31 May 2010

FT Island Flower Rock PV + [Tracklist]

backstage at Music Japan

Ah! This is WAY overdue, but it's only been almost 2 weeks since Flower Rock was released. Heehee. I'm quite shocked that security is pulling in SUPER tight on FTi's latest debut release as all the major japanese companies Warner Music Japan have removed every scrap of unauthorized screening of FT Island's Flower Rock PV on youtube, dailymotion and also their first performance on Music Japan! This includes Avex Entertainment, I know right, what's Avex doing here?? So brilliant me decided to upload the PV straight to here myself, enjoy..

cr: warnermusicjapan

Get the party started started started! I have non-stopped listen to this whole album and guess what? Unlike most songs I listen to over and over again, including sadly other FTI songs, I get sick of them, but NOT Flower Rock! There's only 3 tracks and frankly I fall in love deeper and deeper at the geniusness in the songs. Thanks to two particular geniuses of course.

Both Jaejin and Seunghyun co-wrote the tracks in the album! Jaejin sure knows which lyrics are best suited for him and Hongki. Whereas for Seunghyun thank you, thank you, thank you! For being there to put more english into the songs! The boys have enhanced their ability in their instruments monumentally and I just love how much support they've gotten in Japan reaching No.2, 3, 4, 5 in several charts beating famous japanese groups such as KAT-TUN. Not bad for a debut right? XP

MP3s + Lyrics below:

29 May 2010

Super Junior-Boom Boom + Miina (Bonamana) Comeback Stage + 4th Album [Tracklist]

Bounce to you(2x)!!

Hhahaa..I know you guys out there must have watched Super Junior's cameback on Music Bank right..but I still want to put their cameback video because I like Boom Boom song actually..First time I listened to Bonamana it was a little bit a weird song and after listened so many times and I kept singing this song in Matriks even in lectures hall so I didn't felt sleepy..so cold in there you know..! hahaa..and check out the interview..Yesung and Siwon!! So funny..sengal je =D

Here's the english translation for the interview:

Yesung vs Siwon

Q: Who is Siwon in Super Junior?
YS: Siwon is our centre

Q: Who is Yesung in Super Junior?
SW: He's our charisma (charismatic eyes)

Q: What is Siwon's attribute?
YS: Siwon's charm is his chocolate abs.
EH: 6 pack!

Q: What is Yesung's attribute?
SW: He's a burden
An irresistible burden

Q: If you could change places for a day...
YS: If I could change places with Siwon for a day, I'd like to try out a kissing scene in his drama (Oh! My Lady)
SW: Nope.

YS, SW: Anyway,


Bonamana Bonamana Bonamana~

Changes for Fans for U-Kiss Fanmeet in Malaysia

This means BAD BAD news for ACE, KNIGHT and VAMPIRE seat holders. Don't worry U-Kiss is still set to hold a Fanmeet in Malaysia on June 19, 2010. Geneses Dream Organizers has voiced out an apology to ACE, KNIGHT and VAMPIRE seat holders for altering the ticket conditions.

New information has been brought in unfortunately to Kiss-Me who have bought seats other than VIPs, Geneses Dream explains,
Geneses Dream Entertainment would like to sincerely apologize to all ACE, KNIGHT and VAMPIRE seat fans. Due to our miscommunication with NH MEDIA, we thought that it is possible to sign all album on stage. However, NH MEDIA stated that if U-Kiss sign more than 250-300 albums in one day, they will faint for sure (they’ve experienced such situation before).

After our negotiation with NH MEDIA, they’ve agreed that even though ACE, KNIGHT and VAMPIRE seat fans cannot get hand signed album, but ACE, KNIGHT and VAMPIRE seat fans still can go on stage and directly get their album from U-Kiss. Plus, fans that bought these seat packages, are also allowed to pass their gifts to the U-Kiss member that they want during that time on stage.

As a sign of our apology to all ACE, KNIGHT and VAMPIRE seat fans, we will give each fans from these seats an exclusive event poster in return. We hope for your understanding and we are sincerely very sorry for this.

Sincere apologies from all staffs in Geneses Dream Entertainment.
P/S: VIP seat packages are not affected. You will still get your album signed on stage.

Cry cry for me as I've bought ACE seats myself already, I'm saddened to know I would not get a hand-signed album from U-Kiss. I did think it was quite impossible for U-Kiss to sign around 3,000 fans that would fit into the Plenary Hall, but it was quite unfair for Geneses Dream to demand that from U-Kiss in the first place and promised it for the ticket holders of non-VIPs.

The Conditions of SEAT CHANGES are as follows,

28 May 2010

4minute - HUH (Hit Your Heart) MV + Comeback Stage + 2nd Mini Album [Tracklist]

Waaahhh..sorry girls dah lame x update..2 weeks x blk umh un..tp kat matriks mmg bez..hahaha..but nnti kita nak pi penang naa..azra and chibi da tau ke lom?? hahaa..hrmm..

Gamba phone cf kot..tp cam lawa plak..hahaa..

Okayh..back to our topic..Yeahh!! 4minute's comeback after BEAST said goodbye!! yeah, they cameback last week but I was at school that time..didn't brought my laptop..hahaa..but today I managed to watch their performance..woho00!! So energetic now after I saw CUBE family together!! Their new song HUH was very catchy and awesome!! All their songs before were awesome too...Let's watch the MV and comeback stage performance on Music Bank if you didn't watched it yet..

Cred: 4minuteofficial

Huh huh huh!! Yeayy!! So glad my BEAST boys appeared along with 4minute!! Really miss my KiKwang..hahahaa... Who's next?? 4minute!! Jiyoon's hair cool gila!! they are extremely sexy in those outfits!! suka gila time diorang dancing yg dorang kangkang ( camne nak eja??) uh ..hahhaa... cam energetic gila laa..FANTASTIC!!

Ouhh..Read more for their comeback performance on Music Bank!!~

27 May 2010

Big Bang Thai Eversense CF

You just know if someone has the mood to post, I will take time to follow suit. What that means is, In the meantime I'll spazz along the way until my coma-pc is able to be accessed by me. T^T *crycry*

too cute!!!

Yes! Ok so I show favoritism when I spazz, but isn't that the point of me spazzing about it? Big Bang has now become CF Kings as a group! They've done countless of commercials and endorsements last and this year including their infamous LG Lollipop ones.

The boys are even branching out to overseas commercial such as this Eversense Thailand CF!

Watch the 45s CF below:

Nope, no new song as they dance to the eternal geo-jit-mal! "Lie". The fangirl spots Big Bang, well it wasn't that hard they were just walking in front of her! I would so cover up my big bang folder if they were passing. But I really wouldn't take the time to spring out my perfume and let them smell me, hm wait....maybe I should.

The guys track down the "Eversense girl" and I almost killed someone when she whispered into G-Dragon's oh-so-damn-smexy-ear! Lol. C'mon who can TAKE his expression like that?? Overall I did love this cf a lot! Big Bang is so hillarious and so adorable at the same time!

Let's say do a CF for Malaysia maybe? KFC, Kelantan Fried Chicken. hahaha.

If you didn't get enough, to the site!

My mouse can't click a single thing, but just following the arrows lets me look at the 5 angelic faces of B, i, g to the bang bang!

Xiah Junsu - Kimi Ga Ireba PV

who miss Tohoshinki's update like me??!! raise your hands up!! Today, I posted up our dolphin, Junsu released mv called Kimi Ga Ireba. this is for Japanese Drama OST. AND the good thing is that the drama is starred by our dolphin's partner, Yoochun!!>__< Yoochun in the PV looks healthy and fine. I'm anticipating his drama from the sneak peek the released with Junsu's song.

yoosu jjang!! they are one of dbsk's great friends. Hehehe.

This release is a bonus for Yoosu's fans and who miss to look our Yoochun and our Junsu's update.
Sigh...I guess Junsu will become famous as singer as he always do an OST for Japanese Drama or OST.

click read more to get the translation. (p/s:- I will change the vid once avex officially released the mv like intoxication.)

19 May 2010

CN Blue LOVE MV + Bluelove Mini Vol.2 [Tracklist]

Love love love! Everybody clap clap clap!

Today.. Is a good day, a VERY GOOD DAY!! CNBLUE's Bluelove 2nd Mini Album is out! Along with their LOVE MV! Which is fricking off the hook! Waking up so early in the morning blind as a bat, I turned crazy over watching the music video & crying my eyes out of happiness!!

The MV is set awesomely in a 60's Jazz-themed pub and I gotta say that's a kickass concept! Okay, maybe I'm just biased? BUT NO! If you're a stranger to this band this is a GREAT time for you to get to know C.N. Blue, they've outdone themselves with LOVE its even as great as Oetoriya/I'm A Loner! I'm dead serious.

You know my squeals could be heard 3 blocks away with Jonghyun nodding so cutely like that, and oh great you know I just died looking at his sick new short do- and came back to life just in time to watch his solo part hahaha. I love this mv! Jungshin has longer hair which I better, Minhyuk looks like a more innocent cuter version of Seungho xP, and Yonghwa's bright blue suit is absolutely love & want one..for my bf, right..

Oh I want my boys to reach the TOP! No way there's a match for this awesome song, well except for hugely numbered fans haha. Oh well, now if you want me to kick your butt keep on reading for the tracklist & Bluelove concept pics:

1 - LOVE
2 - Sweet Holiday
3 - Black Flower
4 - Tattoo
5 - 사랑 빛 (Love Light)
6 - Let's Go Crazy

Bluelove - 2nd Mini Album.rar

Panda Likes: All of the above. LOVE is a sort of brilliant mixture of jazz, indie rock and an addicting catchy semi chorus. Though I did think that small bit of hard rock before the end was weird cuz it didn't fit in with the others, luckily it was only for 3 seconds lol.

Sweet Holiday was a very pleasant gift from CN Blue its extremely relaxing but in a "I'm going to tap my toes for this" Written by Kang Minhyuk! Ballad-ish but fast-tempo. Both voices just make you melt into a puddle of Boice goo. Really well thought out song, one of my favorites in here.

Black Flower is your basic bread & butter rock song, it could play as the background song to my life and it'll be cool lol.

What can I say about Tattoo? Well put it on its an awesome indie-rock song! Well placed beats by dear cutie pie Minhyuk. It's just a cool song to listen to, if you can play guitar I bet this is really fun to play on. Written by Jung Yonghwa.

Love Light, its a ballad song, nice to sleep to, subtle sweet voices from Jonghyun & good rap from Yonghwa, but you know that one line I do not appreciate hahah hrmm. Written by Jung Yonghwa of course.

Let's Go Crazy! I'm surprised they put the fully english song here. This song was one of my favorites on Japanese Now or Never album, the boys' first album ever. And I still wanna listen to it, its a fun rollicking song, best played when you have time to spend in the shower like you have nothing better to do.. It's great!

Overall, I'm pretty happy that this album has enough english bits here and there for us to easily sing along to those who aren't so fluent in korean. Good thing Yonghwa's english is excellent.

My prognosis? Hell ya I'm gonna stay home & put this album on repeat all day! XD

(click to enlarge)

Yonghwa, Jonghyun



(huge pics)

18 May 2010

MBLAQ - Y EP album [Tracklist]

Give it to my Y! (1st look of the cover I thought it was for Bluetory lol)

Alright! MBLAQ time, the Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality is here for a comeback! With a more mature-detailed look (except for G.O who shaved his mustacho) they have released Y - EP album! When I finished watching Y MV not too long ago, can you believe after Leejoon shot Seo Hyorim I screamed OH YEAH! hahaha.

Is it just me or is it not a great time for MBLAQ to be back? They're coming back around a lot of heavyweights. Even though it'd be quite a surprise to have them reach #1, I've been missing these guys and I'm just happy they get to perform now instead of only appearing in variety shows (i.e. LeeJoon @ Star Golden Bell, Mir @ Magnae Rebellion, Thunder @ Mnet Scandal, damn you Mnet Scandal!!)

This Y album is mostly feeding a feel-good theme overall, its like a cooly beat pleasant to listen to sorta album with a laid back concept. MBLAQ's always been compared to Beast since they debuted around the same time, but B2ST's Shock was more heavier and like blow-up in your face sorta song. Thank god MBLAQ for not engulfing so much into the autotune!

Stop me from babbling so much, here are the tracks & jacket concept photos:

Donghae is killing me…

Definitely killing me! Sorry, I just have to post this. Or I might get crazy. Yes, it’s true.

So why is he killing me again? Oh yeah, first he’s touching my other husband ehem Junsu of 2PM’s cheek… During Music Bank.. You can see during 0.52 in this clip if you miss it.

Yes, I can’t stop screaming last Friday and my mom was like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ lol Oh and yeah, Eeteuk hugs Chansung too huhu

Then he touched Taec’s cheek…. During Inkigayo last Sunday... 1.27 if you wanna see...

haha Taec’s so cute in this. ‘Aaah This is my sunbae, he love skinship, I need to huggg’ haha Chansung is such a sweetheart in this, poor Junsu~ Get well soon bby~ and congratz 2PM!

Then he post this… Super Junior and 2PM are lovesss~
Donghae : Yeay I got to take picture with beastly idol!
Shindong : Wait, I wanna join you too!
Chansung : What's wrong with them hyung?
Nichkhun : Whatever just do as they say. Peace *Angelic mode on*

And this… Eunhae. Yes, you shot me right thru my heart. My fav OTP of all time~ Best pic ever! haha Oh your neck~ and hair~ lol I sound like a pervert.
Eunhyuk : I thought you hate skinship?
Donghae : What ever just kiss me~

And now this??? MY FAVOURITE TOP THREE OF SUPER JUNIOR! How did he knows that? =D
Kyuhyun : I wanna play warcraft...
Donghae : Control, Pose everyone! I wanna post on my twitter~
Eunhyuk : Whatever Hae, I'm doing this for you.

He’s definitely kills me with his cuteness, sweetness, hotness over limit and not to mention his awesome fan service lol Yes Donghae, you’ve done enough damage. You cannot stop now lol :P

Okay now tell me, how can I NOT fall in love with him over and over again?

Oh one more thing, most of my favourite have twitter! Donghae, Junsu, Seungho, Xander, Gahee. Sunye and moree~ I don't really use twitter back then, but heck yeah I'm using it now! ^^ Waiting for Onew and Jaejin haha

MBLAQ "Y" MV revealed!

I'm so hype lurking around finding Mv and such with my slow connection. Anyway, MBLAQ MV "Y" was released just before 0000 here on Gom TV. And quickly, our kpop fans uploaded it to youtube and mostly are out of sync.

Anyway, i got the one that is not out of sync. By lurking in youtube for awhile. EnjoY!!

credit: stsp17

to get the translation, click read more. =)

17 May 2010

Big Bang "Tell Me Goodbye" PV

Did anyone need some BIG BANG to rock your head?? LOL. Well, you, kpop fans are the right one to judge whether the song could blow your heads off . Today, YG Entertainment released a BIG BANG PV Tell Me Goodbye. VIPs that waiting Big Bang to come back to Korea, please be happy with this release of the new song. =)

Credit:- YGEntertainment

I believe this is for IRIS OST that are now broadcasted in Japan, isn't??

Anyway, click 'Read More' to read the translation.

Who Will Win the World Cup?

Ha ambil kau tajuk alpha minggu nih, terkial-kial dibuatnya aku. 'World Cup tuh bola kan?' Inilah dia golongan orang-orang yang tak ambil tahu pasal sukan. UBER dengan Thomas cup pun tak tahu beza XD Okay disebabkan terlalu blur, post kali ni akan menggunakan bahasa ibunda kita, Bahasa Melayu. Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa! Cayalah~ lol (Ganti Awin)

Cepat cepat beli, promosi hebat XD

Demam, demam, DEMAM! Bukan demam denggi, bukan demam K-Pop, tapi demam bola la apa lagi! Haih, makan bola, tidur bola, mandi bola la nampaknya ayah dan abang-abang ku di rumah. (Tak leh rebut tv la korang, ni da membabitkan ketua keluarga! Oh ayah~) Oh dan juga husbands, boyfriendss and secret loverss kat Korea hahaha (Donghae suka bola, mesti dia tengok :P) Lagi sebulan kan?

Persoalannya sekarang, (siapa rindu nak belajar karangan kat sekolah?) siapa yang akan menang World Cup? Disebabkan kami berempat ni sangap Korea, boleh tak nak cakap REPUBLIK KOREA boleh tak? hahaha Yela nak cakap Malaysia, tak tersenarai pula...... Okay, walaupun Korea punya soccer players tak sehebat mana, player kecil-kecil (biasa la orang asia) tapi diorang ada Park Ji Sung! Ya, saya minat Man U sebab ada beliau XD Okay lari dari tajuk, sebab diorang ada kesungguhan, determination yang kuat. Sampai diorang menang Uber Cup hari tu. Yeah! (Uber kan bukan Thomas? hehe)

Ha cakap pasal Korea nak menang World Cup, ni Super Junior baru keluar teaser untuk lagu World Cup hahaha Panjang umur mereka. Elok benar la keluar time2 macam ni haha Memahami betul mereka dengan saya ya....

Super Junior 'Victory Korea' for 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP SOUTH AFRICA

I see Super Junior Happy minus Kangin (Not so happy lol) Eunhyuk look sooo happy here haha oh lupa dia minat bola.... Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin and Eeteuk are in red! Why red? I want blue...

Tapi..... Korea satu group dengan Argentina pula da.... hahahaha Tak pe tak pe, tetap sokong XD Cakap 30 kali kan akan termakbul nanti haha Walaupun korang kata 1% pun tak ada chance diorang nak menang... Tak kesah pun :P Sangap punya pasal. Go Korea Go!

Oh oh, mari layan lagu World Cup!

Korang.... baru perasan lagu World Cup nih besh! HAHAHA First time dengar sampai habis >,< (guilty!) Memberi inspirasi lak tuh.... Siap ada bahasa Spanish. Sedap! I like~ Okay semua, mari-mari singgah site nih http://projectalpha.com.my/promo Ada promosi hebat! Apa dia? Tengok la sendiri hehe

4MINUTE - HUH MV Teaser (Feat. BEAST)

aaaa awiiiinnn where are you?? your favourite cube family has come back hahaha Who's next? 4MINUTE!

cred : 4minuteofficial

4minute yeah! They look absolutely hot! Along with Beast! Cube family interaction is loveee.... Tho I'm jealous when Doojoon shaking hand/half hug Gayoon lol The song sounds cool, the teaser is cool, so I hope the real MV is much more coolerrrr. Loving their looks and image, hip hop yoh hahaha AAAAAA Really, I can't wait for their comeback. And make sure you win this time! Ops we have Super Junior now hurmm

16 May 2010

Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears MV

Okay so I figured doing a seperate post was better than squishing all 3 versions of the music video in my last post was a better idea.

Wonder Girls has released the English Version, Korean Version, and Chinese Version of 2 Different Tears Music Video. So despite how I dislike am unimpressed with the song, I hope the MVs are a right side better that makes the song bearable. I like seeing the girls again though! I missed seeing them in a new music video..

English Version:

Korean Version:

Chinese Version:


The funniest part of the mv I think is "he has a body of a pikachu.." JYP you actually cracked me up. I think I prefer the english version of the song, since they rhyme properly, the korean version fails to hit a nerve, but they say the chinese is more suitable!

Also, since I wasn't to happy about the recent EP release, I am waiting for the Wonder Girls real new album releasing this July. So stay tuned!

15 May 2010

Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears EP [Tracklist]

Wonder Girls' long awaited comeback has given us their full album 2 Different Tears! Now available on itunes, everyone around the world doesn't have to wait anymore! I'll probably post the full mv (teaser) here when it's been released also.

I want all of their shoes... and I want the other new album..

The Wonder Girls now including new member Hae lim, excluding beloved Sunmi, is back with a brand new track 2 Different Tears released in English, Korean & Chinese! That's the only submittingly new track on the album. Other songs are english versions of So Hot, Tell Me & Nobody, which we have heard time & time again. Plus the remix versions of the latest 2 songs.

2 Different Tears is just an EP of Wonder Girls's past songs plus 1 new song. The actual new english album is dropping this July.

Here's the tracklist & teaser pics:

New MY-FTI Forum is Up!

Finally! Malaysian Primadonnas have somewhere new to freak for F-T-I-S-L-A-N-D! Since 2007 the Malaysian FT Island community was active more than ever, malaysian primadonnas are goin at it a second round for the sake of their undying love for FTI!

MY-Primadonnas hwaiting!

The new admin (she's so known throughout the FTI World) & I (okay yes I am currently a co-admin) have rebuilt MY-FT Island to a new Version 2!
@ http://my-ftisland.forumotion.com

Now I KNOW there are a lot of Malaysian Primadonnas out there right? So head down there & join in & start interacting! Non-Malaysian are also welcome ^-^.

We want loyal members who love Lee Hongki, Lee Jaejin, Choi Jonghun, Choi Minhwan & Song Seunghyun! If you love Oh Wonbin you can join as well! I would DEFINTELY update anything that has to do with that dude, he's my boo!

MY-FTi is currently looking for Staffs: Co-admins, Moderators, Designers, and just Members! We have a pretty good starting team so far so I hope you guys can add to it. So long as you stay fairly active we're happy to welcome you! lol. Click on any of the pics to apply!

14 May 2010

MBLAQ teases with "Y"

Like Rain, their boss, MBLAQ is giving us two teasers for two different songs. The next teaser by MBLAQ is their track for 2nd single album, "Y".

Please ignore their outfit like Power Rangers, let's focus on the beat and the voice (kay plus face expression.XDD). Let's wait for their comeback A+.

Love it or not the teaser??

credit:- abmsubs

Still can't get my eyes off from the Power Rangers outfit. and I'm so lovin' the beat!!>__<

Wonder Girls is back With 2DT!

owhh nobody nobody but tears. LOL.

On 14th May, JYP Entertainment released "2 Different Tears" Teaser for Wonder Girls comeback. Back with new member Hye Lim as well again another retro.Finally!! End of 'Nobody' era for 2 years. They will come "Different" and "Nobody" will stop them to win Mutizen, I hope. Ahahhaahaha.. I'm being playful while writing this.  Love it or not the teaser??


I'm so lovin' their comeback. Been so long you guys in Korea, performing new song. I believe that was the same day DBSK left isn't?? 2008..**cries**

owhh Sohee looks effin' cute like a boy. Hahahaha to Sunye pigtails. I just want to say that these girls are so baby faced.~~XDD

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 (100514)

In the middle of May (literally) KBS Music Bank has not only changed its time slot to 5:50pm KST/4:50pm MY, K-CHART has also changed to giving their prize based on the votes of the Top 2 songs that week.

I don't like that actually! The best thing I thought about Music Bank was the original Top 3 will be chosen idea, I mean 3 is a more well-rounded number than 2 right? And it'll share fairer to other artists competing and also for fans to have a wide variety to vote right?

No I did not make this poster, it really is from KBS lol.

That said, May 14th's Music Bank Top 2 contenders were 2PM & an unexpected Kim C's indie band Hot Potato (뜨거운감자) who shot up from 14th to 2nd in just one week! Weird thing is their album Seesaw was released late March, quite a long time ago. But I've always been a fan, so go Hot Potato!

Sprawling out the insanity of comebacks in May, this week's artists' Comebacks are Vanilla Lucy, Lyn, NS Yoon Ji, Lee Junghyun, Rumble Fish (I think I miss her's), 8Eight, Gummy, Davichi and the largest group in the world, Super Junior!

Which brings me to think, with Super Junior's major comeback I think artist should really watch their backs next week. Does that mean 2PM will lose their winning streak?

1. 2PM - Without You
2. Hot Potato - Confessions (고백)
3. Lee Hyori (ft. Ceejay of Freshboyz) - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
4. F(x) - NU ABO
5. Secret - Magic
6. Yesung - It Has to be You (Cinderella's Stepsister OST)
7. Rain - Love Song (널 붙잡을 노래)
8. SNSD - Run Devil Run
9. SNSD - Oh
10. After School - Bang!
11. T-ARA - I Go Crazy Because of You
12. KARA - Lupin
13. Seo Young Eun - 이 거지같은 말(What An Awful Word) (Feat. Jeong Yeop of Brown Eyed Soul)
14. Gummy - As A Man (남자라서)
15. Seo In Gook - Love U (사랑해 U)
16. Monday Kiz - Scattered
17. 2AM - Like A Fool
18. Bobby Kim - Like A man
19. Rain - Hip Song
20. Gummy - There Is No Love

Help me out with the ones I've missed yeah! 13, 16, 18 & 20. Still waiting for the k-chart vid from KBS World..
Awin says: Yeyy!! done!!

Cred: KOKOnatsuHD

12 May 2010

CN Blue back with LOVE MV Teaser!

Jungshin is rockin that long hair & I'm totally in love with Jonghyun's short.. *bigfatsmile!*

Let's Go Crazy BOICEs! CN Blue the 2nd rock band to come out of the geniusness that is FNC Music, is well on their way to releasing Bluelove 2nd Mini Album this May 19th! (I've always wanted to ask what is up with koreans & love?) We can look out for their comeback on M! Countdown on the 20th & of course if all goes well with KBSWORLD Music Bank on the 21st the next day. Pre-Order at YesAsia now!

LOVE MV teaser:

So far CN Blue has released a song written by the Leader Jung Yonghwa himself titled (Love Light) 사랑 빛. (Let me tell you I do NOT appreciate the I'm genie for you girl comment yonghwa! NO I DON'T!) but hey that's just me. I know he's really into hippie reggae inspired acoustic not far from the genre Jason Mraz is currently known for. I won't compare, each mind is brilliant on their own.

So you wanna have a sneak peak of what EACH track in Bluelove is going to be like?

Super Junior "Miina" (미인아) Full MV Revealed!

Hi, hi people.. Sorry for not updating as much as I do since I'm managing my life right now. Hurm hurm.. I will change the layout later in May. So, do not worry!! (P/s:- what colour do you want for new layout guys?? LOL~)

As May starts, the net seems so quiet in Malaysia especially for our batch since some already started to do further studies. Ermm.. and in June, the net in malaysia will be more boring situation since most our age will get ready to start the first semester studying in July. Are you guys going to continue your studies in July too??

Kay!! Back to topic, SM Ent already revealed Super Junior's "Miina" (미인아) MV for their "Bona Mana" 4th album promotional vid today. So, Super Junior is coming back on this friday for their first performance with 10 members!! Don't forget to une in Music Bank on friday, okay?!^__^ Anyway, the title for the song is Miina!!~~ Not Bona Mana something.. Bona Mana is their album title, I guess since ehmm SM wrote the MV as Miina.

Here is the music video for you to enjoy! =)


Like it or not??
Click more to get the translation and my opinion.Whee~~

Shock Private Hi-Tea with B2st/Beast Postpone!

Looking for us?

Some people have been asking us weather Shock Private Hi-Tea with B2ST/BEAST is confirm or not. Here is e-mail from the organizer, I got this from MyB2utys forum so check it out there.
Dear All,

Our Poprainbow Culture & Music Festival that is supposed to be in June 2010 will have to be postpone to a later date in November. We have been informed that the venue (Merdeka & National Stadiums) renovation that are supposed to end in March are still undergoing some construction works and will not be ready in the month of June. We have other options that can replace the said venue but there are no other available venues that can accommodate our target audience during the month of June. So we have already decided to postpone the event to November 2010.

Due to the postponement of the event we will have to postpone the scheduled Beast fans meeting that are supposed to be in 5th June 2010 to a later date that will be informed later. We have to reschedule all the fans meeting to a later date in order to synchronize with our new promotional timeline.

To those who have purchased Beast fans meeting ticket from us, can refund 100% of their ticket purchased. Or you could save your seat for the fans meeting that are going to be held on a later date that we will inform later. We will start refunding your tickets starting next two week.

We will keep you update regarding the fans meeting. We are deeply sorry and would like to apologize for the inconveniences.

Thanks for all your support.
So, there is still no confirmation that Beast is still coming to Malaysia this year. The organizer said that the event will be postpone up until November? That's long way to go, but I somehow feel glad. (Cause 5th June is not a good date for me :P) Lets wait for another 6 months for our beastly idol Beast! hehe Sorry for any inconvenience.

Ps: Awin, why dyou have to leave me during time like this =.=


[UPDATE]: This event has been moved to official organizer Universal Music Malaysia. Refer to this post regarding BEAST's Showcase in Malaysia in June 26th.

09 May 2010

Kenny Sia for the Adidas Ole KO Challenge!

Announcement from Project Alpha : The Season 1 & Season 2 bloggers will be playing futsal one-on-one at the Adidas Ole KO road show at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Friday May 21, 7.30pm!

Can somebody buy me theseee by now?
Who’s up for some futsal one-on-one match? I hope Kenny Sia better be ready since I’m about to nominate him for the winner in this challenge!

Honestly, I haven’t finish watching Project Alpha on youtube yet! Blame my one month baby sitting job lol I don’t even have time for kpop! Glad its over now…. But I’m missing the kids there =.= Okay back to the story. Since I havent really watch project alpha yet, there are only two blogger than I’m familiar with, Redmummy and Fourfeetnine . I knew redmummy wayyyy before project alpha since my sister like to stalk read her blog shhh Don't tell her haha Meanwhile, I really like Fourfeetnine since she was all excited during the Doraemon songs at the gym lol She’s such a cutieee! But face it, how could the lady beat the man? I mean, when we have someone who has their own gym! Yes, I did my research here tehehehe I'm talking about Kenny Sia here. And If you like to read his blog, go HERE. By the way, he is blogger from Project Alpha Season 1. He so awesome he travels a lot and have some photographic skills! I am soooo wanna be like him :P Yes that’s my ambition since I was form 2, to travel around the world and to take beautiful pictures =)

Again, back to the main point. The reason why I think he would win is because he must got great body’s stamina since he OWN a fitness center, right? Futsal must be a easy peasy lemon squeezy for him haha I wish you all the best Kenny!

Ah, I think I wrote too long? Check out Project Alpha Season 2 episodes 18 - 21, enjoy!

B2ST/BEAST's Ki Kwang/AJ in Tio Iced Tea CF!

This will be my last post before I'm going back to school tomorrow..hahaa..Okayh since I love KiKwang, I want to spazz about him today..Ahhh~~ I'm gonna miss my Kiki!! and also their Easy performance before..I'm melted watching their performance..haihh~

Aigooo~ Comelnyerrr :)Baby face!!

I told you before right..Korean's CFs always features our idols! so creative..This kind of CF would be able to make our idols become more popular and gather more fans and of course lah to promote the stuff that they are commercialised..Oh yes, one of our BEAST's member, baby face with a big muscles, which is KiKwang recently released two versions of the popular Tio Iced Tea CFs. Get Shock guys!! hahaa..

Version 1:-

Did you see that?? KiKwang wears only a towel?? Hhahaa..This is the first time I watch this kind of CF..funny KiKwang!! I love him!! So sexy with his chocolate abs!! We watch him crumble under pressure as he tries to re-enter the bathroom after he realizes that he entered a room filled with women..hahaa..He is so adorable plus he's the one who sang the song..Cute voice..Thumbs up! =D

Chill guys, let's see what will happen next to our 'Chigol KiKwang' in the next version under the cut yeah..

2PM and the "Nobody But LA" Twitter Contest with Wonder Girls

Catch up with 2PM as they talk about their upcoming June 11 tour stop in LA with Wonder Girls!

cred : theblendedgroup

I love this. Epic cute! Too much cute scene >.< Watch it! ‘You guys enjoy the show, thank you’

Enter for a chance to win VIP seats to the June 11, Los Angeles Show
-So if you are legal residents of the fifty (50) United States or District of Columbia, (b) are at least eighteen (18) years of age, what are you waiting for? Tweet ‘Hey @nobodybutla! I wanna meet the #wondergirls June 11 in Hollywood with @livenation http://bit.ly/bka3MQ’ or any message containing both @nobodybutla and #wondergirls in you Twitter Account! The main reason why I have my personal twitter acc is to enter contest like this! Lol To bad I don’t live in US…

For more details visit http://wondergirls.theblendedgroup.com/

Dyou know Junsu and Nichkun have their own Twitter account? @Jun2daKAY and @Khunnie0624 Not under the JYP one. They never used that twitter lol How come I just knew this =.=

JYP send your babies Wonder Girls, 2PM and 2AM to Malaysia please~

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 (070510)

7 May 2010

It has been only just one week but the k-chart list change drastically.Check out last week list HERE.

1. 2PM - Without U; Climbed 1 place from number 2 last week. Congratulation my boys!
2. Rain - Love Song; Dropped 1 place from number 1 last week.
3. Lee Hyori ft Ceejay of Freshboyz - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; Stayed.
4. Yesung (Super Junior) - It Has To Be You (Cinderella Step Sister OST); Stayed.
5. Bobby Kim - 남자답게(Like A man)
6. SNSD - Run Devil Run; Dropped 1 place from number 5 last week.
7. 2AM - Like A fool (Personal Taste OST)
8. Secret - Magic; Dropped 2 place from number 4 last week.
9. Seo Young Eun - 이 거지같은 말(What An Awful Word) (Feat. Jeong Yeop of Brown Eyed Soul)
10. Monday Kiz - 흩어져(Scattered)
11. After School - Bang; Dropped 4 place from number 7 last week.
12. Kara - Lupin; Dropped 4 place from number 8 last week.
13. 2AM - I Did Wrong; Dropped 4 place from number 9 last week.
14. Hot Potato - Confessions (고백)
15. Kim Yuna - Going home
16. Gummy - There Is No Love
17. *Unknown*
18. Seeya-Sarangi Mongkeul (My Heart is Touched)(Personal Taste OST); Dropped 7 place from number 11 last week.
19. Im Jaebum - Saranghae apahan nal deul
20. Younha-Maldo Andwae (No Way)(Personal Taste OST); Dropped 3 place from number 17 last week.

Not complete. I’m sorry I can’t recognize newcomer though, since I haven’t heard of kpop songs lately. Only 2PM’s songs keep replaying on my iPod lol Feel free to fill in the blank! Your help will be much appreciates.

Here the Music Bank K-Chart from 20 to 4 video if you missed it.

Cred: KOKOnatsuHD

Azra, Awin, Chibi... any ideas?

08 May 2010

MBLAQ 2ND Single Album Teaser

Kenapa tak ada orang beri perhatian kepada my baby MBLAQ? XD Yeay All my favourites idol are coming back on MAY! 2PM (okay fine April), Super Junior and MBLAQ too! Heaven XD

cred : ambsubs

Okay I litteraly die when I saw Leejoon kiss a girl on the lips. Azra will be furious haha Why do I got a feeling that the girl he kissed was the Music Bank mc? haha We'll see on the full mv coming on 18 may? 10 more days to go! AAAA Sungho's fighting with leejoon is the hottest scene! Okay the second hottest scene after Leejoon taking shower? XD Seungho is my bias btw. NO Mir, GO and Chondung in the teaser but I hope the three-idiot-village (idol army caption haha) will be shown in the MV.

Instead of going with the dark concept, MBLAQ is going with a sad-heartbreaking concept? No more Oh yeah oh yeah and hello pain XD I'm expecting a good storyline for the mv. The song sound good, R&b Ballad. Cant wait!

Super Junior - 미인아 Miina (Beauty) MV Teaser

On2 je terus update pasal Suju XD Nih nak marah ni tak ada orang spazz pasal Suju ni :P

Okay, so SM has finally released Super Junior 4th album teaser. Are you all excited?! Honestly, knowing that I’m not gonna be around to spazz about them makes me only half excited =.= But at least I have two weeks more to spazz about them right? XD Ermm this is weird. F(x) baru nak comeback kan? Kenapa sama-sama dengan Suju? Haha


Cred : sment

First person I saw was Siwon, with tuxedo. I’ve seen a lot of that before so nothing new lol And the second person I saw was Eeteuk. I mean bare Eeteuk! And I was like, is that really Eeteuk? Seriously? THAT's what we called NEW! HAHAHAHAHAH Why did he has to show his skinny body? XD Not complaining :P Sungmin, Ryeowook, Heechul (I thot it was Donghae lol I got impatient), Kyuhyun, more Siwon, Eetuek and more Siwon, sleveless DONGHAE, Heechul, Eunhyuk, Donghae Kyuhyun Ryeowook, Shindong, Yesung, Siwon (again) Shindong, Yesung… Okay they keep repeating the same person lol THERE’S FREAKING LOTS OF SIWON THERE. I wish they show more Hae, Hyuk, Kyu or even Min. I don’t see lots of Sungmin? But I see lots of Ryeowook <3

I can’t really hear much of the song yet so I can’t expect anything yet. I hope it’ll be much awesome than Sorry Sorry. 4jib daebak!

Vampire? 10 people? Last album? Read more lol

New Boy Band, Code-V aka Bless Profile

Kurus gler kaki yg sorang uh..haha! =p

Coming soon to the K-pop scene is a five member boy band named Code-V.They’re coming back with a new upcoming single titled Addiction. Although this will be the debut of Code-V, this really isn’t a true debut. The group had originally debuted in 2007 under the name Bless, but they were anything but blessed as they didn't make it and immediately left the scene. Even though their initial debut was not a success, the boys are confident that this time around, things will be different.

These five boys which make up Code-V (with the V being the roman numeral representation for the number 5) include Taemin, Sang Woo, Nallo, Sol and Jae Won. Sang Woo and Nallo have worked with SG Wannabe member Lee Seok Hoon and Blue Wind Soul. Taemin worked as a vocal trainer, Sol was the singer or song writer for an indie rock band and maknae Jaewon comes in with his rapping skills. By the Way, Code-V stands for Vision, Voice, Vital-Variety and Vital-Visual Signs.

I think they are fully completed since one of the member is a vocal trainer and also a song writer..I hope Addiction would make a great impact for kpop fans! We already addicted to kpop entertainment now!! Give me some more addiction!!hahaha..

Code-V will be making their debut or comeback with the release of Addiction on the 13th of May on M! Countdown. Arghh~ So bad I can't watch them :( going to Matrikulasi to continue my study this 10th of May!!~ hehehe..=D


For those who haven't been informed yet, leader TaeMin left the group back in August 2010 because he went and served his military duties. Now, It has been confirmed that Code-V has a new member named Seo Minho and his stage name is Rui.


This is the message he (Taemin) left behind:

It’s really difficult to think of how to begin this!
But the reason I’m bringing this up is because.. I want to thank for the last time everyone who up to now gave me the large gift of love and support!
I, TaeMin! Is leaving Code V on August 21st after all our schedules have ended!
This is a decision that I made after much thought and worry!
So it was hard, and I’m really sorry that I made this decision!.
I’m leaving like this, but our Code V is working really hard to prepare really good music!
Please always love Code V! And please give me support instead of denouncing me!
Lastly, thank you to everyone who gave me the biggest gift of my life!!
And the legend of Code V is just beginning now!!
forever! code V forever bless for you!! Thank you!

I’m both sorry and thankful to everyone who supported me until now!
I will be leaving Code V after the end of schedules on August 21st. Although the happiness of TaeMin of Code V has ended!
The regular 28-year-old TaeMin will work hard to be happy!
The cry of Code V will not stop!
Thank you and I’m sorry!
Be happy everywhere!


cr. allkpop

Check out one of the MV that they released back when they were known as Bless plus their profile :-

07 May 2010

B2ST/BEAST- Easy and Special's Performance@M!Countdown

Aaaa!! I'm gonna miss my boys :( Easy easy girl~

Anyone there is a BEAST's fan?? Sorijulleohhh!!~ Yahhhhh!! I becomes so excited everytime I spazzing about Beast boys <3 and usually the post gonna be long!! like Aoxora with his FT Island's post...get ready guys..hahaha..Ehemm..chill chill..Okayh~ Beast follow-up song promotion will be Special!! Not Take Care Of My Girlfriend (Say No) or Easy as many of their fans hoped..

I was expecting them to promote Easy or Say No..hahhaa..and they even released Say No MV..but CUBE Entertainment confirmed it to be Special as their follow-up song..maybe CUBE has their own reason to let these boys do another dancing song as the next promotion after Shock ermm maybe because they want Beast boys to show their talents in skill of dance!! Oh well,hahaa..but I still love ballad genre from them!! Despite Holding On's performane..arghh!! Already stuck in my head ;D

Here's Easy's performance:-
Cred: moraylive3

They performed Easy the sincere version one..this version is more slower than the original one..I guess they dramatized the song with the new beat and that brought out the boys’ sincerity..The soft rap ny Junhyung that almost sounds like a whisper is more than appealing in the beginning of the song..They also changed around the order of the lyrics which was refreshing..

Waaa..I feel like crying watching this early in the morning..meremang bulu roma ok =p..Doojoon plays the piano at first..Awesome leader!! But he looks going to cry at the end..feeling woh!! Don't cry my leader~ Wahh!! KiKwang!! Yoseob!! Hyunseung!! Junhyung!! and Dongwoon at the end..Say Goodbye..Arghhh!! See that?? They have a great vocal to do ballad right!!!I'm melting.. *faint*

The original version in HERE okayh!! :)

Very Special one from Beast!!<3

06 May 2010

Davichi Innocence Mini Album [Tracklist]

I just got what Minkyung was doing.. lol

Time to reach the fever pitch! After a year of no-albums, I had my fix of Wonder Woman, though I love that song still. The female album I couldn't wait for the most for this year is Davichi's Innocence Mini Album!

The title track Time, Please Stop is a fusion of ballad & punk rock. At first hearing this song through the teaser, I thought it sounded like a been-done FT Island song. Well, MNet companies always tend shuffle songs with each other so I wouldn't be surprised if this track was composed by FNC producers too.

The MV teaser features T-ARA's Eunjung as a rocker modern day Snow White, c'mon what kind of Snow White goes clubbing? harharhar..

Time, Please Stop MV Teaser:


cr: coremidas

Once I heard the full song though! There's nothing for me to comment the p word for, if you hear the melody you can sambung singing brit-pop's 90's band FIVE, Until the Time is Through for all you'd like. Geez the titles have the word time too haha, don't get me wrong the tracks sound nothing alike, just the hook of the songs have that same uplifting feel I always love in K-Pop songs. XD

f(x)- NU ABO MV + Mini Album [Tracklist]

Yeah!! f(x) comeback this year with a new mini album title track NU yeppioh (NU ABO) that might sound strange as first glance..yeah, you know f(x) is always came with a strange song title like their previous well known songs such as La Chata and Chu~♡..About this NU ABO, they explained, NU is pronounced as “new” while ABO is referring to blood types, which in a way indicates that f(x) will bring an emergence of new blood into the music industry...hahaaa..macam2 rr f(x) ni..

Ermm..I think the song is quite unique and very different compared to their previous songs..Check it out the MV below~

Cred: sment

Hrmm..What do you think guys?? HAHAHA..Well,I can accept this kind of song..Mysteric? Hysteric?? NU ABO!!~ I like the part 'Na na na...'!! heheee..the album is quite okayh for me now..I prefer to watch their performance first.. =D

Read more for the MP3 DL and comeback photos~

05 May 2010

Korean Entertainment on ANIMAX

Animax?? Japanese anime channel? Yeah! Have you been to the Animax Channel lately? Somethings gone very strange. It looks like Korean Entertainment Shows are confirmed to be shown on a new revamped ANIMAX!

As part of the the "Next Wave of Evolution" regime, ANIMAX - Asia is ready to add on Korean dramas and korean variety shows along with Japanese anime on the channel.

A representative from Animax-Asia explains,
Animax is evolving through the taste & preferences of the youth audiences, with Japanese & Korean entertainment proving extremely popular with youths across Asia.

From May 2010, Filipino and Malaysian Animax viewers can expect to enjoy the Korean programming block including entertainment, variety, reality and drama shows, as well as movies, starting initially with popular drama series like Coffee Prince, My Girl and Princess Hours.

The shows will be dubbed in local languages Bahasa Malaysia for Malaysia, and Tagalog for the Philippines, with viewers having the option of catching the shows in original Korean language audio with English subtitles. Viewers in all other markets will be able to catch the new Korean programming block starting from July 2010.

Okay so no need for the BM subtitles, for me I always think they're very weird, but whatever floats your boat. I'm actually a bit confused why Animax is pulling this move. Wouldn't it make more sense if Animax stick to the Japanese market? I would very much prefer Japanese Doramas (which is undeniably wider in variety, story-concept wise) & their extremely creative wacky Japanese Variety Shows.

It feels like I'm adding on another KBSWorld, which I don't really have a need for. Since the project is already underway all I really hope for is for SBS, MNET & MBC shows to be aired for Animax viewers instead of KBS ones. Am I right?

One thing I really like about this is that Coffee Prince is going to be shown! I know I'm lame for not having watched that already, but looks like I don't need to borrow your dvd anymore Awin!

May 2010 Schedule
you should have a heads up for:

2AM Profile~

I AM!!~

2AM is a four-member boy band from Seoul, South Korea. They are managed by Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment and produces albums under Cube Entertainment. The members are Jinwoon, Jokwon (the leader), Seoulong, and Changmin. 2AM is one of the two subgroups branched out from the eleven-member boy band One Day, the other being 2PM. One group, 2AM, will specialize in singing while 2PM will focus on rapping and dancing.

They officially debuted on July 11, 2008 on KBS’s Music Bank, performing the song “This Song” (이노래). Check it out their live performance below:-

Cred: PhucTOP

Haha..Seulong's image in here was funny..hahaa..I love This Song!! Yeah~ Now, he becomes so handsome!! Ahh..his face looks like Kwanghee (ZE:A)..Anyway, they still have a great vocal! Check out their latest songs recently which is Can't Let You Go Even If I Die MV and I Did Wrong (Part 1, Part 2) MVs..Haaa..All the songs made me wanna cry..very touching..They sings very well and are totally awesome in ballad songs..~


04 May 2010

FT Island's MTV Artist of the Month May!

So I was just sitting at home wondering why Invincible Youth wasn't on and so I changed the channel to MTV to watch for the very first time 2AM's I Was Wrong MV (sorry bout that teehee). Well that's besides the point, so I was thinking oh! wait.. who's the Artist of the Month this May?? And who else do I see on the website widget that flicked onto the five treasured faces of F.T. ISLAND!!!

month of May calendar boys, I enjoy you rocking out!

Hahahahahha I'm sorry I keep spazzing loads about them recently, well as MTV Asia sees it, it's the Five Treasures Month! On the fifth month of the Year, ironic? I have waited for them to get the recognition for 7 long months from the start of Big Bang holding the crown from the 1st Asian Takeaway Artist to represent KPOP. And yes I picked my kitty up immediately and started jumping around like an effing lunatic around the house at the sight of my babies. FT Island as MTVASIA's Asian Takeaway Artist of the Month of MAY! *sigh* I can die happy now.

HD version of Flower Rock PV:

I hope they have a SWAG giveaway like they did for BEAST's Shock Album, I want my hands on a brand new copy of the Flower Rock Single! Speaking of which, I hope they pali pali show the Flower Rock PV on mtv! I will kick myself hard in the ass butt if I missed a single day. Congratulations to F.T. Island! Hurray for Primadonnas!

Remember to Twitter Trend #flowerrock on May 19th
@ 6pm KST, 5pm MY -> for celebration of the album release!

Watch Asian Takeaway's JK Hits:
-weekdays @ 6pm
-weekends @ 7pm

cr: www.mtvasia.com/Music/FeaturedArtist/FTIsland/

FT Island's Summer Litmus 2010

Let the ACID floww...

FT Island has been endorsing the label LITMUS since their debut years of 2007. Each year on every one of the 4 Seasons, FT Island becomes the main endorser and source of inspiration for the clothing apparel. Their fresh punk-rock style makes them the perfect match for LITMUS's ACID SOUL Campaigns. Its now the year 2010 and FTI seems to have endorsed for 4 years now! Litmus just keeps on re-signing new contracts with them!

Behind the Scenes (I don't expect any less then dorkiness out of them, but people said the boys were super hot in these ones! Haaave to waatchh *prizombie*)

Don't you feel it's a CF season anyways? After juust completing Spring Litmus 2010. The boys are back. I swear I love this concept of Pastel-Paint bright concept, it's perfect for Summer! (isn't it summer everyday in Malaysia?) I think Minhwan was the hottest in the pics, but ah! I dunno, I think I'm falling in love with him now hahaha. Nooo, not another one, its the 1st time with him X).

[PICS] Summer Litmus 2010.rar

Check out the commercial pics!
(pics are large)

This is my favorite picture of Chicken Minari... X)

cr: juliaa@soompi, nekohae@LJ
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