21 April 2010

Music Bank to be cancelled for the 4th straight week!

I miss them <3

What the?? Once again?? Omo Omo..I'm dying to watch Music Bank!! really miss Music Bank now..hrmm :(

It’s been almost an eternity since a new episode aired (March 26th was the last), but we are sad to inform you that Music Bank will still be canceled this week.

Music Bank’s Go Won Seok PD said on the 21st, “Because we were recently so busy preparing for a new program, we barely tweeted. This week’s music bank is canceled again. The lives of our writers are at stake. TT.”

This will be the fourth straight week that Music Bank has been canceled and the main reason for it was due to the upcoming state funeral memorial service for those sailors who lost their lives on the Cheonan. A decision will be taken later this week regarding other entertainment programs under KBS2TV.

M! Countdown will still proceed as usual on April 22nd.


So, 2PM’s first comeback stage will be on M!Countdown fo sho! aaa..I'm too lazy to watch M!Countdown at youtube..Oh ya..I still haven't watched Rain and Hyori's performed yet..hahaa =p

Music Bank come on!! I hope next week don't be cancelled again!!


  1. i just realize something.... mb xde sepanjang kita bekerja! HAHAHAHA mb mmg tggu kte la :P

  2. 2 rr pasal!! nk tggu alia wat kchart top 20!~ hahaaa...


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