08 April 2010

[CLOSED] Win T-ARA's First Absolute Album!

Che-cheom cheoreom, che-cheom cheoreoouum..

NINGIN is launching their #1 F'ing Giveaway and what a way to start off by giving out T-ARA's First Absolute Album! The album was part of the Repackaged Album: Breaking Heart released earlier this year. And you know how I love the songs in it especially, naa I love the WHOLE album. Another plus is that the album includes a photobook! Of course the way to win this is an easy one.

How to enter:

1. Fan Ningin on Facebook.
2. Share this post on Facebook. (use the share button on the top right)
3. Leave a comment on this post telling them what you want Ningin to give out next.
A prize winner will be determined by random drawing after the contest closes. Winners will be notified via the Ningin private message system (not Facebook). Meaning, I guess you have to register at Ningin as well, which would probably be the best thing, since Ningin gives out crap loads of K-Pop items all the time!
You better hurry your little bums! cuzz..
Start Date: Now
End date: April 12, 2010 11:59pm EST
Prize: One T-ara Absolute First album.

Ningin also has a weekly Twitter contest going on as well for those that like to win multiple things, this week is SNSD's Run Devil Run Album. And a weekly YesAsia giveaway and really bunch a of giveaways every week. Wow Ningin sure has a lot of money, or just a lot of promo-dough haha.
General Contest Rules
Here's the tracklist:

1 - One & One
2 - Like The First Time
3 - Bo Peep Bo Peep
4 - Tic Tic Toc
5 - Bye Bye
6 - Apple is A
7 - Falling U
8 - You You You
9 - Lies (Dance Ver.)
10 - T.T.L (Time to Love) [ft. Supernova]
11 - Lies (Ballad Ver.)
12 - T.T.L Listen.2 [ft. Supernova]
13 - Good Person
14 - Wanna Play

Now do you want the album?

cr: ningin.com


  1. haaa..lg 1, byk tol contest skang nih!! Tired lohh!!

    haha..Gudluck for those who are participated!! :)

  2. ningin best gle, igt nak wat site review tp xsempat2 nak explore lg XD


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