22 April 2010

My Dream Destination

Haha it would be easier and funnier if I just said My Dream Destination is FT Island. Haha, but yes that's not an actual place. Where I really want to go..? I don't know if I can even choose one. I want to go everywhere! But I guess one place that I would definitely WANT to set foot on would be Pohnpei & Pingelap. Caught you off guard didn't I?

ooh this place looks pretty, courtesy of Yoon Si Yoon *dies*

Yes I know I definitely HAVE to go to Seoul & Tokyo in my 20's at least, then I can set to marry a korean or japanese guy before I'm 30, whichever, but I think I do prefer the Japanese looks, but the Korean's sensitivity, I hear they're very sweet. *thinks about World Date with Kim Bum*

Anyways, why the area of Malenisia? I've just read this particularly vocabulary engulfed book, The Island of the Colorblind by Oliver Sacks which helped me in my research for the biology project about the sensitive deficiency of colorblindness last year 2009 haha yes! It was the SPM project that landed me a big fat A. It did help me that my little brother is colorblind too. I realize I must've gotten him pretty pissed experimenting on him by asking too many questions on the Ishihara color test, but it was fun, he could see things I couldn't see & I could see things he couldn't. The islands Pohnpei & Pingelap used to have residents with normal eyesight, but thoroughly washed out by a great storm and throughout the years, eventually sat out with a population of complete colorblinds.

The journey the team had to go through to even arrive to Pohnpei and Pingelap sounded quite annoying to me, a path I don't know if I can even think of taking. I can't even stand in Air Asia without throwing up after I land and I assure you it is ONLY, after I land I puke on the plane. Weird ey.

I travel loads but I want to travel more, its built around my sistem, look at my dingy house, we don't have any expensive ornaments or any ornaments really. My family and I just want a home. All the money actually goes to food & travelling. Nothing else. So people ask me why I travel a lot and some of them haven't even been to Terrenganu, well then I advise you to tell your mother, you don't need that expensive vase you're going to break anyways out of pissy-ness of why you can't go travelling, to your parents.

Here's Episode 4 of Project Alpha Season 2:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

My dream destination? A fascinating place where they color pink, green, blue, orange, black, yellow all on the same house & where the people can't stop squinting at the sun to get a good look at what color my grayed out jeans are.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAStraveller.com


  1. yo!! azra Co0L!! hahaa..tp bnde ni ble bru kuar?? x prasan lak de 8(b)...hahaha..lol

  2. just came out ytd, i saw kt fb, posted 2 hours ago, i un cpt2 ah bwat! haha, that means i dont do it next week yayy! alia kne gak bwat ni next week! haha

  3. ouhh..so,next week if we win,dpt rm40 eh?? aahh?? hhahaa..OK!! alia wat next monday!! =p

  4. 8b? haha dunno bout this :p

    lol azra no wonder you travel a lot! well, act... me too :P

    noooo im working here, remember? one more week to go and im done. so after next week, ill be free as usual hehe well, for less than 1 month only =.= so next week, kalo korg dua mls nak wat... xyah wat lg hahaha

  5. ouhh..next2 week nak msuk matriks da en..or ipta..hrmm..next week..tgk dlu rr..hahaha..

  6. haha if im not lazy i could. mm haha u guys ckp la ble korg nk g start skool. starting aug im probably hav to go go, & would be too busy to start posting lol. so yeah. quite late compared to u guys right? i kno alia's gone after ukiss concert uhh aliaaa waeeeee!!!???

    nnti tinggal awin, then tinggal me je.

  7. hahaa..ok2..nnti kte msg2 ok!

    eh,alia nk gi mne lak?? hrrmm??

  8. bukan plkn is after the ukiss concert?


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