it looks like Kevin from U-Kiss's hair during ManManHani..hahaa..so weird lah Khun..not suite him at all!! I like his new hair but not like this meh..but his rapping..Oh Yeah!!~ always in my mind <3

Ouh,Wooyoung's part in Without U I like!! Junsu's vocal!! Thumbs up!! Yeahh!! 2PM always make a great performance!! Win!! 2PM jjang!!!<3

You also can download all the songs in Don't Stop Can'T Stop's mini album HERE.

U-Kiss - What(Mworago) @ M! Countdown

Uh-ah!..U-kiss's fever now!!

Yeah!! After Binguel Binguel..They cameback with a new track-What (Mworago) performance yesterday on M!Countdown!! Haa...I'm so SHOCK watching this =D

Still, high energy from our boys!!hahaha..Kiseop for the intro..Woww!! I like the intro's dance since Kiseop at the center!! So energetic!! the Mworago's chorus choreography I really really love <3
Head + shoulder = U-Kiss <3..Okayh,Dongho our dongsaeng is rapping in this song..Co0L~ Kevin is soo cute..Soohyun's vocal is awesome as usual!! Everyone is ahhh HOT..I love U-Kiss!! I think U-Kiss did a great job in 2010!!

Hopefully, we can make it to their fanmeeting on 19th June!! Can't wait to see them after heard them said "Apa Khabar, Terima Kasih and MALAYSIA!!" in their teaser and video for the upcoming fanmeeting in Malaysia =D

22 April 2010

My Dream Destination

Haha it would be easier and funnier if I just said My Dream Destination is FT Island. Haha, but yes that's not an actual place. Where I really want to go..? I don't know if I can even choose one. I want to go everywhere! But I guess one place that I would definitely WANT to set foot on would be Pohnpei & Pingelap. Caught you off guard didn't I?

ooh this place looks pretty, courtesy of Yoon Si Yoon *dies*

Yes I know I definitely HAVE to go to Seoul & Tokyo in my 20's at least, then I can set to marry a korean or japanese guy before I'm 30, whichever, but I think I do prefer the Japanese looks, but the Korean's sensitivity, I hear they're very sweet. *thinks about World Date with Kim Bum*

One Way Have Their Own Magic!~

*Requested by Alia

One Way One Sound

One Way (Hangeul: 원웨이) is a Korean Hip Hop and R&B group.Consists of Peter (the older and the smallest), Chance (the leader) and YoungSky (the younger and the rapper).Very cool name they have it! yeah!! Oh,They are under YJ (Ye Jun) entertainment *Same as SHU-I*. All three are speaking English fluently since Peter grew in Sidney, Chance lived in Los Angeles and YoungSky lived in both..Woww!! That's why they have their own account on Youtube, Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook! Okayh..I already become their fan/Like on Facebook! Hhaaha..

Peter debuted as a solo artist with the song Show Man before joining One Way.Hhaaaha..I like this guy, Peter..According to his Myspace, he also writes songs and creates his own choreography..Very talented guy you know.. =D

Their debut stage was on MBC Music Core, February 6 2010 with the song Magic, and their first mini-album name is One Way Street.

Their particularity is that they compose all their songs and the songs are awesome!! Take a look at this :-

Best Wohh!! Seriously, It's not like Magic from Secret..This is way way c0oL!! Love YoungSky's hair! Soo cute ;) Thanks Alia for the request..Now I'm already fall in love with them!! hahaaa..cam cool gler je dorang nih..hehehe..

Read more to see them singing in English <3 and also the members profile! ^_^

21 April 2010

Music Bank to be cancelled for the 4th straight week!

I miss them <3

What the?? Once again?? Omo Omo..I'm dying to watch Music Bank!! really miss Music Bank now..hrmm :(

It’s been almost an eternity since a new episode aired (March 26th was the last), but we are sad to inform you that Music Bank will still be canceled this week.

Music Bank’s Go Won Seok PD said on the 21st, “Because we were recently so busy preparing for a new program, we barely tweeted. This week’s music bank is canceled again. The lives of our writers are at stake. TT.”

This will be the fourth straight week that Music Bank has been canceled and the main reason for it was due to the upcoming state funeral memorial service for those sailors who lost their lives on the Cheonan. A decision will be taken later this week regarding other entertainment programs under KBS2TV.

M! Countdown will still proceed as usual on April 22nd.


So, 2PM’s first comeback stage will be on M!Countdown fo sho! aaa..I'm too lazy to watch M!Countdown at youtube..Oh ya..I still haven't watched Rain and Hyori's performed yet..hahaa =p

Music Bank come on!! I hope next week don't be cancelled again!!

Cinderella's Stepsister on KBSWORLD

Cinderella's Stepsister is set to air on KBS WORLD on April 28th 2010! Like I've said before, this anticipated drama will air after The Slave Hunters/Chuno has wrapped up. Here's the official website for you guys.

Cinderella's Stepsister is a drama that will air on Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 9pm for Malaysia/Hong Kong, go here to find out when it airs in your country. It consists of a whopping 20 Episodes! Although only 6 episodes has been aired in Korea & subbed so far. Here is the full trailer to get you hyped up & read more for the sinopsis and the characters' descriptions!

Oh noo, Taec's body is shownn aaah! I squealed too loud for his smile XD!

19 April 2010

2PM-Without U MV+Don't Stop Can't Stop Mini Album [Tracklist]

Are you ready?? I know many 2PM fans go grazy after their MV teaser has revealed..Now that the full music video is here,I bet there is more for fans to go crazy over..hahaha =p


Okayh!!I told you before,The song will be awesome and addictive like other 2PM songs!! hahhaa..yeah~! The whole MV is set in dark concept (HOTTEST) just like Beast-Shock, Kara-Lupin and T-ara-I Go crazy because of you..Hhahaa..plus,they are getting wet and throwing themselves in mud to look sexier than ever..! Awww~ I love this MV!! Great choreography!! Ahhh, Nichkhun is rapping right??"Listen,everything happens for a reason (2x)" hahaha..HOT!!

As you can see,2PM becomes more matured ,sexy and beastly this year! Rawrrr!!~ They gonna be OK!!Seriously can't wait for their comeback..Hrrmmm..Hopefully, there is Music Bank this week!! gidaridaga jichinda..eumm..you know...XD

Here's Don't Stop Can't Stop album:-

Don't Stop Can't Stop
Without U
목숨을 건다
Without U (Explorer Mix)
마자 (Space Mix)

I love all the songs in this album!!Oh, 마자(Maja) is the best!! very catchy one and taec's rap is weird..I like~ 2PM the HOTTEST fo sho!!<3

My Version of Grooming Tips

tup tap tup tap..dah minggu ke-8 dah..minggu ke-7 minggu lepas kitorang tak dapat buat lah..semua orang busy dengan kerja masing-masing..Haaa..serius ini,blur betul bila dapat tajuk ini..nak tulis dalam BM ok sikit kot..hahaa..

My Version of Grooming Tips eh? Versi aku berdandan ke apa ini?? Haa..bantai je lah..XD

Macam ini lah aku berdandan pada setiap hari, tips dia senang je :-

1. Bangun pagi gosok gigi! paling penting ok..untuk mulut x berbau busuk!
2. Cuci muka dengan pencuci muka..kalau aku guna Biore~ heheh..
3. Mestilah mandi betul-betul -sabun, shampo0 semua tuh..haishh..
4. Pakai deodorant!! Jadi,ketiak tak bau masam walaupun duduk dalam rumah je~ huahaua..
5. Selepas itu,aku pakai pelembab muka..penting untuk melembabkan muka korang supaya tak kering sangat~ So,mesti pakai setiap hari sekurang-kurangnya 2 kali sehari selepas mandi tau!
6. Pakai bedak muka lah..then,baru sikat rambut..hahhaa..
7. Akhir sekali,baru lah pakai baju..kalau kat rumah, aku selalu pakai t-shirt buruk je dengan seluar pendek..awww!XD

Itu je lah tips aku berhias pada setiap hari..memandangkan sekarang dah tak sekolah, memang malas sikit lah nak berhias lawa-lawa..bangun pun lambat sekarang..isk3..well,duduk rumah je kan..hahaha..=p

*Tetapi yang paling penting ialah kita semua mesti sentiasa menjaga kebersihan diri pada setiap hari dan menjaga penampilan seperti memakai deodorant, bedak, ataupun perfume supaya semua orang sukakan kita!! =D

Jap,sebelum itu,jangan lupa kepada Adidas kesayangan ini!!~

Jom tengok Project Alpha Season 2 episod 1!!Baru je keluar hari ini.

Episod 2 dan episod 3 :-

18 April 2010

U-Kiss Profile~

*Requested by Alia

Gamba ni plg smart!~

U-Kiss is a 7-member boyband. They debuted with their song 어리지 않아 (Not Young) in Japan at the The Power of Atamix 08 on August 15th, 2008. The group’s fan cafes attracted around 50,000 visitors just two days after they were established.

U-Kiss Stands For:

U- Ubiquitous
K- Korean
I- International (Idol)
S- Super
S- Star

The group targets not only Korea, but the entire Asian music industry. The group’s members come from America, Macau and China. Collectively, the members speak four different languages - English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean . The boys’ ages range from 15 to 21.U-Kiss is under NH Media, the same company which Yang Dong Geun and PARAN are under.

U-kiss released their first single, N-Generation, on the 3rd of September, 2008. The single includes the hit song 어리지 않아 (Not Young).Then,after the announcement of 7th member, Lee KiSeop, U-Kiss released their 3rd mini album 'Conti Ukiss' on November 5 2009. They performed Man Man Ha Ni for their cameback stage. In 2010, they finally released their 1st studio album 'Only One' on February 3 and started promotions on KBS's Music Bank with their lead single 'Bingeul Bingeul (Round and Round)'

Hhaha,many of you I guess already watched Man Man Ha Ni and Binguel Binguel MVs..Now,I want to share with you with Not Young MV here since it was their debuted song :)


In 2008,there was only 6-members without Kiseop..Yahh..I watched this MV for the 1st time at Alia's house last year..kamsahamnida~ hehee..This song is soo0 nice! haha..Dongho is still a kid..lol..cute!


In late February 2011, NH Media confirmed the withdrawal of two members of U-Kiss which is Alexander and Kim Kibum..NH Media made a mutual agreement to terminate Kibum exclusive contract recently..With Alexander’s case, he may be leaving U-KISS, but after a very long discussion, they decided that he will be remaining with the agency to fulfill his personal, overseas activities..

NH Media will be replacing Kim Kibum and Alexander with new members, believing that it will strengthen the group vocals and become more mature and developed team..U-Kiss will make their comeback next month, and they are currently working hard with the other members..

Aigoo~! I'm so sad knowing that Xander and Kibum left the group..waaaa~ We'll miss you guys a lot!! and can't wait for U-Kiss comeback next month!^^

Xander, Kibum :(

Read more for the members info + new members O_O

1st Teaser & Video - U-Kiss in Malaysia

I just share this at our fb page and twitter, but my two fellow effpoos went crazy when I don’t blog about it here XD haha mian, I think I lost my sense of writing (As if I ever have one lol)

So, after the news that U-KISS is coming to Malaysia, Geneses Dream Entertainment has finally give us the teaser! and then the video! :)

The intro they are saying "Apa khabar Malaysia!"..Then, flying kiss to me, *faint*!hahaa..Oh,well,their english is awesome as usual lah..They looks so hyper esp Xander since this is U-Kiss's 1st meet in Malaysia!! Gee,can't wait to see them!! =D..At the end.."Terima kasih!"

Watch it here if you haven't watch the teaser yet.
You can watch it over and over again for 100 times just to hear seven of them saying our beloved country name, Malaysia. Well that’s what I do anyway :P Xander Maloysaya is awesome! lmao

The only k-pop artist that I heard em saying Malaysia other than U-Kiss is… Eeteuk? And other suju member which I totally forgot XD

Oh Did you guys know that yesterday Xander tweet about coming to Malaysia too? He said, “To all our foreign fans! It seems like U-KISS would be going to the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong for concert, showcase, etc~” I went head over heels last night. Check this out.

Credit to MY-KISSU (Malaysian Ukiss Fan Site). Cause I'm too lazy to take screen cap XD

Final teaser will come out next week, so wait for it ^^

Anyway, thanks to m[a]x from SWM for sharing at the cbox about the teaser XD

Have you buy the ticket? We did! But we don't know we can make it or not HAHAHA lol

17 April 2010

[CLOSED] Win B2ST's Shock of the New Era Autographed!

Aren't KPOP fans lucky this month! Especially BEAST's B2uties, with the new MV just released, Beast Almighty their MTV show has aired, MY-B2uty's CD Contest, -to the possible rumored visit of the 6 boys to the shores of Malaysia!


I have to say its so unsettling to have to go to B2ST's High Tea Party, because:
1. Sorry boys U-KISS sucked out my money before you guys did.
2. I'm so sorry but I love you, but I'm more sorry maybe I'll have to go to school at that time.
3. Segan loohrr. This is a HIGH-TEA! Chit-chat of the B2uties haha get it! xP
It's not like meet U-KISS & scram! This is more like meet B2ST & let them see how I haven't been exercising for this year hahaha.

Anyhoo, for this contest you don't have to worry about B2ST seeing your B2utiful faces. Having been crowned Asian Takeaway's Artist of the Month of April, MTV ASIA is giving away 5 SETS of BEAST's Shock of the New Era (2nd Mini Album) Autographed CDs!

Closing Date: April 29, 2010 (Thursday)

All you have to do is answer the Question: In 50 words or less, tell us who's your favorite BEAST member and why, HERE. Isn't it simple?

But hold your horses! You need a SWAG codeword. You can get this by watching MTV Asia, preferably during the commercials & probably around the time they show BEAST Music Videos at around 6PM.

I would spoil it for you if I could, but I haven't the slightest clue what it is yet! Good luck to you!

Ring Ding Dong Teletubbies Style ;)

Berehat dulu dengan berita-berita pasal astis kpop..takde yang terbaru sekarang..hahaa..tengah tunggu laa nih..hrmmm..

terigt zaman knk2 :)

Hhahaa..nak buat post BM lah..dah lama tak wat..okayh,sekarang ini memang takde kerja langsung..bosan duduk rumah aje..huh..dan tak tahu juga nak update apa..Nah! tengok video ini lah..jumpa kat mana tah..tetapi comel gila!!korang mesti kenal Teletubbies ini kan??elehh,jangan wat tak tahu lak..korang mesti selalu nyanyi lagu mereka..hhahaaa =D


Haaa..comel kan?? So fantastic!! Lompat-lompat lagi tuh..Pandai menari! hehehe.. Kalau korang tak kenal atau dah tak ingat Teletubbies yang comel ini.. ermmm,Twinky Winky , Dipsy , Laa-laa  dan magnae Po ..hahaha..Aku dah tak ingat dah dulu aku suka yang mana satu..rasanya yang merah kot..lmfao!!~

p/s:Chibi,hahaaa..dah x cam bhse indon kot..huahaua!

16 April 2010

New Female Band Vanilla Lucy + Vanilla Shake Album [Tracklist]

Annyeong!! I'm back doing Idols Introduction here!! hahaha.. =D

Blonde hair??Oh,vokalist~

New female band Vanilla Lucy is a very interesting band..Debuted this year with 1st single 'Flight Girls'.. They’re not a usual band who plays the drums, guitar or keyboard but instead they play the saxophone, violin and cello! XD.Cool!!Owh, terigt anime La Corda De Prima Passo (eh,tol ke tajuk die ni?) hahaha..Okayh..don't get any much informations about them..anyway,you can watch their MV here and download this song to0 :)


On 14th May, they made their debut on Music Bank! they debuted with French Love not with Flight Girls..This song is okayh too..the vokalist changed her hairstyle from blonde to black! The violin and cello are so exciting! I don't know whether they playing the instruments live or not..it seems like not live..hahaa..but still cool..Check it out their performance below :-


1-Intro (비갠뒤오후)
2-Lover Tonight
3-French Love (Korean Version)
4-비행(飛行) 소녀 (Flight Girls)
5-Lucid Dream
6-Listen To The Music
7-French Love (English Version)
8-Listen To The Music (Inst)
9-Sky In My Heart (Inst)
10-Outro (Romantist)

Vanilla Lucy - Vanilla Shake.rar

Ermm..what do you think guys?? I think I kindda like this album..haha..co0l what playing that instruments..Aha,the members are all yeppeoh!! hahaha...

Read more for the members profile!!

15 April 2010

B2ST/BEAST is coming to Malaysia?

UPDATE: This event has been moved to official organizer Universal Music Malaysia. Refer to this post regarding BEAST's Showcase in Malaysia in June 26th.


Ermm...I'm not very sure about it..but..ermm..will wait for official statement from Cube Entertainment on 8th May 2010!!

Shock Private Hi-Tea with B2ST/BEAST

OMG!!I wanna see them!! aaa...

Date: 5 June 2010
Time: 2 p.m. - 6p.m.
Venue: Prince Hotel, KL
Pax : Limited to 150 pax

VIP Seats Package (RM280) [Numbered Seat] non-forumer- RM320
*Limited to 48 persons.

1. Beast @B2ST Fans Meet and Greet
2. Hi-Tea with Beast
3. 8 person per table with one Beast members.
4. Beast album.
5. Beast’s Signature Poster (Hand-Signed by all 6 members)
6. Group photo with Beast members
7. The First 48 to go on stage for Album Signing
8. SPECIAL SURPRISE Chance to win a teddy bear from Beast [Randomly Pick from all VIP Seats]
9. SPECIAL SURPRISE Personal Photo with Beast for two person.
10. Lucky fans will get to play games and interact with Beast members.

* get ur ticket (buy the vip package) today or by friday 16th April 2010 to choose the best seat unless you will put randomly

Normal Package (RM180) non-forumer (rm200)

1. Beast @B2ST Fans Meet and Greet
2. Hi-Tea with Beast
3. Beast’s Signature Poster
4. Group photo with Beast members.
5. 10 person per table.
6. SPECIAL CD with Signature to win.
7. 10% discount when purchasing Beast album on the day of the event.

*All fans will stand a change to win VIP passes to music festival.
*This offer open until 23rd April 2010.
*Limited to one forumer per-ticket
*All package include food and beverage worth RM98

Click B2ST Form for forumer @ B2ST form for non-forumer

send receipt and form @ isyan@poprainbow.net or isyan.poprainbow@live.com


Beast Fans Meeting round neck shirt
Price : RM35
Size : S, M, L

* official statement from cube entertainment will be announce on 8th May 2010~

I think VIP tickets are already full..hahaa..Normal Package still have a chance..hrmm..Check out this for further information :-

PopRaInBoWdotNEt @ Facebook

p/s: I think I wouldn't be able to go to this Beast fanmeeting!! aaa...so frustrating!! Need more money lahh~ da abes kt Ukiss plak..hahaaa...Mianhae KiKwang!!! Sob3 :(

Chung Lim-Face MV + 2nd Mini Album [Tracklist]

HOT gler!! haaa..XD

The dancer-singer, who made his debut just over a year ago with his first track Step..I know,when he first debuted, practically no one knew of him..so sad..but I like his dancing!Even though people like his husky voice and his adorable smile that comes along with his cute dimples, he still isn’t getting appreciated.huh..But,no worries guy,he’s coming back stronger than ever with his second mini-album-Show Up!I think after this he will be appreciated as a dancer-singer!

It looks like Chung Lim is going for a dark, masculine look with a touch of elegance (and guyliner..awww!). He’s really working the modern aristocratic look, don’t you think? I think he is so0 cool what..huhu..Let's watch his Face MV~


Ohh..He changed his face with guyliner! haha..and of course he Show Up his body!! even in C.L(Chung Lim) MV teaser to0..It's okay..as long as he has a great body!<3 hahaha..plus,I like his 2nd mini album!! Yey!! ChungLim Hwaiting~ :)

Show Up tracklist+MP3 DL :-

3.First Class
4.가슴이 버려야
5.TANG! (탕!)
6.FACE (Inst.)
7.가슴이 버려야(Inst.)

Show Up.rar

Read more for ChungLim photos and profile :-

14 April 2010

2PM-Without U Official Comeback Teaser~

Don't Stop Can't Stop loving 2PM~

Just yesterday, 2PM officially released their first teaser for their comeback. Along with their site which had a broken clock tower in a rainy set, their teaser revealed a piano melody on loop.

Just now, 2PM officially revealed their comeback picture! The picture reveals the boys walking in an alleyway looking modern yet chic. Whether the phrase Don’t Stop Can’t Stop is the title of the song or album is unknown, so we’ll have to wait and see.

JYP Entertainment stated, “Through their single, you will be able to see more mature look of 2PM and their music.”


Teaser with no one??amudo obseo??only a repetitive haunting piano melody!! grrr..the teaser sure isn’t giving away much of what the actual song will sound like..heh XD
I think this song will be great and awesome!! Well,JYP always created a great songs!! Ahh..can't wait for 2PM!! Wohooo..


Oh,this is the official release for their comeback track Without U (Oh,same like U-Kiss's song! Awesome fo sho!) . Just as the pictures and website page implied, the boys are returning with a dark and mature look and sound.


Stay tuned for their comeback on April 22nd!

B2ST/BEAST-Take Care Of My Girlfriend (Say No) MV!!~


Hhahaa..I'm melting right now..Finally,I've been waiting for this for a long time..Yeah!!Beast at last released their 2nd new MV-Say No from Shock Of The New Era Album!!I like the song..alia to0..huhu..Yuppz!this is their 3rd MV after Bad Girl and Shock..hahaha..Excited =D Kaja!!


Omo Omo..!!aaaaa...Love Beast!! Their MV is just okay to me..but I still love them!!The song has a beautiful melody..touching beb~ wahh, KiKwang dye his hair back, BLACK!!Very Handsome <3 to me...I like his new hair to0..hehe..Doojoon is sitting on the shock's chair right??hahaa..plus there even have the wires thing..hahaha..it's okay..

HyunSeung and JunHyung are HOT!!Yoseub the best singer has a nice vocal..and Cute!! Dongwoon has one part only aa?? sad :( More Dongwoon please~ hahahaa..then..errmmm..errmmm..*speechless* Oh,need MV that have storyline..soon..ya Beast??hhuhuh..

p/s:Excited gle pg2 bute ni..xtdo dibuatnye..Beast nye pasal..hahaha..lorh~

13 April 2010

Jay Park singing Can't Take My Eyes Off Of YoU~

I miss you like crazy~

Hhaaha..patutnya ni tugas alia,tapi dia busy menjaga budak-budak plak skang ni..hahaa..xpe2,neway,xtau nk update ape skang ni..wat je laa post ni..huhu.. :)


Yeahh!! Another cover was uploaded by Jay Park!! Before he was singing Nothing On You..such a beautiful song..and now this cover..actually,I like this song..hahaa..Go Jae!!! Eventhough he looks so skinny now..but,I'm sure he's have a healthy life there..no matter what happen..I will still support you jay!! Hwaiting!! weeee~

Plus,He and Yoshi Wright did a collabo collaboration...Whoaa!!Jay is still strong..love to dance!! yupp!! It's very clear version..uploaded by Jae himself in his youtube channel jayparkaom.. I hope you all like it as much as I do..hahaha~

12 April 2010

Lee Hyori H-Logic Album & MVs + [Tracklist]

Recycling HyunA's old Muzik hair in a blonder, shorter cut. This is what I wanted!!

Haha, back on Album duty is me I guess? Lee Hyori's been teasing and postponing, postponing & teasing for I feel like half a year now for her much anticipated 4th album H-Logic. Well now it's been released! A day before promised mind you, which was April 13th tomorrow. Well I guess fans just couldn't wait huh? I dunno if I'm excited still but I liked Hyorish, hope this is better.

The title song is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Bang! haha. Why do all the titles have to sound so similar these days? All I can say is Dang, Miss Hyori can bring just about anybody to feature in this album of 14 tracks! Including kids from Mighty Mouth, After School, 4Minute, Big Bang, and more..

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MV:



Swing (ft. Gary of Lessang) MV:


Creepy clowns..

Here's the Full H-Logic:

1 - I'm Back
2 - Love Sign (ft. Sangchu of Mighty Mouth)
3 - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (ft. Ceejay of Freshboyz)
4 - Feel the Same
5 - Bring it Back (ft. Bekah of After School & Jiyoon of 4Minute)
6 - Highlight (ft. Bizzy)
7 - Swing (ft. Garry of Lessang)
8 - Scandal
9 - 100 Percent
10 - Want Me Back
11 - How Did We Get (Duet with Daesung of Big Bang)
12 - So Cold
13 - Get 2 Know (ft. Double K)
14 - Memory (ft. Bizzy)

Anyhoo, who do you think will win Music Bank this time around on April 16th? Rain or Lee Hyori? or Secret if you believe their Mazic..lol. Btw, did you guys know that Lee Hyori switched from DSP to MNet, but now is under Gil Entertainment? So good luck to you at Mnet, MBC & SBS Hyori-ssi!

You can wait for Panda Likes in a bit, there's so much tracks!

11 April 2010

Humour Me!

Hello effpoosss!! (nama panggilan baru haha) I miss you a lot, nahh :P

It’s been ages since I update or give any marshmallow to you guys….. lol just 1 week but I still feel bad. Blame my new job, it start from 7am to 7pm! I practically worn out and sleep at 9PM-10PM everyday lol So the only time I can really surf and read this lovely blog is during the weekend. (Tukar shift dengan Azra haha)

So to make up to all of you, and me, I’m giving out prepaid topup! But first, humour me XD

Comel kan? Thanks nur ^^
Don’t worry, this is not under TheAbracadabras’ giveaway, this is under me personally, alia also known as flyfonix. So to my dearest TheAbracabadabras members, you too can join this! Lol (Told you I wanna make up with all of you :P)

Who can join?
- Anyone can join as long as you live in Malaysia. (Kakakku masuklah :P)
- You are maxis, digi or celcom user. (Prepaid, NOT line/bill!)
- Follow us publicly here OR twitter OR be a fan at our fb pages OR just join MYKPOP (So I’ll know how to contact you if you are the winner)
- Oh don’t put your name as anonymous (how the heck should I know who you are then XD) Preferably the same name as your blog/fb/twitter/mykpop’s username.

This week task :
Find funny KPOP video, any random video, new or old, and share with me! Reply the youtube link under this post.
Maximum : 3 videos

The video that make me laugh the most will win RM5 topup (well for the start :P)

Let me tell you a secret. I am a person who is easily to entertain and easily to get bored. So try your best to humour me XD Oh not necessary Suju’s video :P Although that will be a really big advantage to win HAHA

Okay, I’ll leave you guys again for 5 days with dorky Eunhyuk’s video. Enjoy and good luck!

Pfft How I miss EHB =.=!

08 April 2010

T-ara & Supernova-Time To Love 3

Wahhh..sudah lama tidak buat post bm..!! =p Eh,azra, we have same telepathy laa..lol..wat t-ara gak..hahhaaa..

Baru tahu ada versi yang ke-3 lgu ini..hahaa...aku suka semua versi 'Time To Love'!! Tetapi yang ke-3 ini versi jepun lahh..Ok laa..Jom dengar dahulu..MV mereka tidak ada kot..cari-cari tak jumpa..heh..Harap kamu semua suka :)

Cred: twilightgrl5

Aaaa..walaupun dia punya muzik macam bising sikit,tetapi sedap juga!!hahaha..semua versi ini mempunyai ritma yang berbeza ok..Jepun pun layan juga..hehee..

Kalau suka, kamu boleh muat turun lagu-lagu ini..terima kasih ^_^

Time To Love 3

Time To Love Listen 2

Time To Love(TTL)

Ermm..kat bawah ini,ada gamba T-NOVA!! hahaa.. <3

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