26 April 2010

T-Max Profile!

Almost Paradise!!~

T-MAX is made from ‘Triple, Trinity’ and such which contains 3 meaning in the word’s first alphabet T. And will present the energy and talent till MAX form phrase ’3 perfect group and their dominance ‘ that’s forms the team.

To be able to present R&B, Rock’s charming singing by Shin Min Chul, possessing the special neutral vocal from Park Yun Hwa and have Kim Jun’s outstanding deep voice rapping. These three have made up the T-MAX group. It was borned and achieved after they have been trained for almost 3 years.They have often been called the “Korean w-inds”. (comparing them to the Japanese pop group w-inds.), due to their trio nature and musical style, which many note, has a certain Japanese flavour.

To date they have released 5 singles, and have contributed to the Boys Over Flowers and God of Study OSTs. Singles include: Blooming (July 2007), Lion Heart (November 2007), Run to You (December 2008), Single Collection (July 2009), Love Parade (September 2009).

T-max is currently working on their first full-length album, in which they are planning to release some time in 2010.Woww!!Can't wait for T-Max's comeback~ I really love T-Max's songs especially OSTs..and also Kim Jun's solo-Jun Be Ok..Hehe :)

T-Max welcomes two new members, Park Hanbi and Joo ChanYang!! Park Yunhwa is left for military service and decided to quit from T-Max..too sad..I didn't have the chance to know him better..huh..Well, according to the news, Park Hanbi is very talented and has a powerful vocal!! Joo ChanYang is known to have great vocal skills but because of his appearance, he was not successful during auditions. With that, a few months ahead his singer debut, he has undergone training and lost 15kg, transforming into a chic image.Awww!!

View post about their 1st full-length album titled Born To The Max in 2010 HERE okayh..Enjoy ^_^

Here's the Blooming MV released in 2007:-


Haaaa..The song is beautiful!! Love it~ Yunhwa has a cute voice!!Haa..I'm gonna miss his voice :(
Minchul with his great vocal!! Kim Jun ahh.. looking HOT here!! I really like him in BOF..go F4!!<3

[Photos] with Park Yunhwa


Shin Min Chul [신민철]
Date of birth: February 5, 1980
Height/weight: 178 cm / 63 kg
Bloodtype: O
School: Otorohanga College, New Zealand
Hobby: Taking weird pictures, Watching movies
Specialty: Making accessories, Reforming clothes, Surfing

Kim Joon/Kim Hyung Joon [김형준]
Date of birth: February 3, 1984
Height/weight: 183 cm / 65 kg
Bloodtype: O
School: Hangook University for foreigners, chemistry major
Hobby: Playing on-line games, basketball
Specialty: Snowboarding
History: +appearance on M.Net KKot Mi Nam Teuk Gong Dae [꽃미남 특공대] +appearance on MBC [PD수첩] +Co-starring as F4′s Song Woo Bin(송우빈) in 꽃보다 남자(Boys Over Flower), the korean version of Hana Yori Dango.

[New Member]
Park Han Bi (박한비)

-3 June 1990
-2nd year college student studying theater and video at MyeongJi Specialty School.
-Park HanBi has been training to be a singer for 3 years at a entertainment company and he recently passed the audition to be part of T-Max.

[New Member]
Joo Chan Yang

The reason why the loss of 15kg for Joo ChanYang has gained much interests is due to ‘Superstar K’ winner Seo InKook. Seo InKook was recently known to have also lost 15kg for his new album. And Joo ChanYang and Seo Inkook were both strong opponents during ‘SuperStar K’.

Joo ChanYang is known to have great capabilities after training for about 7 years since he was in middle school 3rd year. He has also participated in the chorus recording for hits by idols like 2PM, 2AM and TaeGoon.

This is how he looked like back then...

[Former Member]
Park Yoon Hwa [박윤화]
Date of birth: January 31, 1985
Height/weight: 175 cm / 52 kg
Bloodtype: AB
School: Suwon University of Science
Hobby: Playing computer games, collecting accessories
Specialty: Computer programming, graphic design
History:Park Yunhwa was known for participating in “Battle Shinhwa”, a show that centered around popular idol band Shinhwa searching and selecting members to create a new boyband.
Recently, Yunhwa was featured in “Mak Ban Shi” or “Maknae Rebellion” a show designed to bring popular idol group maknaes (ie. youngest member) out in the light.

-Random Facts-

+was an uhljjang.
+is always hungry.
+eats every 2 hours.
+is always tired.

+is different.
+loves to be on camera.
+talks a lot.
+has a unique fashion sense.
+has a finger puppet monkey named everererererere. (eh-ve-reh-reh-reh.....)
+first started leaving comments to t-max fans' posts at the fan cafe.
+likes to leave comments on other members' journal entries, often threatening them and revealing secrets.

+is surprisingly quiet off-camera.
+bit shin yuhsa's everererererere.
+is at times even more.. different than minchul.
+can be found leaving weird comments to his fans' posts.

Park Yunhwa leaving T-Max's article.(Finally,I found the article,azra!!)

Park Yoon-hwa of the group T-MAX personally left a message on the group's official fan cafe site yesterday afternoon, April 5th. After first debuting in 2007 with the single "Blooming", Park has announced his departure from the group that has released hit songs such as "I Love You" ("널 사랑해''), "Why'd You Do That?" ("왜 그랬어"), and "Paradise".

On his posting, Park wrote, "I won't be able to take part in T-MAX's albums. It's not so much of a personal issue...Rather, as you all know, I simply have to answer to the call of my country. I have some personal things I need to attend to which has forced me to say good-bye a bit earlier than expected."

He added, "I'm sorry that I'm leaving despite having worked so hard to prepare for this and before showing you all that I feel I'm capable of. I put a lot of thought into this decision so I ask for your understanding. Although I will not longer be a part of the group, I do ask for your love and support for them. I do hope to return and surprise everyone as a better artist onstage one day. Thank you so much for all of your love and support!"

A T-MAX representative said that due to Park having to serve his mandatory military call, he decided that leaving the group was the best decision for both sides. T-MAX plans on recruiting an additional member to the remaining trio (Kim Joon, Shin Min-chul, and Park Han-bi) to continue their activities. Their newest album is slated for release this May.


As of January 4th, 2012,

It has been reported by T-MAX and their company Planet 905 Company, that T-Max will disband as a group to pursue individual careers. Shin Minchul and Joo Chanyang will carry on the path as singers, whereas Kim Joon, Park Hanbi, and Yunhwa will pursue acting careers.

CEO Yoon Jung Soo expressed, “They’re a group like real brothers to me and I truly did all I could for them so I wanted to take in whatever decision they chose. I told them that they could return as T-Max whenever they wanted to.”

Awh, its so sad when another well-known groups disbands, but fans will always be there to support these talented individuals. We hope that each member will find their niche in the industry and prosper! Good luck guys!

Cred:tmaxlove.wordpress, last.fm, omonatheydidnt@livejournal, KBS World, hypnoticasia.com


  1. you should add his new member Park HanBi..
    add some facts that YunHwa is currently going for military service...

  2. Awin you know that park yunhwa quit tmax rite? since he left for his millitary service, he decided to quit t-max all together. so sad.. i was just getting to know him from makbanshi..

  3. Ohh yeahh?? omo..I dunno!! hahaa..thanks for the informations xXrucciXx and Azra!!..hahaha..ok..i'll edit it :)

  4. i read about yunhwa leaving at kbs site, but i dno how to find that article again lol.

  5. haha..2 rr..i pun x jmpe article uh..haha..xpe ah..

  6. so sad right? poor yunhwa, funny how all the girls voted him to have 5 stars as the best dancer, whn his group isnt for dancing at all lol. im gonna miss him, i thot he had some pretty good vocals. good luck in the military dude!

  7. i was just getting to know him in mmshi too! waaaa wow may? hwbdsbcjkk nice

  8. come to join with us in http://cafe.naver.com/tmax/19767
    [출처] How to join on "Go T-MAX" (Go! T-MAX) |작성자 뜨악

  9. @anon - hmm I don't think he's back yet, there hasn't been any reports that he has returned.


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