14 April 2010

B2ST/BEAST-Take Care Of My Girlfriend (Say No) MV!!~


Hhahaa..I'm melting right now..Finally,I've been waiting for this for a long time..Yeah!!Beast at last released their 2nd new MV-Say No from Shock Of The New Era Album!!I like the song..alia to0..huhu..Yuppz!this is their 3rd MV after Bad Girl and Shock..hahaha..Excited =D Kaja!!


Omo Omo..!!aaaaa...Love Beast!! Their MV is just okay to me..but I still love them!!The song has a beautiful melody..touching beb~ wahh, KiKwang dye his hair back, BLACK!!Very Handsome <3 to me...I like his new hair to0..hehe..Doojoon is sitting on the shock's chair right??hahaa..plus there even have the wires thing..hahaha..it's okay..

HyunSeung and JunHyung are HOT!!Yoseub the best singer has a nice vocal..and Cute!! Dongwoon has one part only aa?? sad :( More Dongwoon please~ hahahaa..then..errmmm..errmmm..*speechless* Oh,need MV that have storyline..soon..ya Beast??hhuhuh..

p/s:Excited gle pg2 bute ni..xtdo dibuatnye..Beast nye pasal..hahaha..lorh~


  1. waaaaaa ade mv!!!! yup2, i like, no i mean, i love this song!! <3 hahahahhaa

    xde storyline ke? alaaa (lom tgk lg) xpe, still leh usha muka beast :P

  2. hahaha..xde storyline un..cam bese2 je mv die..tp lagu die sdp rr en..hahahaa..so Beast!!~

  3. awin! THIS IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! not just okay, but I think its cool hahahahah tho some part seems unreal to me lol

    popping dragon looks so much like gd here haha

    doojon is hot. ehem nononono dongwoon too! lol I just love people start with D :P

  4. hahaha..Yeah,I think is cool though..everyone is hot lah..

    eh3..jgn nk cilok my dongwoon!! dah handsome ok skang dia..hahaa =p


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