02 April 2010

Triple S Malaysia Jungmin's Birthday Project Gathering!

First of all, I wanna say sorry cause I haven't visit Triple S Malaysia blog for a very, longgg longg time (Feel so bad =.=!).... Though I am one of the register member there XD They have post this since last week, but I just readt it XD Anyway, they'll having another gathering for Jungmin's birthday party!
Date: 4th April 2010 (Sunday)
Venue: The Street Cafe, 28, SS15/8, Subang Jaya (http://www.thestreetcafe.com.my/)
Time: 1 pm onwards
Activities: Eat & Video Recording for Jung Min's birthday, extra messages collections and also contributions.
Charges: RM30 (for local Korean dishes, free flow Ice Lemon Tea & charges for the restaurant reservations)
For those who can't attend the gathering and wanted to be part in the video, you can mail your video message at tyra_sweetie@yahoo.com with title Video Message to Jung Min.

To those who wanted to come but still not email me your attendance yet, please do so latest by Tuesday (last Tuesday. Sorry my bad. But you can ask them if you wanna go. Try your luck~) cause they wanted to give the restaurant how many pax will come. Again, please email your attendance at tyra_sweetie@yahoo.com under title Jung Min's - Let's Party!!

For more infos visit Triple S Malaysia.

And guess what? They will give an extremely MINI round metal box that contains a ribbon roll full of messages to him! Is that all? Nah that's just the pre-birthday present. For the real birthday present, they'll going to give hime an iPad! If you wanna know their full Special Birthday Project, click HERE! Oh don't forget to donate for this project :) If you're not a member yet, sign up now! ^^

Triple S Malaysia, hwaiting!


  1. haha didn triple-s JUST make a gathering for gyujong's bday. eff, they're giving him an ipad?!?! byk gle duit triple-s! waaaaaaa im drooling...

  2. Fuyyoohh!! Kaye2!! Maju gler Triple S Mlysia!! hahahhaa..

    this Sunday aa??Owhh..Sorry Jungmin~ i'm not going this gathering..hahaa..

    Jebal meolli khajima~~~

  3. every bday they celebrate XD

    haha kaya kan lol act dorg un xde duet uh so donate2 XD


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