16 April 2010

New Female Band Vanilla Lucy + Vanilla Shake Album [Tracklist]

Annyeong!! I'm back doing Idols Introduction here!! hahaha.. =D

Blonde hair??Oh,vokalist~

New female band Vanilla Lucy is a very interesting band..Debuted this year with 1st single 'Flight Girls'.. They’re not a usual band who plays the drums, guitar or keyboard but instead they play the saxophone, violin and cello! XD.Cool!!Owh, terigt anime La Corda De Prima Passo (eh,tol ke tajuk die ni?) hahaha..Okayh..don't get any much informations about them..anyway,you can watch their MV here and download this song to0 :)


On 14th May, they made their debut on Music Bank! they debuted with French Love not with Flight Girls..This song is okayh too..the vokalist changed her hairstyle from blonde to black! The violin and cello are so exciting! I don't know whether they playing the instruments live or not..it seems like not live..hahaa..but still cool..Check it out their performance below :-


1-Intro (비갠뒤오후)
2-Lover Tonight
3-French Love (Korean Version)
4-비행(飛行) 소녀 (Flight Girls)
5-Lucid Dream
6-Listen To The Music
7-French Love (English Version)
8-Listen To The Music (Inst)
9-Sky In My Heart (Inst)
10-Outro (Romantist)

Vanilla Lucy - Vanilla Shake.rar

Ermm..what do you think guys?? I think I kindda like this album..haha..co0l what playing that instruments..Aha,the members are all yeppeoh!! hahaha...

Read more for the members profile!!


다해 (Da Hae)
Full name:
배다해 (Bae Da Hae)

Position: Vocal

소라 (Sora)
Full name:
정소라 (Jung Sora)

Position: Saxophone

지연 (Ji Yeon)

혜라 (Hye Ra)



  1. LA CORDA! hahaha miss that anime

    vanilla lucy? All the instruments are pretty cool! I lost track of new group haha bila debut? thanks for sharing!

    I have request: one way

  2. ermm..dunno when they are supposed to debut..maybe this month..not sure loh..nnti in may/jun de 2 groups nk debut lg! hahaha..
    k..ur welcme~

    One way?? hahaa..x pnh dgr un??kk..nnti wat~hehehe

  3. y not put their MV here?? btw i saw it & jiyeon the violinist is so beasty!! i was like wtf!! i used to play but NOWHERE near as good as her! hahaha. i have new gain respect XD

  4. kan dah ade da mv flight girl uh?? yg kat mb arituh lagu french love..baru nk ltk ni..haha..


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