24 April 2010

Gil Hak Mi Profile + Super Soul Album [Tracklist]

*Requested by Azra

Name: Gil Hak Mi (길학미)
Born: 1989
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Blood type: A

Oh,her D.O.B I can't found..mianhae~ Only the year she was born :)

By the way,길학미 (Gil Hak Mi) was the second runner-up of Superstar K, a Korean talent show much like American Idol. Right off the bat, she was compared to one of today’s fiercest ladies in the K-pop realm, CL of 2NE1, for having a similar stage presence, not to mention her notable rapping skills (muka pon cam nak sme je,maybe her eyes =p). After her TV debut, she signed a contract with Bobby Kim’s company, Oscar Entertainment and has been preparing for her official debut ever since. At the beginning of 2010, she went to New York in order to work on her album and also to learn more about fashion.

She’s remained on the down low since her exit from the show, but she has now resurfaced with a debut album (which has a total of 6 tracks) and a brand new MV for her first single, 'Super Soul'. 'Super Soul' dropped on the 25th and Gil Hak Mi will probably start her promotional activities pretty soon.

You better watch her MV..really nice! Here’s her MV for her title song, 'Super Soul'.


See?? Though the song is cooL..First time I heard it I'm totally into it..yeah...it has a different tone from other kpop songs..kindda addictive actually..hahahaa..Okayh~I'm loving this album! 'Dream' is my favourite!! hehee <3

Read more to get the tracklist and to see her photos!

Stand By
Super Soul
Moving on
Boom Boom Boom (Feat. Bobby Kim)

Gil Hak Mi-Super Soul.rar

Bonus Track: Let's Go Paradise (ft Han Bora) [2Days1Night's Theme Song)

You can watch the MV here..If you watch 2D1N..you can easily recognise this song.hahaa..I like this song!! very cute~



Oh,doll concept aa?? hahaa..COOL!!~ I like the 4th picture! pink punk?!! hekhek =D

Cred: mcroth.wordpress.com


  1. I like Supe Soul, mv pun cool! oh, silalah debut cepat haha

  2. lol this salbum came out ages ago, but i dunno why she didnt perform yet, yeah! i totally compared her to top & CL, i thk she's cool. thnx awin! super soul is my super faveee songg!

    alia dl ultrastar now! XD

  3. eh,korang..die dah debut lohh..kt M!Countdown dah peformed dahh..huhu..

  4. hahaa..dah mb un xde 4 weeks!! hahaa..this friday mb ade en..msti gil hak mi ade gk..huhu~

  5. i dun know why such talented and good song is being waste like in her case... she maybe not that pretty but im sure she have incredible voice. the song itself make me gone mad and addicted... hopefully she can produce more good song... and become famous... hwaiting...

  6. A beautiful woman - a beautiful voice - I wish her much success and luck in her life.


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