15 April 2010

Chung Lim-Face MV + 2nd Mini Album [Tracklist]

HOT gler!! haaa..XD

The dancer-singer, who made his debut just over a year ago with his first track Step..I know,when he first debuted, practically no one knew of him..so sad..but I like his dancing!Even though people like his husky voice and his adorable smile that comes along with his cute dimples, he still isn’t getting appreciated.huh..But,no worries guy,he’s coming back stronger than ever with his second mini-album-Show Up!I think after this he will be appreciated as a dancer-singer!

It looks like Chung Lim is going for a dark, masculine look with a touch of elegance (and guyliner..awww!). He’s really working the modern aristocratic look, don’t you think? I think he is so0 cool what..huhu..Let's watch his Face MV~


Ohh..He changed his face with guyliner! haha..and of course he Show Up his body!! even in C.L(Chung Lim) MV teaser to0..It's okay..as long as he has a great body!<3 hahaha..plus,I like his 2nd mini album!! Yey!! ChungLim Hwaiting~ :)

Show Up tracklist+MP3 DL :-

3.First Class
4.가슴이 버려야
5.TANG! (탕!)
6.FACE (Inst.)
7.가슴이 버려야(Inst.)

Show Up.rar

Read more for ChungLim photos and profile :-

Full name: 한청림 (Han Chung Lim)
Born: February 6, 1986
Occupation: Singer and actor and model
Physique: 184.0cm, 74.0kg
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Playing basketball, hip hop
Special Skills: Dancing and Hapkido
Motto: “Let’s do everything to the best of our abilities”
Religion: Catholic
Favorite color: White

SHOW UP concept photos!!~

The 4th picture looks like Chansung 2PM right?? hahaa..lol =p


  1. "as long as he has a great body!<3" awin you pervert! haha

    hahaha aah cam chansung lol

    eh ermm chunglim lagu ape eh dulu? lupe :P

    oh solo artist tag name dorg taw awin hehe

  2. hahaa..haah..tetibe jd pervert..xleh bla!! hahaa..

    alaa..lgu step!! yg kte slalu nynyi kt kelas dlu..korang x ske kot..hhuhu..

    ohh..dah2! :)

  3. ah!! my babyy u like playing bball?? u hav my parent's consent to marry me!! XD

    haha i rmr when he had that dance battle between aj on kbs. i was like chunglim win! but aj was i admit, was really good.

    please take off the guyliner baby ur eyes are already too strong XD lol

    i hope this is better than step, hwaiting!

  4. hahaha..azra..lol..

    Oh,yeah..with taegoon to0 rite..haaa..hahahaa..AJ..haihhh<3

    Hhahaa..more cuter lohh with guyliner..hah..

    I think this is better..huhu =D


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