05 April 2010

BEAST MTV Artist of the Month April!

Is it a shock? shock! Everybody's shocked shock!

So these guys were just not satisfied with being TheAbracadabras front cover in the month of March, ey...? Adding to B2uty's delight of the Contest there's another reason to shout out "So BEAST!" as B2ST is MTV Asian Takeaway's Artist of the Month April!

Can you believe it?? Rookies already hitting the jackpot on Asian seas? Following in the footsteps of their sunbae-noonas 4Minute, they were featured before even before 2NE1! Let me tell ya after the win at M!Countdown I guess I shouldn't be suprised that these boys are catching up to be one of the front-runners to the huge k-pop boyband race.

Having only debuted late last year in October 2009 they haven't even reached a year of success yet! What I CAN warn you is get ready for a Asian Takeaway BEAST Marathon @ 6pm. What day? I have no idea, but what kind of marathon would that be anyways? They've only released 2 MV's Bad Girl & though I would be so psyched for some SHOCK! (watch it here)

Congratulations to Leadja Doojoon, AJ Kikwang, Magnae Dongwoon, Comel Yoseob, Rapper Joonhyung, and SO-1 Hyunseung! (waa so this is his name)

B2ST is sharing the spotlight in April with Nusantara & S.H.E. Awin you must be so proud. =D

Past Winners
November '09 - Big Bang
December '09 - SS501
January - Super Junior & SNSD
February - 4Minute
March - 2PM



  1. hehhee..I already know this..bace kt forum mykpop kot??hahaha..

    aaa..byk kli missed asian takeaway april ni!! argghhh!! sob3 :(

    yahh..only 2 MVs..maybe including their performances..I hope there is Despite Holding On's performance!! waaaa!!

    azra,nnti klo beast kuar kt asian takeaway,msg tau!!

  2. um hehe sms dh expired yo.
    i thk they'll do it every day mcm 2pm the other month.

    haha smlm ade shock!! lol i was so happy lol

  3. Ceyh..terlepas lg smlm!! hahaha!! NO!!

  4. harituh ada shock gak hahaha eh ke kat channelv? lol beasttt!


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