19 April 2010

2PM-Without U MV+Don't Stop Can't Stop Mini Album [Tracklist]

Are you ready?? I know many 2PM fans go grazy after their MV teaser has revealed..Now that the full music video is here,I bet there is more for fans to go crazy over..hahaha =p


Okayh!!I told you before,The song will be awesome and addictive like other 2PM songs!! hahhaa..yeah~! The whole MV is set in dark concept (HOTTEST) just like Beast-Shock, Kara-Lupin and T-ara-I Go crazy because of you..Hhahaa..plus,they are getting wet and throwing themselves in mud to look sexier than ever..! Awww~ I love this MV!! Great choreography!! Ahhh, Nichkhun is rapping right??"Listen,everything happens for a reason (2x)" hahaha..HOT!!

As you can see,2PM becomes more matured ,sexy and beastly this year! Rawrrr!!~ They gonna be OK!!Seriously can't wait for their comeback..Hrrmmm..Hopefully, there is Music Bank this week!! gidaridaga jichinda..eumm..you know...XD

Here's Don't Stop Can't Stop album:-

Don't Stop Can't Stop
Without U
목숨을 건다
Without U (Explorer Mix)
마자 (Space Mix)

I love all the songs in this album!!Oh, 마자(Maja) is the best!! very catchy one and taec's rap is weird..I like~ 2PM the HOTTEST fo sho!!<3


  1. haha i like nichkhun's part & wooyoungs part only lol. everything happens for a reason! lol.

    thnx awin for uploading! i hope its good, but i thk rain & hyori will do better on the music programs, cuz their songs are reallyy good.

  2. hahaha..u r welcome!!

    yeah2..rain won #1 in music bank last week en..wahhh!! 2pm's comeback this friday!! wohooo =D

  3. sorry..2pm's comeback @ M!Countdown..huh..music bank cancelled 4 de 4th straight week!! haishh

  4. 2pm!!! jus listen once, but i cant feel anything =.= such a bad 2pm's fan lol same old concept 2pm =.=!

    thanks for the mp3 :P

  5. heheee..after u watched the perf now u can feel it rite?? haha..

    anyway,u r welcome alia!! =D

  6. oh! hahahaha bru abis dga. i stand corrected. 2pm did VERY well this time! i actually enojoyed their songs! they have songs that sound just like 2am songs too..


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