01 April 2010

[CLOSED] MTV World Stage VMAJ 2010

heeheehee so happy eh?

Yall get ready for MTV World Stage VMAJ (Video Music Awards Japan) 2010! I know most of you haven't kept up with the japanese scene lately since kpop has been such a blaze! But well here I am again to talk about kpop in the jpop scene, how evil of me lol.

Looks like this year Includes our very own BIG BANG & TVXQ boys! Or should I say Tohoshinki? The Award show slotted in on May 29th @ 6PM on MTV Japan. Don't ask me how to get there, I've never been to Japan.. haha.

Our boys are nominated for 4 Catagories! (if I haven't forgotten one)
  • Best Group Video: Tohoshinki "Share the World"
  • Best New Artist Video: Big Bang "ガラガラ Go!! (Gara Gara Go!!)"
  • Best Pop Video: Big Bang "声をきかせて (Koe wo Kikasete, Let Me Hear Your Voice)"
  • Best Collaboration Video: Winds ft. G-Dragon of Big Bang "Rain is Fallin' "
I wonder why Taeyang & Thelma Aoyama's "Fall in Love" wasn't nominated, it was huge wasn't it, is it still considered new?

Anyways, you know what the best part is? You can still vote for who wins the awards! You can VOTE ONCE A DAY. Okay so I did vote for Namie Amuro for about half of the catagories, but that's cuz I love her! Minhwan does too xP.

visit: www.mtvjapan.com/vmaj

Yes I know the site is in Nihongo, so I'll teach you!

But, if you have Google translator, it works best on Internet Explorer.

How to VOTE?:

1. Ok we can start here: http://www.mtvjapan.com/vmaj/vote/index.html

2. Check the boxes on all of the Catagories you would like to vote for.

3. Click "VOTE NOW". You can't possibly miss it.

4. For each Catagory, click the artist you want to vote for.
(Read carefully the artist's name & song, if you're confused on the japanese, look at the picture! Shame on you if you don't know what TVXQ or BIGBANG look like..)

5. Then click "NEXT" on the bottom right of the box. And just keep at it!

6. Click the big "OK" button when you're done.

7. Members click the button on Left, Non-members click Right.

- Email Address
- Last Name
- First Name
- Company's Last Name
- Company Name
- Gender: Male, Female
- Postal Code (ex. Tokyo's 100-8994)
- State
- City
- Address
- Telephone (include hyphen -)
- Birthdate: Year/Month/Date
- Occupation
- MTV viewer

8. After you register, hit the big button at the bottom. It checks your deets. Then hit the big button at the bottom again!

If my tutorial is a fail, feel free to smack me haha. I mean ask me lol.

Have fun! Vote everyday for these guys till May 6th!



  1. share the world? gara gara go? lagu2 tuh bkn da lame ke? hahaa

    ok i'll vote for them... someday XD

  2. Aaihhh..mls nk vote jepun nye..if kpop awards..confirm i'll vote for them!!

    haha..tp tgk rr dlu..klo tgh boring,i'll vote for thsk n big bang ye azra!!

    Thanks for sharing~heeee...

  3. haha bukan sme ke klaw japan & korea, ni la psal aku xleh bwat pape jepun kt sini, sbb korg x amik kesah un. lol

    plus ni bukn kira kpop ke? haha. big bang my no.3 band!! hwaiting!!

  4. HHHAHAa...xpe2..visitors amek kesah jpop..wat je jpop..kitorang akn lyn...hehehe...

    artis kpop lahh..tvxq my top 5!! hahahaa..junsu ahh..oink2 ;)

  5. ehhehe aku xamik kesa sgt jpop, jrock je hahaha. otay i'll start making japanese posts soon. we should make it so 10 posts appear on the site instead of 8 only yeah

  6. haha..orite2..I think I'll do Kat-tun profiles or arashi..soon..hhahaaa..

  7. jer?? xpe ade byk aku request for japanese lol smpai pening awin nnti lol


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