01 April 2010

Secret- Magic MV + 1st Mini Album [Tracklist]

cr: tsent2008

Seriously guys,what do you think?? hahaha..wait2..aren't they singing mazic or magic??hahaha..well,Let’s just enjoy the song and not bash on their english pronunciations so much. They’re not the only korean artists that have mispronounced english words before so just chill guys~

Hehehe..as you can see,Secret is become more hoter and sexy!!But,this MV made me confused about the members..I know Zinger..but which one is Hyosung and Jieun??Seonhwa is with the blonde hair right? haha..alia,azra..help me!! huh~
The choreography??ermmm..not bad lahh..they are totally sexy!! (omo omo omo!) hahahaa...Other rookie girl groups that comeback this year are awesome!! Good job girls~

Secret will really have to step up because they are coming back in the same week as Rain and Lee Hyori but they must be feeling they have what it takes..
Instead... let’s just enjoy the song! :) I just love them yeah!!~

Ohh..here's the Secret Time 1st mini album download!!

SECRET Hwaiting!! ^_^


My Boy

Spot Light

알아서 잘해요

I Want You Back (Acoustic Ver.)

3년 6개월 (Acoustic Ver.)

Wanna know Secret's members and download the tracks of their old songs?? visit HERE =D


  1. ahahahha I LOVE THIS. lol sbb tuh kte suro kamo update XD

    seriously, tgk tgh pagi2 bute sorg2 teros cam... WOW, secret? is that you?

    haha leader hyo sung la yg blond tuh. hot gle kte suka die hahah die dance plg lawa (kot). I cant take my eyes away from her hahaha I just love every leader :P

    yg lead singer jieun uh yg cam sophisticate sket uh... yg mule2 nyanyi uh.

    sonhwa xkan xknal? yg pakai skirt uh, pas2 yg wat waves tuh hahahaha

    omo omo omo oh lol lol

    mazic mazic XDDD wtheck is that? wtheck is that? (reaction alia pkl 3am)

  2. Ohh..yeke..mmg fail laa secret! haha..zinger je knl..lol..

    ouhh..lawa laa yg rmbut blonde uh..leader eh tuh..ok2...

    seonhwa mke len gler..xdpt cam lak die dlm ni..da lah plg ske die..haha..duhh~ sorry seonhwa..

    Hhahahaa...td 1st time un cam..pe ni?? lyn je laa..phm2...hhahaaha

  3. but I love their dance and concept lol mcm 90an un ade gak tp cm hiphop cam ntah haha xtaw nak describe :P

    secret sng gilaa la nak bezakan! haha yg leader uh mmg comel, pnh masok sgb... rmbt blond die agak pelik hahah

  4. lol i was at first hyosung is a blonde now?? haha i thk its funny like nana's blonde hair.

    mm i didnt watch yet i will soon!

  5. Ohh.I WATCHED it again...hahaa..bru knl!!tp en mke sounhwa n hyosung cam sme je..argghh! kte plg ssh nk knl girl group than boy group!!hahaha

    My mazic(mazic mazic)!! hahahaa..xthn tol dgr~ tp tgk byk kli gk..hhehe...

  6. mygod mazic wtf is that? it almost made me puke this lunchtime. why did they have mazic as their title song? it sux.

    i like spotlight wayyyyyyyyyyy better. wat the heck. secret switch songs now!

    overall for the album. i thk Want You Back is the best track, & thats sad.

    i wanted to like secret. but i dont like ppl wit sucky songs, im mean yes lol

  7. hahaa..bese rr..korean..hahahaa!

    I lyn all the songs..

    Yupss..Want You Back is the best..!!

    Hhahaaa..azra2..but they are so pretty~ hahaa..les =p

  8. ah awin it is time for us to look past the pretty faces, even for guys. if they're songs are no good, then they dont deserve the reward of being appreciated in the kpop community.

    the kpop world has become so superficial, so artificial, nobody listens to the songs released 3 months ago anymore. wat is that?

    moral for secret: if ur company writes bad songs, write songs urself, it cant possibly be any worse. its a good thing to try once & again

  9. Hhahaaa..well azra,dont be too serious mahh..



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