04 April 2010

Heading To The Ground (No Limit) On 8TV!!

Mianhae, i forgot and maybe others forgot too that No Limit or to be said Heading To The Ground already aired in Malaysia via 8TV (one of local broadcasting channel that always update us with KPOP and KDRAMA) starting... STARTING TODAY!!! (Geez.. if i know earlier they are going to air today, i won't become sleepy headed on Saturday and Sunday!!!)

Anyway, to prove you guys that the drama starred by Yunho already aired on 8TV...

I took the screencap from 8TV website.

see.. x tipu yg dye broadcast today on 4pm!!! ahhhhh!!!!
So, from now on K-DRAMA LOVERS AND K-POP LOVERS of course Malaysian Cassies... Give your support on this drama!! I think it is a good medicine for me who missed DBSK in action for today. I was almost crying to think there will be no LARGE RED OCEAN AGAIN (this is more depressing than leaving of a member).. Today..my mood is melancholic~~ I just hope D-NA (the group I'm hoping to be DAEBAK like DBSK in da future) successful and could fill the empty spot that was left by DBSK even for a little.

Anyway remember this schedule:-

Title :- No Limit (Heading To the Ground)
Channel :- 8TV
Broadcasting Time:- 4PM
Broadcasting Day:- Every Saturday & Sunday

Don't ever miss out like me again!! To see how Yunho could be dang cute, this is it!! XD


  1. i hate it when 8tv change the title.seriously.

  2. well, they are not changing it.. Internationally, the title for the drama is No Limit.

    But Heading To The Ground is the hard translation for hangul. Plus, that title were given by fans instead official name, No Limit. Sometimes, the translation for Korean stuff could be various.. Yet, the meaning in the end is the same.

    So, don't bother with that title hani~~

  3. yeah u r rite!! hahaa..x sempat gak nk tgk ptg td..dah tau dah nk kuar kt 8tv..tgk iklan dia..kah3..

    Yeahh!! Uknow is so0 cute in this drama!! thn lps tgk x abes lg..tgk smpai dia jd gler je..bpk comel!! hahahaa...

  4. oh my!!cant wait to see it!!huhu.but some people said cita yg u-know dpt x best.

  5. kurang2 awin da tgk.. kter x tgk aper2 lg..skunk tgh tunggu you're beautiful kuar~~ and arap2 dier x dubbing!! kalo x rugi sore yunho yg sdap tuh~~XD

  6. @ amos.shya -
    uhmm org kater la yg cter uhh storyline dier out of storyline dlm tgh2 cte...sbb cam dye nak jd soccer player tp giler?? huk camtuh la storyline dier jauh sgt dr original..

    BUT... to see his cuteness, yes!! this is the story!! tgk sbb yunho is a good reason to watch.. but storyline is one of importante in watching drama. so, just drop the drama if you're bored because of storyline like i always did eventhough famous actors/actresses are playing the drama.

  7. Hhahaa..tau xpe!!you're beautiful msto lme lg nk kuar..baru lg en..heh..8tv,drama ptg n mlm sure dubbing nye..tp drama korea pg2 kt 8tv x dubbing lak..so weird..

    tau xpe!! mmg out of storyline!! hahhaa..but bcoz of nk tgk uknow's acting..just lyn je~ ;)

  8. ehhh ehhh..tp x ptg and malam sgt la awin..dlm kul 4.. x mlm la kan...jap!! drama korea pg2 cte per skunk?? last kte tgk drama pg kat 8tv wedding... huk!! lamenye!!

    kk...skunk nak layn 8tv gak balik.. yehaaa~~

  9. hahaa..sblm no limit cte coffe prince..dubbing gk..hahhaa..

    ermmm..cte Sorry,I love U..tp x pnh tgk un..mls plak pg2 nk tgk XD

  10. oo so yunho is in this story? cool. alah 8tv? mesti diorg sub chinese en? ni la psal aku xleh tgk coffee prince lg uuu

  11. yup2.because i want to see yunho acting thats why i nak tgok.and mesti cita neh dubbing aite? x besh nya~~

  12. awin da ckp, tp mls nak tgk hahaha yunho baby, tlg la crk cte yg besh XDDDD


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