01 April 2010

[CLOSED] KNOW YOUR BEAST & Get Shock! Contest

Be excited!
Be very excited!
Because My B2UTYs will now be having a CD giveaway contest!
You think you know BEAST? Then put your skill to a test!
BEAST latest album, SHOCK of THE NEW ERA is ready for you!
Only one very lucky winner will get the CD! Wait no more B2UTYs!
Here's your chance!

Guide Lines
1. Every week, we (MY B2UTY admin) will post 10 questions about BEAST.
2. Each round will last for 1 week.
3. The contest will be carried out for 3 weeks.
4. After the week is over, the questions will be removed and replaced with the next 10 questions.
5. You should collect your answers until the 3rd week then only you send the answers.
6. Once you've found most or all of the answers, fill out the form.
7. PM your complete answers to Lollyana.
8. Entries that come before 23rd or after 26th of April 2010 will not be considered.
9. Winners will be announced after all entries have been looked over.
10. This contest is a srs bsns, so, the judges have to be strict on the rules and answers.
11. There will be a SHOCKing mission during the 3rd week of this contest.
12. Have fun with this! If you don't win this time, there is always a next time.

1st round : 3rd-9th April
2nd round : 10th-16th April
3rd round : 17th-23rd April

1. Must be a My B2UTYs, the Malaysian BEAST fanclub member.
2. You need to have at least 10 NON-SPAM posts in this forum before you can enter this contest.
3. You are NOT allowed to ask for hints in the Shoutbox, from other members, or staff.
4. My Staff, allubyu! So, we'll just watch this contest. ^^
5. If we caught you cheating in any way, you will be disqualified from the contest.
6. The winner will be chosen based on the number of correct answers at the end of 3rd week.
7. The organizing team has the rights to cancel this contest if the numbers of participants are less than 5 people.
8. Judges decisions are final.

For more information, visit MY B2UTYs forum.

Oh yeah~ Oh yeah~ Opss wrong song XD I LOVEEE contest & Awin! Show me how much you are a true beauty b2uty XD Let's join this contest together hehehe.

Woh, I think I update too much! & EARLY in the morning lol. Too much effect after seeing Donghae, Junsu(2pm) and Onew all over the kpop store at TS just now... lol XD


  1. 4.24 am?? lmbt gle td0!! isk3..
    hahahaa...junsu's stocking!!c0ol2!!~

    Wohh2!! konfem masuk!! hahaha..baru nk gi forum my beauty..tgk kmu da post..hahaha..bg0z2!!!

    Yeahh!! Semangat2!!!

  2. WTF!!?! U wrote this at 4am??? mitcheosseoyo?!?
    damn that made u hyped up huh? i tried to sleep my 5 hrs in the rain i was so effing tired, but i was scared someone would kidnap me.

    otay... b2uty? im not too strong of a fan. i'll watch u guys enter lol. i cant be bothered haha.

  3. alia hyper gle smlm! hahhaa... sian azra :(

    hahha..okay..wish me and alia a best of luck!! win2!!hehehe.. =D

  4. I slept from the moment we get back from ts till 7pm... then I cant sleep! hahahahhaa

    yeay awin jom masuk! (share jwpn eh ahahha) kalo mng kte ksk kamo hadiah bday :P

  5. lol..I slept until 6.30 yesterday..then watching dream team..hahaha..

    hahhaa...alia,the no.3 rules said :-
    3. You are NOT allowed to ask for hints in the Shoutbox, from OTHER MEMBERS, or staff.

    hahahaa..tp xpe..kwn msti tlg kwn..wakaka..bantai je~!! =p

  6. hahahha kte xmnx hints dr shoutbox dorg, shoutbox kte boleh la :PPPP

  7. ouhh..smlm de high jumping je..minho vs sangchu..de professional coach yg ajr diorang..

    org len juz tgk je..hahaa..sangchu mng!! die lompat lawa gle..record 2.50m jumping!! hahhaa..


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