18 April 2010

1st Teaser & Video - U-Kiss in Malaysia

I just share this at our fb page and twitter, but my two fellow effpoos went crazy when I don’t blog about it here XD haha mian, I think I lost my sense of writing (As if I ever have one lol)

So, after the news that U-KISS is coming to Malaysia, Geneses Dream Entertainment has finally give us the teaser! and then the video! :)

The intro they are saying "Apa khabar Malaysia!"..Then, flying kiss to me, *faint*!hahaa..Oh,well,their english is awesome as usual lah..They looks so hyper esp Xander since this is U-Kiss's 1st meet in Malaysia!! Gee,can't wait to see them!! =D..At the end.."Terima kasih!"

Watch it here if you haven't watch the teaser yet.
You can watch it over and over again for 100 times just to hear seven of them saying our beloved country name, Malaysia. Well that’s what I do anyway :P Xander Maloysaya is awesome! lmao

The only k-pop artist that I heard em saying Malaysia other than U-Kiss is… Eeteuk? And other suju member which I totally forgot XD

Oh Did you guys know that yesterday Xander tweet about coming to Malaysia too? He said, “To all our foreign fans! It seems like U-KISS would be going to the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong for concert, showcase, etc~” I went head over heels last night. Check this out.

Credit to MY-KISSU (Malaysian Ukiss Fan Site). Cause I'm too lazy to take screen cap XD

Final teaser will come out next week, so wait for it ^^

Anyway, thanks to m[a]x from SWM for sharing at the cbox about the teaser XD

Have you buy the ticket? We did! But we don't know we can make it or not HAHAHA lol


  1. aaaaa!! Malaysia~!! Soohyun!!!I wanna see them,Binggul binggul!!

    Seriuosly,kitorang wat kerja gle bli the tickets then x sure leh gi ke x..hahhaa..sabo je lah~
    maybe terlalu excited time tuh..hahhaaha!


  2. hahha btol! xsure un diorg dtg ke x main beli je lol.

    i wanna see my new interest Kevin, of course gorgeous Kiseop! (did u kno they are '91-ers! i didnt! plus eli lol) i wana see dongho too! XD

  3. 91??? seriously?? OMG ukiss is like the only kpop group that I dont know their age HAHAHAH I tried to search when they first debut with not young song but I couldnt find any. AWIN! UKISS profile request hahahahaha

  4. hhahaa..I thot U all already know Ukiss profiles..heh..ok2 alia..2morrow2~ hahaaa..

  5. i know their name, face, blood type hahahaha xtaw umo la... name un, mule2 kte knal kibum, alexander, kevin ngan dongho je... pas2 lg 3 kte kenal same2 tym tgk mv mamanhani hahaha

  6. yeah manmanhani is when everyone got hooked. haha at first i thot ukiss guys were OLD, but only soohyun & xander are gd's age. i can marry kiseop & kevin now cuz theyre jaejin's age! XD

  7. I thot kibum was the oldest! cause he's the leader... so i thot everyone younger than hyungjun ss501 ahahahaha

  8. hahaa..yeah..manmanhani mle start knl ukiss! Oh,I believed bulat2 what alia told me last year thot everyone younger than hyungjun..haha..xleh bla..

  9. hahhaa i cant believe they spoke malay! lol. i died when kiseop said terima kasih! haha. & kevin whyy ru so adorable?? i luv ur hair too much


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