05 April 2010

My Favorite Sport

if only Big Bang endorsed these, it would be as good as gold.

After waiting for about 9 hours for this topic to come out you can't exactly say that its healthy to stay in front of the computer for that long. I have to admit, sometimes I do it daily, with breaks of course I'm not crazy.

How ironic would it be that My Favorite Sport would be the ticket to my spazzness today? I should go outside when its not raining. Though my little brother defies human nature weather and goes out to play basketball anyways in the rain, in a drought, even in the snow if it would actually snow in Malaysia.

This is what we call gangsta basketball..

Yes! I live in a whole family commited to basketball, I guess you can call that my favorite sport. Its in my blood. My dad was the first Malaysian national basketball player, even with my uncoordinated self, I could easily heave a lay-up or box out someone if necessary. No it doesn't mean I'm gonna knock out someone. At the moment don't try to test me and make me do a slam dunk *not funny!* Dwayne Wade could make one easily, does everyone who live in Miami can reach the board? I mean even the itty bitty small ones? What do they put in the water there?

I've gotten bigger though sitting & blogging, I work out by dance. Well its not really fully appreciated kind of dance *coughkpopdancecough*. My most healthies (no skinny isn't the proper word) is 2 years ago when I was sixteen, oh the footsal days. It was when I ran my mind off without a single worry not even for the fact that I was with the only girl there. My point? You shouldn't sacrifice your favorite sport even when you're the only one playing, or for your gender. Because as my school takes it, the only sports available are for guys.... Are you kidding me? Hence the reason for why most school girls get bigger in Form 5 excluding the netballers..

Geez, random note, I always wanted to say that Adidas bottles up there are super cool. Even since those are for men, I like the women's version the smell awesome. A gift would be great. Really! I would appreciate a bottle of Adidas deodorant or Shampoo or Body Wash sooooo much!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


  1. WOWW!!! pjg glerr!! power gler ur father!! woww!!

    siap ade MV lg!! hahaa..

    hahahaa..hopefully sempat!! ^_^

  2. hahaha sempat promote fti XDD wow laju gak ko post XD noice

    wow ur dad... I never knew lol

    man, this topic makes me wanna do sports back :)

  3. haha thnx hopefully smepat. loads & loads of ppl this time. susa2 cari org LIKE on Facebook. but then ProjectAlpha just wrote they cant give out the rm50 pulak. wat the heck

  4. hahaa..2 rr..I un promote gk..ishhh..
    sengal gle!! geotjimal!!

  5. hahaha sgl, dorg xde duet la uh XD next week kot


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