07 April 2010

[CLOSED] Who Wants to Date Kim Beom in Korea?

Is this a dream? It feels like I'm floating..

Okay..okay..hold your breaths...hold your breaths I said! In commencement of KBS World's 7th Anniversary, I'm here to deliver you the shock of a lifetime! What am I freaking about? Gosh I can't even hold it in I'm hyperventilating so bad.

KBS World will be airing a special TV show called World Date with Kim Beom. Yes it sounds exactly like it does! Super awesomely adorable hallyu star Kim Bum most known for his role of So Yi Jung in Boys Over Flowers will be amidst of 5 Lucky International Fans to be his DATE!

The DATES will be fans from ASIA and these guys get to go on an all expenses paid, 4 DAY 5 NIGHT, trip in April to spend time with Kim Beomie to Seoul & Jeju Island. What a whirlwind, to expensive places, dining and swimming and staring and looking at Kim Beom. I think I would pay someone to let me do that myself!
This program is set to air May 14th May 21st with 3 Episodes. Now wait for the best part... You can APPLY to be his DATES!! (before deadline April 12th, 6 Days left!)

Click Read more for further information..

I just died over this vid..

[How to APPLY]

-Fans will be chosen by 3 cable stations in 3 different countries:

Astro(Malaysia) (Why didn't Astro tell us this?? Apparentely MY.FM does, I don't listen to chinese music though!)
SingTel(Singapore) and Sky Cable(Philippine).

Please visit each cable stations’ websites to participate in the event.
Fans in other countries can also participate through KBS.

[Criteria for Selection]

Basic Points:
1. Female, over the age of 20 (Kim Bum's only 21 in korean years, he's looking for a noona?)
2. Asian citizenship (Not an ethnic Korean) and who can trip abroad without the parents’ consent.
3. Female who can communicate in English.
4. Female who loves Korea and Kim Beom.
5. Female who has a passport and has no disqualification to travel overseas.

Preferential Points:
1. Female who has special talents (eg. Fashion model, Dancer, Culinarian, Traditional artist, Instrument player, Martial Artist, etc.)
2. Female with high interests in Korean culture (Korean celebrities, dramas, music, etc.)

[For the final winners (5 people), KBS World will present]

-Date with Kim Beom (Arriving in Seoul on April 18th and leaving on April 23rd)
-Airfare, travelers insurance
-Fees for VISA, Airport Surcharge (Receipt must be submitted for the reimbursement)
- Accommodation, transportation and meal while staying in Korea

[What and where to submit]

Please submit the application form and 3 pictures through email

[Deadline for submission]

2010 April 12.

There will be constant updates on the event on KBS World TWITTER.
Follow us at -> www.twitter.com/kbsworldtv

[Please check the attachment to download the application form.]

World Date with Kim Beom_Application_web.doc


The final winners are:

Sasiwimon Buranabanyat (Thailand)
Nadira Hanum Binti Akbar Shah (Malaysia)
Ho Ruo Yun (Singapore)
Tran Thi Mong Thuong (Vietnam)
Bianca Gonzalez (Philippines)

* Winners are chosen by random selection(BokBulBok) picked by Kim Beom *
Kudos for everyone who entered!

cr:allkpop, kbsworld.com,


  1. Hhahaha...I'm < 20!! hrmmm..xde chance nk masuk..ishh.

    KIM BUM, u r soo cute!! Yeah...I will be your date in 2 years later!! hahaa =p

  2. ahaha.. is our kimbum prepares to get married??ahahaha.. love his hello everyone~~ sweettttt~~


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