28 April 2010

FT Island's Flower Rock Teaser!

cute dog, but why is Jaejin standing so far away from it..?

As FT Island's major japanese debut is coming to a close I can almost taste the Flower Rock. Okay, that may not have sounded as sane as I wanted to but let's just say I'm super duper incredibly out of my mind excited after watching Flower Rock PV teaser!

I'm so happy the boys are churning out a more Rock sound than soft-rock ballad this time round. (I was jealous that only CN Blue got to do indie). But with the help of FTi's new major label Warner Music Japan, I hope they can kickstart the excitement back into Primadonnas and other fans that have been missing the boys so. *feels my sadness cloud disappearing*

Flower Rock PV teaser:

The full pv is set to drop on May 3rd! Ah! So close! I can't stop singing the teaser parts, even though its just 3 lines, I can safely guess the song is made up of english & japanese lyrics. The Full Single is to drop on May 19th. Oh, May is coming real fast isn't it? I don't even remember what I did in April at all, maybe because of all the canceled Music Banks..

The Tracklist:

1 - Flower Rock
2 - Revolution
3 - Wing
4 - Flower Rock (inst.)

Cool titles, reminds me of Janne Da Arc songs. FT Island is also penciled in for a ZEPP Tour in Japan (right after Rain's June Zepp tour) in July 2010 called:

FT Island Zepp Tour 2010~Hands UP !!! (sound familliar?)
-16 July 2010 Zepp Tokyo Opening 18:00 / Starts 19:00
-19 July 2010 Zepp Nagoya Opening 16:30 / Starts 17:30
-22 July 2010 Zepp Fukuoka Opening 18:00 / Starts 19:00
-24 July 2010 Zepp Osaka Opening 16:30 / Starts 17:30
-26 July 2010 Zepp Sendai Opening 18:00 / Starts 19:00

-14 August 2010 Zepp Hibuya Opening 18:30 / Starts 19:00

JP Pris also have special "Touch Event" Meetings at:
5/22 (Sat) -- Senri Selcy Plaza (Osaka)
5/23 (Sun) -- Tokyo Dome City LaQua Garden Stage (Tokyo)

(I wanna touch fti, i mean visit Primadonna Japan website or Malaysian Primadonna forum www.my-ftisland.forumotion.com for more deets)

Lucky, oh well maybe I can try to wait for FTi's korean comeback in Aug/Sept 2010. Hope you have the best of luck in Japan boys!

FYI - Minari wants to shut his Oricon blog ending this April, but he says to follow Seunghyun's new Oricon blog instead as a diary for FTi's activities. T^T I'm sad I can't hear Minhwan babble he has the cheekiest, smartest guy brain! LOL. Seunghyun's would probably be super weird, but he'd be a newbie since he's still new with nihongo..



  1. Wahh..sounds cool this song!! Rock yo!!=D

    "Just do it, Clap your hand!"

    Wohoo!! Waiting for the full MV 3rd May right?? haha..da lme x tgk fti ni.. :(

  2. I thought they shoulda cut their hair, tp rsnye theiyre going for a rock-ish edgier look? haha i dunno, as long as the musics good, i dont care a beep about concept lol. flower rock hwaiting! XD

  3. cute dog? err

    yeay jaejin is back! lol baby youve been missing long enuf =.=

    oh, can you gimme their unicorn blog?

  4. SEUNGHYUN! <3333

    cute dog? i prefer them shooting with great dane. or maybe not? bcs i think great dane will be taller than them? kekeke~

    hip new look~ FT ISLAND HWAITING :)

  5. i thk the bulldog fit in well with the concept, but a dalmations would be like high class concept with the same background lol.

    haha alia, dyu mean oricon? i guess only seunghyun is in control of fti's now. its easier to get into than cyworld. pyh doh cyworld.

    but i thk all fti has cyworld, haha u should read jaejin's they're really depressing, i wna smack him & ask him wats wrong with you boy?? lol


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