30 April 2010

FT Island Flower Rock PV Released!

Can you believe it?? Just one day, the one day I'm off the computer and Flower Rock comes out! Great timing FTI what happened to May 3rd ey? Anyways I hope you enjoy the 1st PV of FT Island's official debut out of the indie markets in Japan! Flower Rock! I can't wait for the whole album to come out.


This PV is very ironic, has a playful side of it, but that's not what I'm impressed about. Can you comprehend that FT Island can rock! now? Yes! This song totally rocked my sox off! I screamed (as I always do when a new FTI music video comes out) but weirdly I didn't cry! (as I usually do when I see a new FTI music video).

The boys totally changed their sound to a more grungier, more known rock style. And I thought they might of gone soft, pfftt. Jaejin totally rocked the mic! He got me shivering, he finally lived up to Wonbin's (without autotuned) rapping with his natural autotuned voice. These boys make me so proud. Wait up for the full release of their Flower Rock album on May 19th, please be on schedule FTI dunno if I can take anymore suprises! lol.


  1. woww!! Awesome!!
    Rock abes rr fti!!hahahaa..

    ni klo i karaoke lagu ni..mmg hilang suara teros!! hahaa..go hongki!! jaejin suara comel je :)

  2. haha i no rite! bru teringt nk ke x ultrastar this song, i duno if i can reach hongki's notes! he seriously trained really well for this song, T.T *proud*

  3. hahaa..tau x pe!! karaoke barae un dah semput dah..flower rock lg rr..heeee

    Yeahh!! Congratz hongki!! You have a great talent in rock too..well,husky voice en..hahaha..

  4. hurm~~ lagu ni mcm lari sket dr konsep FTI... tp Cik Kaseh tetap suke~~~ XD

  5. haha im super duper happy fti is slowly going away from jpop to jrock, that would be great for me! lol

  6. Sorry for my late spazzing lol

    I thot seunghyun was the 2nd singer? i dont mind tho, JAEJIN!! HOW COULD YOU BE THAT AWESOME? lol

    the hairrr at the beginning hahaha seunghyun fit the best :P

    hongki looks like heechul at some part XD loving the chorus, but wasnt that too long? I mean, how on earth did hongki manage to still breathing and singing like that?

    the ending crack me up like heck hahaha

  7. haha yup! i agree seunghyun's wig suited the most lol.

    hongki has the lungs of a rockangel (anjell haha). he doesn't need to breathe lol.

    i thk minhwan is the cutestestestest! at the last part! haha

  8. i jst found out jaejin & seunghyun wrote this song! omg i feel bad, i cant believe these rascals wrote a super high note for hongstar! lol


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