02 April 2010

MYHOTTEST Gathering!

Okay, so here I am, posting about another gathering after swm and mykpop gathering. I know most of you were like, "wtheck? so many gatherings!" haha Malaysian kpop fans are really active now weeee~

MYHOTTEST (2PM's Malaysian Fan Club) has decided to make a gathering to celebrate Wooyoung and Jay's birthday! All MyHottest are cordially invited to join our WooYoung & Jay's Birthday Party, MYH2PM's collaboration with imafighterforjaypark.
Venue: Seoul Garden, Plaza Pantai,KL
Date: 10th April 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 12pm - 3pm (buffet time)
Fee: maximum RM35 per head for buffet + RM5 for specially-made WooYoung cake (^_^)
- Card decoration for WooYoung. Please bring your fancy stationaries, they'll provide the card.
- 1:59 CD and MYH2PM T-Shirt collection.
- Taking pictures of MyHottest Gathering for future projects.
- Of course....having lunch at one the most popular Korean-food restaurant. The BBQ is awesome (She said XD)

This is their first gathering since the past.... 3 months? How many gathering you guys have made? lol

This is an open event, please spread it among your friends to make this event merrier!

Kindly PM LeeHana (at the forum) the required information as we need to list out the number of people joining.

Forum Name:
Full Name:
Number of pax:
Telephone Number:

*Important: Please note that if you have sent your name to imafighterforjaypark, you do not have to send your name again here. This is to avoid double booking. Thanks!

Please send in your PMs by Tuesday, 6th April 2010.

For more information please visit MYHOTTEST2PM Forum. In case you're not a member yet, what are you waiting for? Register now ^^

PS: I'm still in my hyper mood XD I wanna go... but I have no money =.= Maybe next time myhottest? wohoo myhottest hwaiting!


  1. hahha..sume fan club berlumba2 nk wat gathering ke pe ni?? pning laa..hhahaa..

    Errmmm...10th april?? confirm I'm not going!
    gotta prepare for my interview session..hmm..

  2. haha wtf why so many gatherings that i cannot go to, ok so just shinee gathering i went to. i dont plan to go anytime in the future yoh haha.

    i guess i cant only become desperate with my money on official fanmeets & concerts. sorry guys! lol


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