14 April 2010

2PM-Without U Official Comeback Teaser~

Don't Stop Can't Stop loving 2PM~

Just yesterday, 2PM officially released their first teaser for their comeback. Along with their site which had a broken clock tower in a rainy set, their teaser revealed a piano melody on loop.

Just now, 2PM officially revealed their comeback picture! The picture reveals the boys walking in an alleyway looking modern yet chic. Whether the phrase Don’t Stop Can’t Stop is the title of the song or album is unknown, so we’ll have to wait and see.

JYP Entertainment stated, “Through their single, you will be able to see more mature look of 2PM and their music.”


Teaser with no one??amudo obseo??only a repetitive haunting piano melody!! grrr..the teaser sure isn’t giving away much of what the actual song will sound like..heh XD
I think this song will be great and awesome!! Well,JYP always created a great songs!! Ahh..can't wait for 2PM!! Wohooo..


Oh,this is the official release for their comeback track Without U (Oh,same like U-Kiss's song! Awesome fo sho!) . Just as the pictures and website page implied, the boys are returning with a dark and mature look and sound.


Stay tuned for their comeback on April 22nd!


  1. screw the teaser aaaaa 2PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA (mereng pg2 buta)

  2. hahahaha!! xpe..tggu MV die nnti..hahaha!

  3. haha the teaser is lol seriously, jyp it doesnt give us any help, stop teasing us lol

    I can imagine all of them rip their shirts in the pouring rain hahaha I sound like a perv kdfbjhrs

    Is that water, or blood or mud HAHAHAH


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