01 April 2010

[CLOSED] Jonghyun Juliette Contest

Hello my dear TheAbracadabras and TheAbracadabras silent readers. Let's join this our sisterhood DDOS's contest (tak pasal2 jadi sisterhood XD) Jom jom~ Since this is not our first time doing something crazy, let just continue our random craziness lol

- Send your video before 6th April 2010
- Can dance/just sing/dance and sing

***since not all of the readers have blogger acc, we decided to open this competition to DDOS fans(facebook) too. ^^
email us at : leemaera@live.com

We've changes the rules! you guys can sent AUDIO VIDEO too smile.gif The best video will be chosen as the WINNER! and WINNER will only be one (person/group). there are no second or third place. hope to have fun with this project. plus, if your lucky enough, and if the rumour about shinee is truely happening, we will send your recorded voice to shinee. have fun recording and remember to wish our birthday boy, Kim Jonghyun ^^

For more information, click below.

PS: Jonghyun you're so lucky! We even made card and videos for your birthday XD Hopefully you get all of them ^^


  1. Hhahaa.. alamak!! suara x sdp laa alia!! malu laa!!

    hahahaaa =p

  2. haha. i thk jonghyun nnti myampah tgk muke nii je haha. i've sung oetoriya to him, no need to embarrass me more lol.

    but for others if u have the voice, feel free to be cutely embarrassed to jonghyun! good luck! lol

  3. actually, I dont think we need to sing? we could just make parody... I guess lol!

    Awin jom pakai mask uh nyanyi juliette lol lol

  4. hahaaa...tgk laa nnti klo rajin..the 3rd keje gile eh alia?? hahahaa...

  5. rasenye... dah byk keje gila kte buat. makan bibimbap. bace kamus korea dan memekak di mph. karoeke xigt dunia. beli cd hindustan hahahahaha

    tp kalo official, yg nh masuk ke 3 hahaaha


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