06 May 2010

Davichi Innocence Mini Album [Tracklist]

I just got what Minkyung was doing.. lol

Time to reach the fever pitch! After a year of no-albums, I had my fix of Wonder Woman, though I love that song still. The female album I couldn't wait for the most for this year is Davichi's Innocence Mini Album!

The title track Time, Please Stop is a fusion of ballad & punk rock. At first hearing this song through the teaser, I thought it sounded like a been-done FT Island song. Well, MNet companies always tend shuffle songs with each other so I wouldn't be surprised if this track was composed by FNC producers too.

The MV teaser features T-ARA's Eunjung as a rocker modern day Snow White, c'mon what kind of Snow White goes clubbing? harharhar..

Time, Please Stop MV Teaser:


cr: coremidas

Once I heard the full song though! There's nothing for me to comment the p word for, if you hear the melody you can sambung singing brit-pop's 90's band FIVE, Until the Time is Through for all you'd like. Geez the titles have the word time too haha, don't get me wrong the tracks sound nothing alike, just the hook of the songs have that same uplifting feel I always love in K-Pop songs. XD

Innocence Tracklist:

1 - Time, Please Stop (시간아 멈춰라)
2 - First Kiss (첫키스) (does every mnet artist have this title? lol - Supernova, FTI, Davichi)
3 - Don't Leave (떠나지마)
4 - Can't Love, Can't End (사랑을 못해 이별을 못해)
5 - Shadow

Panda Likes: Yay! I'm just super duper happy I can put new songs in my mp3 player! Davichi marathon time!! My review is this whole album is filled with their usual ballad-ed voices, in dance & rock-ish skins. I like loads!

Awesome songs - Time, Please Stop (I wished this song was longer..=( )
- Don't Leave (featuring rapper...?)
Happy Peppy songs - First Kiss
Very Sweet Cool song - Can't Love, Can't End
Shadow - actually sounds like a trot song haha, but hey? who says you can't like trot songs too? haha

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Yeahh!! Thankz azra for doing davichi! hahaaa..jap2..so yg kat mediafire x guna en?? delete eh?? hekhek..

    I love this album!! Shadow is okayh what..lyn trot!! but Time, Please Stop is my fav!! nak tggu MV die nih..ahhaa, Eunjung modern snow white clubbing ok!! xleh bla =p

  2. oO wooo
    gracias porponr la canci para descrgar :)

  3. @awin - haha welcum, uurr xkesa do watever. yeah mediafire's being gay to me, so gna 4shared lol. faster downloads.
    haha the only trot song i layan is hong jin young's love battery lol. this davichi trot is oooookayyy kot. lol

    @anon - denada! lol

  4. hahaaa..ok2..mediafire x ske azra dah..ouhh, i lyn park hyeonbin's songs! hahaa..okayh2 =D

  5. ooh that hot-eulateugae! stuff? haha i thk he's super cute, his songs r funny lol. but i cant take trot as my kind of music lol.

    i ws surprised i loved love battery so much, especially since she kissed leader Jonghun smack dab on the lips! in her mv xp. i got so mad lol, but i got over it like 2 months later haha

  6. battery? who kissed jonghun?

    haha modern snow white? 'what kind of snow white goes clubbing?' hahahahhaah funny and good point there XD

    loving the song! YEAY Banyak bekalan lagu nak bawak'dgr kat u XD

    haha cool, you using our 4shared. both of em are cool. you can upload on others too if you want. sign up under theabracadabras XD

  7. haha tay, im fine wit using these two for the moment, if too much i wont rmbr where haha.

    Hong Jin Young - Love Battery.
    FTi's Jonghun & Supernova's pretty boy Sunje ade lol.

    it killed me to see him kiss that wayy older noona lol. but it is a MUST-HAVE kpop song! lol

    Hong Jin Young is that girl that said on star golen bell that she was suppose to be in After School, but she turned it down, bcz she was done wit being in 'girl groups'. lol


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