02 April 2010

DNT (Dragon N Tiger) Profile + [Tracklist] *UPDATED

*Requested by Azra

Crazily pretty~

DNT (Dragon N Tiger), the korean 4-membered dance/ballad boyband.They debuted last year with 'Special Digital Single-DNT and You'...They are from Orange Entertainment and are labeled to be very provacative group presenting a fusion of dance and ballad - but can these two mix?Well, see for yourself…

D (Dragon)-Rock the floor (dance)
T (Tiger)-Touch your soul (vocal)
D plus T, We must be..

Debut: August 12, 2008
Official Color:
Official Fanclub Name: DAY (DNT and You)

Ermmm..their 2nd single which is 'Crazily Pretty' is quite popular last year and I like that song too..!!MV of the song is just nice..I like Joonyoung,the pony tail!! hahaha..I remembered him only..hehe..

But I loveee 'The love in my heart' song! Their vocals are awesome!!I like taegu's voice!!hahaha..Their live performance and the last I think..I really miss them now..huaaaa!!~ Their voices..ahh..touched my soul... :)


I really really into this song!!

01. Crazily pretty
02. The love in my heart
03. To 18 girl
04. I Die..

Let's meet the boys ^_^


Member : Moon Joon-young
Date of birth : Jul. 23, 1986
Height : 180cm
Weight : 60kg


Member : Park Byung-kyu / Taerang (vocalist)
Date Of Birth : February 11,1989
Height : 178cm
Weight : 65kg

[Former member]


Member : Kwon Tae-gu (vocalist)
Date Of Birth : August 20,1990
Height : 181cm
Weight : 56kg


Member : Dong Wook
Height : 175cm
Weight : 63kg

*If you didn't know one dropped out because of Millitary duty, then they performed as a 4-member group for 2 years. Another dude Taegu recently left due to health problems then for their comeback on July 2010 with Knock-knock, they've added 2 new members Jungjo & Karin.



Birthday: 4 February, 1989
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Specialty: Japanese + Piano
Past Career: Former member of Japanese band ‘Karaku’

Jungjo (Magnae)

Full Name: 이정조 [ Lee Jung Jo ]
Birthdate: February 17, 1990

From the left: Taerang, Karin, Junyoung, Jungjo and Dongwook

[LATEST UPDATE] -14th June 2011-

* I don't know why Karin left the group for their latest comeback, 5th single "Time Is". The former member named Chi Ho rejoined the group following his military discharge.

Jung Chi Ho

D.O.B: December 20 1986
Height: 175cm
Weight: 63kg
Ballad Singer

from LtoR: Taerang, Jungjo, Chiho, & Joonyoung


  1. Heeheehee thnx a lot, tho i actually dont really like crazily pretty so much, i like the new song, jap nnti dga haha. thnx awin! i think i like joonyoung & byungkyu but their like in their 20s now lol

  2. hahaa..Joonyoung HOT lahh..he has a husky voice!! sdp2!! hhehehe..

    ok..no prob...nk request spe2 lg x?? dah xtau nk wat spe dah ni..hrmmm

  3. haha whoaa! i luv husky voices! why do you think im in love wit honggi? lol

    mm eh! awin did u do SHU-I lg x?

  4. Ouhh..hongki..hhahaa..

    SHU-I?? oh,not yet!! Ok..I'll do them later..Wohoo..dah dpt assignment!hahaha...

  5. hahaha assignment la sgt XD

    hahah dnt! dna~ lol dragon and tiger? thats very weird? asal ada yg dragon ada yg tiger? xphm haha

  6. dragon is the dancers..tiger is more towards vocals! hahaa..

  7. i love DNT! too bad 1 left to the army and they added 2 new guys... new single is out! it's called knock knock... so different from the 3rd mini. i hope they do well... love their vocals.

  8. whose the one left 2 the army???n whose the 2 new mmbers???i've seen the knock knock mv n yeah they dance really well..

  9. @nani_93- ermm..sorry, I didn't remember the one who left to army, that was after crazily pretty I think so..

    the 2 new members are min and karin..they were in knock-knock mv..

    yes! I love them! Knock-knock is not bad laa..I still haven't heard any comeback news about them..hrrrrmmm

  10. sorry sbb tye byk soklan..xp ssh nk cri latest news psl dorg..xp bley update xprofile nih???plez add the new mmbers profile..i've been lookin' bout 'em,,but most info lame..sorry 4 askin..(~_~)

  11. @nani-hhuhu..xpe2..ok2!! dah wat dah profile diorang..tp xdpt cari byk laa pasal diorang..hehhee..

  12. waa,,thank u2x!!!terharu gler sbb sgup update..ase nk nangis la plak..


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