04 April 2010

Official Announcement about Tohoshinki's Activities Suspension

So, today we received the official announcement from AVEX that Tohoshinki or known as Dong Bang Shin Gi in Korea will have their activities suspended or in my words, HIATUS as a group.

 I know some of Cassies or Cassiopeias, BigEast will be dissappointed and totally UNHAPPY. BUT WAIT!! They will start their solo activities under AVEX's suppport (of course SME already didn't care about them). Again, not only one member being supported to continue the solo activities but ALL. So, we should be thankful with this news instead expecting to hear DBSK disbandment in a bad way. =) (yeah.. i'm really positive to hear this kind of stuff and please believe me I'm a true fan of them.)

Here's the news taken from K Bites regarding the offficial suspension of Tohoshinki's activities as a group. credit: K Bites + sharingyoochun

here is the translation.
About “Tohoshinki”There is information about our companies artist “Tohoshinki”.
- They will stop/pause their activities as “Tohoshinki”
As “Tohoshinki” they will pause their activities but for young people with a future and who has talents, we will support each of the 5 members activities.
From on now please watch “Junsu” “Yoochun” “Jaejoong” “Changmin” “Yunho” and take care of them.
Avex Management
 so, starting today.. the last song that Tohoshinki released a group would be Toki Wo Tomete, I think. Starting now, Always Keep The Faith and follow their updates as Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin. I'm sure eventhough they will be walk forward to their dream as solo, they will stay together as group in their heart just like G.O.D and H.O.T. =) So, Keep the Faith!!

P/s: end of my holiday trip.. i hear this and i accept this as a good news.


  1. AAAA..I will support them no matter what happen ya..kim junsu!! hwaiting!!

    yeah!! keep the faith!!

    p/s:lme nye chibi gi beijing??hahaha...

  2. lol waaat aww dt sux i wanted them to hav a comeback in korea for sooo long. mirotic was like 2 yrs ago or sumthing lol. oh well sure i'll always support, they'r like a korean bsb. i luv me sum bsb haha. junsu jaejoong hwaiting!

  3. @awin-
    kte gi beijing 28..and ble balik tgk concert schedule, JUNHO & JUNSU WERE THERE IN BEJING FOR JUNHO'S DEBUT?? I WAS LIKE EHHHHHHHHH???? serious diorunk ader kat c-tu tyme kte ader kat beijing??puhuhuhu..

    ahaha.. idc about the comeback in korea since it will never happen once you and sment got clashed in understanding the contract and stuff..what i miss the bsb-ish concept.. ACAPELLA. I miss ACAPELLA.. they like the best ACAPELLA GROUP i've listen for Korean singers.. Miss miss them!!>__<

  4. haha..haah ek..junsu de kt beijing laa skang!!lol..x terserempak ke ngan twin uh??ishh3...

    Wahahaa..miss dbsk's acapella to0...s0b3 ;(

  5. muahahaha.. camne nak terserempak.. airport kat situ bkn satu.. tp 4 kot.. kter arrive on one those airport...

    dah x der jodoh la awin.. tp still ad jodoh kot.. tyme gi korea tuh pown dbsk fly balik gi korea from japan.. and now.. junsu was there in beijing when i was arrived there too..maybe fated ngan junsu kot??XD

  6. hahaa...no!! maybe kmu de jodoh ngan dbsk..tp xde jodoh ngan junsu!! wahahaa..jaejoong is yours..mine is junsu <3
    LOL XD

    ok..lyn 8tvnitelive! chow~

  7. lol... kalo jodoh ngan dbsk, for sure sumer kene ader.. but JUNSU jer ader for both occurence..anyway, dier still x der so...pa per la...

    ahahhaa.. mine are karam and jaejoong!! thank you for reserving that to me...

    gi la layan 8tv uh..nak gi mkn jap`~

  8. yeah..amek laa jae n karam/garam tuh..hahaa..I dont care..JUNSU je xleh..hehee..

    fo sho!!!~ ;)

  9. lol da macam kes jaebum but nih semua hahahaha lol shinhwa is the best XD


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