11 April 2010

Humour Me!

Hello effpoosss!! (nama panggilan baru haha) I miss you a lot, nahh :P

It’s been ages since I update or give any marshmallow to you guys….. lol just 1 week but I still feel bad. Blame my new job, it start from 7am to 7pm! I practically worn out and sleep at 9PM-10PM everyday lol So the only time I can really surf and read this lovely blog is during the weekend. (Tukar shift dengan Azra haha)

So to make up to all of you, and me, I’m giving out prepaid topup! But first, humour me XD

Comel kan? Thanks nur ^^
Don’t worry, this is not under TheAbracadabras’ giveaway, this is under me personally, alia also known as flyfonix. So to my dearest TheAbracabadabras members, you too can join this! Lol (Told you I wanna make up with all of you :P)

Who can join?
- Anyone can join as long as you live in Malaysia. (Kakakku masuklah :P)
- You are maxis, digi or celcom user. (Prepaid, NOT line/bill!)
- Follow us publicly here OR twitter OR be a fan at our fb pages OR just join MYKPOP (So I’ll know how to contact you if you are the winner)
- Oh don’t put your name as anonymous (how the heck should I know who you are then XD) Preferably the same name as your blog/fb/twitter/mykpop’s username.

This week task :
Find funny KPOP video, any random video, new or old, and share with me! Reply the youtube link under this post.
Maximum : 3 videos

The video that make me laugh the most will win RM5 topup (well for the start :P)

Let me tell you a secret. I am a person who is easily to entertain and easily to get bored. So try your best to humour me XD Oh not necessary Suju’s video :P Although that will be a really big advantage to win HAHA

Okay, I’ll leave you guys again for 5 days with dorky Eunhyuk’s video. Enjoy and good luck!

Pfft How I miss EHB =.=!


  1. aigoo, rm5 je, motivate sikit la alia, rm 10 cukup haha. mmm yes! my days off are weekends! XD
    i'll look around haha. not much of a youtuber.

  2. hahha..sume org keje ke pe ni?? nmpknye kte sorang je free everyday rite?? hahaaa. tp mls nk update lak..

    alia,yg donghae tu kire ur signature ka?? kte nye da siap?? hahahaha...=p

  3. hahah..let me the 1st to participate!!


    enjoy alia!! gahahaa.. =D

  4. @azra- malas :P sbb nak bg korg2 je hahahhaa plus, maybe everyweek XD kalo ko mng sbln da rm 20 ha asal aku baek sgt nk belanje korg nh XD ye r korg xkeje :p baik x? baik x? haha not much of youtubers? fhm2, slow eh? XD

    @awin - haha awin the guidance of the blog <333 oh tuh signature laen la, lom siap kot. xtanye lg haha woh awin, nnt kte tgk video2 tuh... thanks! nmpk nye kamo la dpt mggu nih kot :P

  5. hhahaa...oh..ok2..hahaha!! oh yeah!! kedit da nk abes da ni :(

  6. haha mmg slow sbb tu la mlas lol. anyways i got ur 3 vids, dunno if ur sense of humor is the same as mine, myb xde kne mgne ngn kpop. but this week i want awin mng haha. yes! alia is the best! XD

  7. xde kena mengena ngan kpop? hurmm at least jpop? or a cover lol

    how kind of you nak bg awin mng XD naah, next week bukan carik video kot :P

  8. aigoo no point of me having those vids then huh? haha, yeah my vids xde kne mgne ngn kpop haha or jpop haha.


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