06 April 2010

My B2UTY Gathering for Video Recording!

Kan da ckp,sume kpop fans berlumbe-lumbe nk wat gathering..huhu 0_0

As most of us know, MyKpop is doing a video project and we will be joining them.The video will be send to kpop's company, that's what i read.Well, not a big project, it's just, we're doing our best kpop sake.. XD

So, we need your cooperation in making this video recording a success. ^^As I were informed, below are the checklist on what to record:
~we wish to bring BEAST to Malaysia!!!!
~people laughing.... 0_0
~people with BEAST merchandise, CD, etc.

Just a short recording, and we will appreciate it if you guys can be there.Need to look like there's alot of B2UTYs here... kekeee..You can also bring along your family members or your non-B2UTY friends.

The detail for our gathering (video recording):

Date: 1st May Two Oh One Oh!
Time: 12:00 PM (will reconsider if many can't come that early)
Venue: KLCC (the front yard i guess, where we can get the best view of KLCC)
Outfit: Black & 20% Red

For those who will be joining, kindly please PM Janice (sn0w), our project manager with your contact number.

Bring along ur B2ST CD, anything B2ST, if got posters, bring along. ^^The staffs will discuss about the placards or banners. If any of you would like to sponsor money or placards, let me know through PM. Thanks B2UTYs!

For more information, visit MYB2UTYs forum

p/s: So..THEABCs esp alia n azra,mykpop's gathering ble eh?? kt KLCC gk en??hrmmm...You guys nak gi x Beast ni?? hahaaa..tetibe rase semangat lak pasal Beast ni..hahahaa..


  1. lol noooo can't go! I wanna go to Tokio Hotel Concert may 1st! sorry awin! lol

  2. what the?? u're going to tokio hotel's cncert??!! woww!! byk duet!! hahaa..where's the cncert?? hahahaa...

    oh,it's ok azra..nvm

  3. mykpop xkompem lg la plak haha

    awin nak g x? jom la dating berdua lg hahahaha 1st may gaji da masuk kot XD alamak xde barang beast XD hahahaha nyesal xbeli hari tuh hahaha


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