18 May 2010

Donghae is killing me…

Definitely killing me! Sorry, I just have to post this. Or I might get crazy. Yes, it’s true.

So why is he killing me again? Oh yeah, first he’s touching my other husband ehem Junsu of 2PM’s cheek… During Music Bank.. You can see during 0.52 in this clip if you miss it.

Yes, I can’t stop screaming last Friday and my mom was like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ lol Oh and yeah, Eeteuk hugs Chansung too huhu

Then he touched Taec’s cheek…. During Inkigayo last Sunday... 1.27 if you wanna see...

haha Taec’s so cute in this. ‘Aaah This is my sunbae, he love skinship, I need to huggg’ haha Chansung is such a sweetheart in this, poor Junsu~ Get well soon bby~ and congratz 2PM!

Then he post this… Super Junior and 2PM are lovesss~
Donghae : Yeay I got to take picture with beastly idol!
Shindong : Wait, I wanna join you too!
Chansung : What's wrong with them hyung?
Nichkhun : Whatever just do as they say. Peace *Angelic mode on*

And this… Eunhae. Yes, you shot me right thru my heart. My fav OTP of all time~ Best pic ever! haha Oh your neck~ and hair~ lol I sound like a pervert.
Eunhyuk : I thought you hate skinship?
Donghae : What ever just kiss me~

And now this??? MY FAVOURITE TOP THREE OF SUPER JUNIOR! How did he knows that? =D
Kyuhyun : I wanna play warcraft...
Donghae : Control, Pose everyone! I wanna post on my twitter~
Eunhyuk : Whatever Hae, I'm doing this for you.

He’s definitely kills me with his cuteness, sweetness, hotness over limit and not to mention his awesome fan service lol Yes Donghae, you’ve done enough damage. You cannot stop now lol :P

Okay now tell me, how can I NOT fall in love with him over and over again?

Oh one more thing, most of my favourite have twitter! Donghae, Junsu, Seungho, Xander, Gahee. Sunye and moree~ I don't really use twitter back then, but heck yeah I'm using it now! ^^ Waiting for Onew and Jaejin haha


  1. i have my comic suju version too..

    btw i like ur comic more with funny caption..^^

    this my link:http://kimchidanrendang.blogspot.com/2010/05/suju-comic.html

  2. this is funny..and i can't stop cheering 2pmjunior love!!!...hehe

  3. haha oh yeah! i didnt get to see that on music bank! lol coool, eeteuk & chansung was cute, but then woosh comes out donghae! how cute haha.

    omgg!! kyuuu you look like a statue i love you!!! haha lets play warcraft together!! XP

  4. alia is stalking her donghae while she could. Haha.. I don't know what to say because there's no my Teukie. >__<

    Anyway, nice stalking them on Twitter and me2day!!

  5. HAHAHA..donghae sengal gler..touching2 lak die..

    huh..ok..kte x geti maen twitter..no time meh..grrr~

  6. @farah fishy - okay, ill check your version. oh and thats not funny, that was serious haha

    @aizamia - yeeah 2pmjunior love~ or is it superpm love? hahaha

    @azra - donghae is such an attention seeker! not to mention, camera whore hahahahahha and stay away from my kyu :P

    @chibi - da xde mase nak stalk da uwaaaa

    @awin - biasa la donghae mmg suka pengang2 org, pas2 xnak mengaku suka skinship hahaha

  7. Omona, ottoke?
    I also fall in love with him damn hard~
    He is so cute, lovely, hugable and I wish to meet him face to face (just like my dream)
    Love to be your follower, if there's something new about him then, buzz me ok...

  8. sure will jaidaa! thanks for following btw....

    yeah cant get away from donghae's charm... ill try to spazz about him as much as i can, but yknow i have to hold myself from posting about him alone. there are 3 other people in this blog too, and we all have diff fav, they might kill me for posting too much kekek


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