07 April 2010

Rain-Back To The Basic Album [Tracklist]

Oh yeah!! Rain is back!! Can't wait to see him comeback on Music Bank this friday..and also Lee Hyori and Secret's comeback! Tired of waiting..lol..Hhahaa..

The 'Love Song' MV with english subtitles!! Check it out~


Yeah..I love this song!! Sweet lorhh..His dancing also!!Waaa...Oh,Rain is became more handsomer!! HOT!! Hhhahaa..I like his hair!! weeeee <33

Here's Back To The Basic Album :-

01 - 널 붙잡을 노래 (Love Song)
02 - Hip Song
03 - One
04 - 똑같아 (Same)
05 - Love Song (English Version)

Hip Song is a good and catchy song..Ahhh!! Loving the whole album from hip song to love song!! can't wait for his live comeback!!~

Rain Hwaiting!

Wanna see Rain's HOT pictures?? plus his profile??Click Read more ~

★Name: Jung Ji-Hoon
★Hanja: 鄭智薰
★Also known as: 비/ピ/雨
★DOB: 25 June 1982
★Birthplace: Seoul
★Height: 184cm
★Weight: 74kg
★Bloodtype: O
★Family: Father & Sister
★School: Changseo Elementary School
★Sungmun mid./Yanyang high
★Fusion Design Graduate School of Kyunghee University
★Department of Performing Arts
★Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, collecting shoes & caps
★Favorite color: White, Black & Red

Awww Rain's body!! *faint* XD


  1. i like rain wit short hair, the curls baby noo. haha

    i luv hip song! lol its actually pretty good, tho i wanted sumthing more narcisistic with his name rain spread all over it lol like rainism yes rainism lol

    i dont like love song actually. but thnx a lot awin! XD

  2. Hhahaha...yeah!! macho ok with this short hair!! The CURLS make him looks like 'mak nyah'...hahhaa..*evil*

    Ouhh..it's ok..up to u lahh..again,u r very very welcme!! heeeee <33

  3. hahah maknyah lol terigt bts ninja assn XD

    rain, horay! awin, crkkan video rain dan org laen kat mb ye nnt, xdpt tgk =.= kalo rajen wat la kchart top20 XD

  4. hahaa..sore die laa time bts dlu..hahaa..xthn tol!

    hahaaa..mb asyik xde je!! geram tol rr!! ermmm..ok2..klo rajin nnti wat laa..hhuhu


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