04 April 2010

Good Morning Bob Ep 3 & 4 in Hong Kong!

Since I was too scared if you guys would get freaked out with episode 3, I put it as the last video here haha. I'm sorry I keep torturing you guys with these vids, but torturing is fun. =D

Director: Minhwan
Starring: Seunghyun
Special Guest: Jaejin!!
Language: of course Ko-nglish

Ok so in the end Jaejin un bwat keje bodo2 gak. See the magnaes aren't the only ones! lol.
To put things in a lighter mood, I give you Good Morning Bob Episode 4 (Part I & II) when the boys stop by Hong Kong! For their 2010 Asian Tour.

Yesss Seunghyun's in a sexy black beater aaaaahh! *dyingg*

Good Morning Bob Ep 4 (Part I):

Review: Omgeeee T^T Seunghyun those BETTER! not be your ciggies, I will track you down homie!! But the fact that he says "nonono" it BETTER be the PD-nim's, please be the PD nim's T^T lol. I can't stop staring at his waist its smaller than mine! like GooHara's. Haha Jaejin wtf ru doing in a closet?? These kids sure don't get more retarded than this. I hope they don't, I really do haha. Jaejin wtf you're awesome! haha.

Good Morning Bob Ep4 (Part II):

Review: This is a more cute version, but just when I was staring at Seunghyun being cute, he goes & becomes more psychotic lol. I don't understand how Minhwan can put up with this?? Wouldn't he just laugh his ass off? Or wouldn't he just go & hit Seunghyun or something??

I enjoyed this episode more than the first three. Well since you've watched the 4th ep I'm not scared about you guys thinking Seunghyun is a freak anymore so yes! You get to watch another dose at Episode 3 of Thailand! this time he uh sings lol. Enjoy hahaha..

Good Morning Bob Ep3:

No Review - i just don't know what to say~~.~~ I'm suprised he can still be cute to me..
Finally Minhwan laughs!!



  1. Ouhh..leh dah wat read more ni?? hahaa..

    part 1:
    hahaha!! seunghyun bpk cute!! so skinny lohh..MIRROR!! show his skinny muscle n no abs..lol..one more..
    - turn off the light- good night~ -turn on the light-good morning~..with his cute voice.hahaa..

    part 2:
    His screaming made me SHOCKED!! tgh tgk syp2 tbe2 jerit!! hahahaa..siyes lwk dia jerit!!like a girl's scream!! aaaaa!! hahaha..I can't stop laughing watching this pg2 bute ni....

    thankz azra..

  2. haha ur welcome. i was scared at the scream too! geram, mse aku boleh actualy tgk muke die btol2, mse tu la die jerit.. +.+

  3. hahhaa..2 rr psal..sengal je..still SHOCKED! XD

  4. good morning bob *with weird voice* hahahahha

    hey jin! >.< my baby~~~~~ hahaha the first tym I saw that glasses I thot, isnt that jaejin's? Cause he'll look good with that, and he wears it after that! mwahahha my baby XD

  5. jaejin's so funny i was laughing so hard when he came out, i dint kno it was him either then i was like how did u get there so fast?!?!


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