12 April 2010

Lee Hyori H-Logic Album & MVs + [Tracklist]

Recycling HyunA's old Muzik hair in a blonder, shorter cut. This is what I wanted!!

Haha, back on Album duty is me I guess? Lee Hyori's been teasing and postponing, postponing & teasing for I feel like half a year now for her much anticipated 4th album H-Logic. Well now it's been released! A day before promised mind you, which was April 13th tomorrow. Well I guess fans just couldn't wait huh? I dunno if I'm excited still but I liked Hyorish, hope this is better.

The title song is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Bang! haha. Why do all the titles have to sound so similar these days? All I can say is Dang, Miss Hyori can bring just about anybody to feature in this album of 14 tracks! Including kids from Mighty Mouth, After School, 4Minute, Big Bang, and more..

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang MV:



Swing (ft. Gary of Lessang) MV:


Creepy clowns..

Here's the Full H-Logic:

1 - I'm Back
2 - Love Sign (ft. Sangchu of Mighty Mouth)
3 - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (ft. Ceejay of Freshboyz)
4 - Feel the Same
5 - Bring it Back (ft. Bekah of After School & Jiyoon of 4Minute)
6 - Highlight (ft. Bizzy)
7 - Swing (ft. Garry of Lessang)
8 - Scandal
9 - 100 Percent
10 - Want Me Back
11 - How Did We Get (Duet with Daesung of Big Bang)
12 - So Cold
13 - Get 2 Know (ft. Double K)
14 - Memory (ft. Bizzy)

Anyhoo, who do you think will win Music Bank this time around on April 16th? Rain or Lee Hyori? or Secret if you believe their Mazic..lol. Btw, did you guys know that Lee Hyori switched from DSP to MNet, but now is under Gil Entertainment? So good luck to you at Mnet, MBC & SBS Hyori-ssi!

You can wait for Panda Likes in a bit, there's so much tracks!


  1. Yeahh!! Azra wat hyori!! sorry lme x update..hahahaa..nk tggu chunglim nye album..15th april kot..haihh..

    btw,Swing is ok laa..but im scared to that clown!! hahaha..mmg takut clown since I was small!!hahaha..

    I like chitty chitty bang bang!! catchy n gempak!! miss her dancing actually..wahhh!! lgu yg len x dgr lg..tgh dwld..!!

    huhuu..btw,thankz azra!!

  2. lol welcum ^-^. btw sorry xdpt re-upload for easier downloading, it was hard to dl in the 1st place haishh.. chitty2 bang2 is ok, but dont u thk it took parts of mr.big gak. hmm still didnt listen to full album, i will soon! haha

  3. mr.big?? xpnh dgr loh..hahaa..dlu x lyn hyori sgt! hehehe..lagu2 yg len x bez sgt rr..macam same je all songs except swing lah..hahahaa...

  4. bang2 hahaha i love clown! hari uh amek gmbr ngan clown, kat party taska lol err sampai bangi aku tgk nnt :P

    awin miss her dancing? what song?

  5. hahaha..alia x takut clown ke??grrr..

    hahaha..no i mean..ske tgk die dance laa..power2!! x ksh laa lgu pe..u go girl sexy sgt la plak..hahaha

  6. lol i usd to love lee hyori songs, my faves are mr.big, u-go-girl & 10minutes. i thk swing is pretty different. but i need to listen to the whole thing! i've been layan-ing japanese jer haha


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