23 April 2010

U-Kiss - What(Mworago) @ M! Countdown

Uh-ah!..U-kiss's fever now!!

Yeah!! After Binguel Binguel..They cameback with a new track-What (Mworago) performance yesterday on M!Countdown!! Haa...I'm so SHOCK watching this =D

Still, high energy from our boys!!hahaha..Kiseop for the intro..Woww!! I like the intro's dance since Kiseop at the center!! So energetic!! the Mworago's chorus choreography I really really love <3
Head + shoulder = U-Kiss <3..Okayh,Dongho our dongsaeng is rapping in this song..Co0L~ Kevin is soo cute..Soohyun's vocal is awesome as usual!! Everyone is ahhh HOT..I love U-Kiss!! I think U-Kiss did a great job in 2010!!

Hopefully, we can make it to their fanmeeting on 19th June!! Can't wait to see them after heard them said "Apa Khabar, Terima Kasih and MALAYSIA!!" in their teaser and video for the upcoming fanmeeting in Malaysia =D


  1. haha the song that they used to make malaysian fanmeet teaser hahahahaha noice!

    (on the way nak tgk)

  2. hahaa..yeah!! bising asyik jerit2 je..tp bez! hahaa

  3. I like the dance/choreography. aerobic gila haha mesti pnt :p

    I love alex's cloth lol and alex-dongho part :)

  4. oh and tarian die mcm 4min muzik haha nmpk cam dorg rushing je tarian nih lol

  5. hahaa.kte tgk un pnt ok..x stop2 menari..hhahhaa!

    4min muzik?? de laa sket..tp part mworago plg ske!!hehee..


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