13 April 2010

Jay Park singing Can't Take My Eyes Off Of YoU~

I miss you like crazy~

Hhaaha..patutnya ni tugas alia,tapi dia busy menjaga budak-budak plak skang ni..hahaa..xpe2,neway,xtau nk update ape skang ni..wat je laa post ni..huhu.. :)


Yeahh!! Another cover was uploaded by Jay Park!! Before he was singing Nothing On You..such a beautiful song..and now this cover..actually,I like this song..hahaa..Go Jae!!! Eventhough he looks so skinny now..but,I'm sure he's have a healthy life there..no matter what happen..I will still support you jay!! Hwaiting!! weeee~

Plus,He and Yoshi Wright did a collabo collaboration...Whoaa!!Jay is still strong..love to dance!! yupp!! It's very clear version..uploaded by Jae himself in his youtube channel jayparkaom.. I hope you all like it as much as I do..hahaha~


  1. haha bz menjage bdk xleh bla :P

    yes i miss jay too =.=

    nothing on you da jd one of my fav eng song (skrg asyik layan lagu eng je, kkk kte la nih -.-) kkk kte un layan lagu uh sbb bf die, tp kte asyik ckp, 'our song our song!' lol

    collabo? collaboration? you dont know that? =.=

    cant take my eyes of you~ used to be my fav song ^^

  2. hahaha..yeah..nothing on you such a sweet song..

    oh..yeke??collaboration ek?? dunno its short name!! aaa..malu2..edit blk..hahaha..

  3. Can't take my eyes off you is a hard song to sing correctly. Always loved that song :-)

  4. @singing lessons - yup, jay is awesome then haha I want to search this song for ultrastar then weee~


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