08 April 2010

Get Your Dull Persona Change!!

no..no.. don't be afraid and confused with the title I did..

Persona is actually to be said Mozilla Firefox Layout Theme.
Personas are easy-to-use themes that let you personalize the look of your Firefox
 They are different than Google Chrome browser that can only change the colour theme. THEY ARE MORE ADVANCED!! Or else I wouldn't do this post in this site.

So, to make you understand.. Shall I, chibi show what the crap I'm trying to tell here??

click to enlarge..and wow-ie~~ there are dbsk up there in my browser...

Understood my intention now?? Err.. this Persona is the same function like Winamp Skin (to drool over something anime/ artist/ wallpaper every 24/7 when you use the application..like drooling over Jaejoong's pwettyyy faccceeee.. **got hit**) owhh well.. if you still don't get it...

Just go to here.. Mozilla Firefox: Get Your Persona!!

Search the persona you want. E.g DBSK and there.. they popped out like many persona. 300++k personas,okay~~ I'm positive that all kpop artistes persona already there.

So, what are you waiting for?? Change your dull Mozilla Firefox Persona to something K-POPish!!XD Owhh forget to say that this could be apply ONLY when you use Mozilla Firefox Browser!!


  1. omygosh chibi this is awesome! now fti will never leave my firefox. haha. eh i forgot i share this pc haha. my dad'll be pissed wit fti all over it ahha

  2. hahaa..kte da ltk BEAST!! hahhaa..hepi je tgk diorang everyday!!SHOCK!!

    Thankz chibi for sharing..weee~

  3. @azra- lol.. don't worry lo.. my mom didn't complain when i use dbsk's persona and suju's wallie from concert before in her laptop (or to be said..i almost self-own the lappy~~hukhuk)

    @awin- x abis2 dgn beast...buhuhuhuhu...naseb baek diorunk x disband lagi.. mengenangkan dbsk.. TT^TT

  4. haha..chibi ah!! jgn ckp Beast nk disband!! sedeyh beb!!they r still new..hmm

    hrmm..Sedeyh gk sal DBSK..hrmmm

  5. ahaa dah taw psl nh dr blog sape ntah, ddos kot? tp mls nak tuka2 lol


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