25 April 2010

2PM It's Skin CF

Some of you might already watch this, but whatever I just need to post this. (2PM! I can’t get over their comeback performances at m!coutdown yet :P) This is 2PM’s new cf called It’s Skin. This is actually a sun block, and they even get their group name on that thing ddfjbak I want one! Anyhow, I’m glad they got more cf from time to time.

cred: bealoveskpop

Taecyon ageyo lol Why would he covered up his body when the fact that he always shows his body LOL

Wooyoung is a perv LOL LOL Chansung is a lucky magnae haha

Nickhun part is so LOL
“Isnt that 2pm?”
“So pretty”
“You try it too”
“It stick to your body so easily” Then, Nickhun covering his body too hahaha I swear whoever direct this cf has a perv mind LOL

Jun brothers part. Junho is imitating rain’s song. Anyone knows what the title of the song? Junsu, no one bring their sun block everywhere they go... or do they? Lol You still adorable XD

“It’s skin~ hahahhaha” .... HAHAHAHHA

Check out their filming too...


Anyone have seen this at entertainment weekly before? I haven't watch entertainment weekly in ages! =.=! omg THAT GIRL IS SO LUCKY! She got to see 2PM's body up close lol The filming is so mislead =.= Those girls are lucky.... But their part get cut? wtheck hahaha


  1. hahaa..part yg ckp 2pm comel!! wooyoung xleh blaa..hahaa..

    sume cute lohh!! oh,dunno the rain's song..bknnye nynyi pon..imitated je..but junho looks so hot gler!!

    haihhh..khun last part said sun block!!! HOT glerr rmbut!! ermm..da lme gk x tgk entertainment weekly :(

    2PM Sun block It's skin!!<3

  2. hahah wtf u guys are such weirdos lol. nichkhun x boleh blah, he goes & raises his eyebrows prasan gle hahaha. i loooooooooooveeeeee that Junho was impersonating Rain ssi!! XD hahaha that was the best! he looks EXACTLY like him! XD

  3. @awin - haha rambut hot, tapi asal kat mcountdown buruk nak mati hahahahah la lame gak k xtgk entweekly? haih

    @azra- mini rain! lol how come i forgot about that hahahha


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