01 April 2010

MyKpop gathering! + U-Kiss project

More and more gathering! HAHAHA I'm all about gathering, fanmeet, meeting new people, going out and contest nowdays >.< Anyway, this is what I told you guys just now.

Mykpop logo contest winner ^^ Lizzy!
So, the admins decided to combine mykpop gathering with U-Kiss project. They decided to give U-Kiss a video. Video message plus a flashmob dance cover video!
Venue: KLCC water fountain park
Song: u-kiss bingeul bingeul
Proposal date: 22th may 2010 (The date isn't confirmed yet)
We will record the video and messages at the gathering. People who don't want to join the dance, but want to come are also invited.

PS: They'll try to make tutorial video(s). Until then, you can try learning the dance from videos on youtube.

Check out mykpop forum for more information.

So many gatherings >.< I feel like celebrity hahahahah


  1. April,may,june!! Argghh!! every month!! hhahaaa..

    yang ini bloeh dipertimbangkan lg~hahahaa

  2. EH?? already?? wah we must have a lot of members there then ey? mm ahh uhh ehh?? i dont really like it to be outside, cuz its been raining cats & dogs for months in kl. so uhhh. thinking about it. i'll try to get my money sorted by may if i can make it. or if i made it after Tokio Hotel concert ahhaha


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