18 April 2010

U-Kiss Profile~

*Requested by Alia

Gamba ni plg smart!~

U-Kiss is a 7-member boyband. They debuted with their song 어리지 않아 (Not Young) in Japan at the The Power of Atamix 08 on August 15th, 2008. The group’s fan cafes attracted around 50,000 visitors just two days after they were established.

U-Kiss Stands For:

U- Ubiquitous
K- Korean
I- International (Idol)
S- Super
S- Star

The group targets not only Korea, but the entire Asian music industry. The group’s members come from America, Macau and China. Collectively, the members speak four different languages - English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean . The boys’ ages range from 15 to 21.U-Kiss is under NH Media, the same company which Yang Dong Geun and PARAN are under.

U-kiss released their first single, N-Generation, on the 3rd of September, 2008. The single includes the hit song 어리지 않아 (Not Young).Then,after the announcement of 7th member, Lee KiSeop, U-Kiss released their 3rd mini album 'Conti Ukiss' on November 5 2009. They performed Man Man Ha Ni for their cameback stage. In 2010, they finally released their 1st studio album 'Only One' on February 3 and started promotions on KBS's Music Bank with their lead single 'Bingeul Bingeul (Round and Round)'

Hhaha,many of you I guess already watched Man Man Ha Ni and Binguel Binguel MVs..Now,I want to share with you with Not Young MV here since it was their debuted song :)


In 2008,there was only 6-members without Kiseop..Yahh..I watched this MV for the 1st time at Alia's house last year..kamsahamnida~ hehee..This song is soo0 nice! haha..Dongho is still a kid..lol..cute!


In late February 2011, NH Media confirmed the withdrawal of two members of U-Kiss which is Alexander and Kim Kibum..NH Media made a mutual agreement to terminate Kibum exclusive contract recently..With Alexander’s case, he may be leaving U-KISS, but after a very long discussion, they decided that he will be remaining with the agency to fulfill his personal, overseas activities..

NH Media will be replacing Kim Kibum and Alexander with new members, believing that it will strengthen the group vocals and become more mature and developed team..U-Kiss will make their comeback next month, and they are currently working hard with the other members..

Aigoo~! I'm so sad knowing that Xander and Kibum left the group..waaaa~ We'll miss you guys a lot!! and can't wait for U-Kiss comeback next month!^^

Xander, Kibum :(

Read more for the members info + new members O_O

With Xander and Kibum..


[Former member]

Alexander Lee Eusebio

Stage Name: Alexander / Xander
 Birth date: July 29, 1988 (1988-07-29)
Blood Type: O
Height: 181cm
Weight: 63kg
 Family: Parents, Older Sister
 Talents: English, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Rap
 Facts: He can speak 7 different languages

Shin SooHyun

 Stage Name: SooHyun
 Birth date: March 11, 1989 (1989-03-11)
 Blood Type: A
 Height: 181cm
 Weight: 67kg
 Family: Parents, Older Sister & Younger Sister
 Talents: R&B, Dance, Piano, Soccer, Singing

[Former member]

Kim KiBum

Stage Name: KiBum
 Birth date: December 29, 1990 (1990-12-29)
 Blood Type: O
 Height: 180cm
Weight: 53kg
 Family: Parents, Older Brother
 Talents: Composing Music, Poppin’ Dance, Japanese, Piano, Singing
 Facts: He is the younger brother of SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun, he’s a former member of Xing.

Ki Seop (기섭)

 Real Name: Lee Ki/Gi Seop 이기섭
 Birth date: January 17, 1991 (1991-01-17)
 Height - 180cm 
 Weight - 60kg
 Family: Parents, Elder Sister
 Specialties: Tae Kwon Do, Dance, Acting, Piano
 Facts: He is the rookie member of U-KISS

Kim KyongJae

 Stage Name: Eli
 Birth date: March 13, 1991 (1991-03-13)
 Blood Type: O
 Height: 180cm
 Weight: 60kg
Family: Parents, Older Sister, Younger Sister
 Talents: Taekwondo, Kung Fu, English, Chinese, Rap
 Facts: He lived in Washington DC so he’s very fluent in English, he moved to Beijing to study so he also can communicate in Mandarin.

Woo SungHyun

 Stage Name: Kevin
 Birth date: November 25, 1991 (1991-11-25)
 Blood Type: O
 Height: 178cm
 Weight: 50kg
 Family: Parents, Older Sister
 Talents: Poppin’ Dance, Guitar, Piano, English, Singing
 Facts: He lived in California so he’s also fluent in English. Along with KiBum, he is also a former member of Xing.

Shin DongHo

 Stage Name: DongHo
 Birth date: June 29, 1994 (1994-06-29)
Blood Type: B
 Height: 175cm
 Weight: 65kg
 Family: Parents, Older Brother
 Talents: Golf, Drums, Chinese, Soccer
 Facts: He studied in Beijing so he could communicate in Mandarin. He is the Magnae (youngest) of the group. For his age, he has a very deep voice.


Yeo Hoon Min "Hoon"

Birthdate: 16th August, 1991 in the Gyeonggi Province
Weight: 65kg
Height: 180cm
Skills: taekwondo, snowboarding, wakeboarding, basketball, singing
Education: Went to Pyeongnae High School, now theater major at Dong Guk University
Pure & Love (EP) - 2009.09.09
Beginning (Digital Single) - 2010.05.07

And follow is new member #2. AJ from Ex-boy group Paran. Paran was another NH Media's boy band, in a way, they are U-KISS' sunbaenim. AJ was known for his talents in rap and piano playing skills. He also have studied in the US, and can manage speaking in English.

Kim Jae Suhp

Stage Name: A.J.
Birthday: 1991. 06. 04
Height: 180 cm; Weight: 58 kg
School: Korea Kent Foreign School
Hobbies: Street Basketball
Talent: Rap
Debut Album: Paran 1st

[Latest group photos]

from L to R : Dongho, AJ, Soohyun
(bottom) L to R : Kiseop, Hoon, Kevin, Eli


  1. i've never heard UKISS songs =.="
    lucky fo me,haha,,if not have to spend another $$ fo tix
    WHo's going to meet em?send my <3 to em XD

  2. haha yea cool! u kno awin after ur done doing unknown bands, u should do known bands sbb nobody knows their ages lol.

    one last request! Gil Hak Mi! I'm LOOOVING her songs right noww

  3. Ubiquitous Korean International (Idol)Super Star? HAHAHHA wtheck, I never knew that! Super Star? LOL macam super star 501 XDD

    waaa byknye gmbr ukiss 7 org~ COMELLLL! xpernah search gmbr dorg hahaha kejam

    yeah awin thanks! kena ulangkaji nih... kang smpi sane blur hahahaha

    I never knew xander is the oldest? thats weird haha eli is sooo young!!! lol (not young? yeah right :P)

    not young is funny when I watch it again hahahhaha

  4. i cant bear watching not young anymore, dongho is so weird in there lol

  5. @momoe:
    We already bought the tix but still not sure nk gi ke x..coz busy with matrik or uni..huh..arghh~

    Hhahaa..yeah..better do known bands en..Gil Hak Mi?? solo?? ahh..ok..will do it after alia's request..haha,dongho rmbut pjg weird.. =p

    Ubiquitous whats that mean ah alia?? hahaa..2 rr,cam SS501 plak..huh,kte un!nk wat ni,bru cari gmba dorang..hahaa...tau x pe!! x sgke gler eli 1991..

    yeah!!haha.. not young is like group lme2 dlu menari..hahaa

  6. yeah..ukiss!i've been watching ukiss vampire recently and well,ukiss,you've got a new fan rite here.haha..have been playing manmanhani and bingeul2 over n over again.
    too bad i cant go to the fan meeting here in mlysia.argh!

  7. @kimchi: why not? i thk the tix are still available lol. plus the fanmeet is ages away lol

  8. they are so cool!!
    they are more handsome than I thought.
    really? Dong Ho is the youngest in their group!
    he is so cute.!

  9. the song that I like most is the Talk To Me and Bingeul Bingeul.
    in U Kiss the vampire, they're all like crazy specially Dong Ho and Alexander!

  10. yeaaaaaaaaaaaah ! kevin has the same birthdate as mine ! xDD


  11. hmm what ever moe moe just birthdate not your boyfriend and KEVIN is mine

  12. haha these guys are even prettier LIVE XD

  13. kamsahamnida..u-kiss for coming here in the philippines last july 13,2010...im happy and we are happy that we see in television....saranhaeyo..once again kamsahamnida..

  14. U-kiss members r sooooo cute...even though im not tht familar with their music..from wat ive seen there pretty good....they've got fans all over the world look at me Im spanish liv in US...nd love u them..;)))

  15. I like Dong Ho! .. his so cute! .. his cool! .. his handsome! .. he knows how to speak in mandarin .. i know how to speak in mandarin too .. but it's just a little bit .. and his talented ...
    I love U-KISS !!! .. the words can't explain how much I Love You!!!...

  16. i love ukiss.
    they aree all cutee.
    i like kevin the most though


  17. how many members are they exactly? in the profile there are 7 people but in the video there are just 6 people. o.O

  18. so many people love u-kiss ^^ so happy~

    @caniv - well, when they first debut, they have only 6 member. the video is when they first debut. but they added one more member, kiseop after that. try look mamanhani and binguel binguel mv, they have 7 XD

  19. "Anonymous said...

    spe dy pnyer leader????"

    UKISS xde leader~! =]

  20. Really?? They look like little girls! They're wearing makeup! They seem more high maintenance than an average girl! I just don't understand the appeal.

  21. wow i really love them... and all this time i though that Eli's and Kevin:s were their real names.. well i kinda new those named were way too easy for Korean guys... and almost all of them have sisters... wow!!!!


  22. i dont' like a new member...
    i mizz elexender and kibum...
    why you reject them..?
    hate you

  23. ..we want alexander and ki bum to be in ukiss again!!! they are much deserving to be a ukiss member than the new members :(

  24. ..alexander and ki bum were sooooooooooo cute and talented...why did NH media pull them out...aigoo..what a foolish decision :( but i must admit,aj is cute and hoon has nice voice...i will try to like them :)

  25. I love all 9 of them! U-KISS New album is addictive as well! They all have talents~~ I will support all 9! ^^

  26. i want xander and kibum back in the group.please guys come back.saranghae oppa.

  27. kevin is super cute <3
    he is more higher than dongho (yeah , just 3cm)
    and he is 50 kg !! wow !!

  28. kyaaa.. i love kiseop..he is so cute!!

  29. OMG...in neverland mv,hoon look like soohyoon..

  30. i want xander and kibum back in the group. Miss them everytime...

  31. Dont know why i cannot accept new member.
    Because I still love and Miss Alexander and Kibum forever...need you to come back!!! dear.

  32. kevin missed so much his fellow member in xing, ki bum. maybe because ki bum is his closest in ukiss.

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  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. U-KISS ROCKS my world hahaha i love u-kiss very much even their new members aj and hoon :)

  36. ukiss is daebak XD AJ fightinggg :D

  37. U-Kiss ur the best^^saranghae


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